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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
31/Mar/2017 7112990000 Slag smelting the precious metals PRODUCTION BELGIUM ***** **** 18205 20571.48 View Exporter
31/Mar/2017 2936900009 Additives, Dry parts containing nicotinamide, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 for the industrial production of soft energy drinks "BURN". Are granules white and odorless, do not contain GMOs. WIP FP / V-344.31 / .33 / .3 KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 1.34 **** View Exporter
31/Mar/2017 3302104000 LIQUID is often based on the mixture of flavorings, including natural fruit flavors and identities for the industrial production of soft energy drinks "BURN" department, where a clear liquid with a fruity smell, contains r KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 15.05 **** View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 4205009000 LEATHER PRODUCTS UZBEKISTAN ***** **** 4 161.85 View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 4419909000 NATIONAL PRODUCTS OF WOOD UZBEKISTAN ***** **** 5 107.9 View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 3926400000 PLASTIC PRODUCTS (FLOWERS RANGE) UZBEKISTAN ***** **** 10 79.85 View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 3907610000 Polyethylene terephthalate pellets for production of PET preforms, in bags of 1100KG KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 132000 **** View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 3907690000 Polyethylene terephthalate for production of PET preforms in bags of 1100 kg KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 352000 **** View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 3204900000 DYE GREEN 131.2717 (in barrels of 12.5 KG, INTENDED FOR THE PRODUCTION OF GREEN PET preforms) KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 150 **** View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 3302104000 DRY PART BASED sweetener (acesulfame potassium, sucralose) for industrial production BEVERAGE BRANDS "PIKO" CHERRY, white powder without taste and smell in plastic bags and cardboard boxes CH-96.00 / B-96.10 PART 2, 8 ED. 4 U . (1 UE). KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 0.42 **** View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 3824999609 PART MIXTURE BASED ON AROMATIC COMPOUNDS INCLUDING INDUSTRIAL flavors for the production of beverages MARKS "PIKO" CHERRY, transparent yellow liquid with a fruity VKUSOMV Barrels CH / B-96.10 Part 3 16 ED.-4 ED. (1 UE). KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 1.77 **** View Exporter
29/Mar/2017 4911990000 PRODUCT HEBU (NL) [P] NETHERLANDS ***** **** 0.5 0.01 View Exporter
29/Mar/2017 7209908000 RENT X / K for manufacturing products in a pack NEOTVESTVENNOGO USE (nekonditsiyu), 0.40-2.00 RASKROY 1500-3000 * 850-1350 * CHINA ***** **** 123650 42041 View Exporter
29/Mar/2017 7112990000 Slag smelting the precious metals PRODUCTION BELGIUM ***** **** 37234.5 38681.1 View Exporter
29/Mar/2017 8414808000 The compressor equipment NEW for 2015, consisting of: Supercharger 1200-25-3, PERFORMANCE AT A air pressure kgf / cm2 and a temperature of 20 C -790 m3 / min, productivity at a pressure of 760 mm Hg and TEMPERATURE20 C -764 M3 / MIN KOH UZBEKISTAN 1 PCS 20250.3 45000 View Exporter

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