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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
30/Mar/2017 1517909900 VEGETABLE SPREAD AND FAT UZBEKISTAN ***** **** 41724 41040 View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 1517909900 VEGETABLE SPREAD AND FAT UZBEKISTAN ***** **** 31031 29760 View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 2104200010 MASH tender vegetables with rabbits: 12H130G RU-3KOR TAJIKISTAN ***** **** 7.95 26.52 View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 2309105100 FOOD FOR DOGS MEAT & VEGETABLE: 10KG N1 X8-8KOR TAJIKISTAN ***** **** 80.8 84.24 View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 3203001009 PART BASED FRUIT AND VEGETABLE EKSTARKTA PROIZVODSTVR BEVERAGE FOR INDUSTRIAL MARKS "PIKO" CHERRY, dark purple liquid in plastic drums CH-96.00 / B-96.10 CHAST2A, 2-4 ED. ED. (8 UE). KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 31.52 **** View Exporter
28/Mar/2017 1522009100 Soap stock, from vegetable oils UZBEKISTAN ***** **** 55760 3345.6 View Exporter
27/Mar/2017 1517909900 VEGETABLE SPREAD-cream "zhailau" LIGHTWEIGHT 60% 500 GR. (300 KOR.H20 PCS.) CHINA ***** **** 3000 4242.48 View Exporter
27/Mar/2017 2309105100 FOOD for sterilized cats with rabbit and vegetables: 10H300GRU-30KOR TURKMENISTAN ***** **** 103.8 329.67 View Exporter
18/Mar/2017 1513191902 Vegetable fat COCONUT OIL 32/34 KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 8000 **** View Exporter
17/Mar/2017 3203001009 BASIS FOR THE BEVERAGE, ADDITIVES FOR INDUSTRIAL IZGOTOVLENIYABEZALKOGOLNYH BEVERAGE MARKS "PIKO" CHERRY FLAVOR CO CH-96.00 / B-96.10 CH.2A 2 units. (Based on fruit and vegetable bilberry extract and carrots, dark purple fragrant LIQUID IN PLASTIC BO KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 189.12 **** View Exporter
17/Mar/2017 1517909900 Vegetable oil-mixture "ARAY" sunflower, cottonseed, 5L-9000BUT, 3 L-6000 bottles UZBEKISTAN ***** **** 56700 56700 View Exporter
16/Mar/2017 2309105100 FOOD FOR DOGS MEAT & VEGETABLE: 10KG N1 X8-13KOR MONGOLIA ***** **** 131.3 141.87 View Exporter
16/Mar/2017 1517909900 Vegetable fat AKOSPREAD GP19 KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 2775 **** View Exporter
16/Mar/2017 1516209809 Vegetable fat PROSER BLOCK KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 1000 **** View Exporter
13/Mar/2017 1513191902 Vegetable fat COCONUT OIL 32/34 KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 3000 **** View Exporter

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