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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Destination Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
07/Sep/2017 2203000100 Beer made from malt:: BEER ears of barley "strong" in PET 1.5 L - 3240 LS / 2160 BOTTLES: Beer light "BLACK LIVE" in Art. RUT. IN 0.5L - LA 10500/21000 BOTTLES F / A №1 JSC "MPBK" Ochakovo "in Krasnodar" Ochakovo BLACK LIVE None None *** RUSSIA 19703 KG 19703 5323,25 View Exporter
29/Sep/2017 2202100000 Water containing added sugar and other sweeteners and flavoring substances which are to sell supplies on board aircraft of JSC "Airline" ROYALFLAYT "have the status of goods EAC: DRINK NCSD" NESTEA BLACK IS *** RUSSIA 454,08 KG 454.08 2355,14 View Exporter
27/Sep/2017 0403109100 Yoghurt with additives, fat content of at most 3 wt%, liquid product for retail sale:.: RF YOGURT. FLAVOR MIRACLE CLUB earth 1H690G 2.4% PD PCS YOGURT BIO-MAX BLACK 2.5% 1H4H125G, PCS FRUIT YOGHURT MIRACLE CHERRY SWEET CHERRY 290g 2.5% MONOSTAKAN, PCS FRUIT YOGHURT MIRACLE *** RUSSIA 1791,64 KG 1791.64 3407,19 View Exporter
07/Sep/2017 2402209000 A filter cigarette containing tobacco, MARK SOBRANIE KOROBOV TOTAL 48 (50 blocks in each box / PO 10 packs in each block / PO 20 cigarettes in each packet.) .__ 1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "PETRO" brand -SOBRANIE brand -SOBRANIE BLACK article SOBRANIE MONTENEGRO 480 1000 pieces 652.32 15920,64 View Exporter
08/Sep/2017 2402209000 Filter cigarettes containing tobacco. TOTAL: 150 KOROBOV (x 50 block in each box / PO 10 packs in each block / PO 20 cigarettes in each packet) .__ 1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "PETRO" brand mark -SOBRANIE -SOBRANIE SUPERSLIMS BLACK article SOBRANIE SERBIA 1500 1000 pieces 1260 17484,55 View Exporter
14/Sep/2017 2402209000 CIGARETTE FILTER CONTAINING TOBACCO - 1149 KOROBOV (50 blocks in each box / PO 10 packs in each block / PO 20 cigarettes in each packet) .__ 1.0__: SOBRANIE BLACK - 250 KOROBOV __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "PETRO "brand mark -SOBRANIE -No mo SOBRANIE GEORGIA 11490 1000 pieces 11721.15 226773,86 View Exporter
08/Sep/2017 4202990000 COVER POLYESTER in tandoor __ 1.0__ SARMAT EAST __1.1__ manufacturer -IP BLACK AF brand -absence count PCS = 4, __ 2.0__ SARMAT NOMAD, DON __2.1__ manufacturer -IP BLACK AF brand -absence n = 10 PCS, __ 3.0__ SARMAT Aladdin give ABSENT GERMANY 90 PC 20.7 1429,04 View Exporter
08/Sep/2017 0910911000 MIXTURE unmilled, not broken, packed in consumer package: 96,872-AYDIGO-MILL "GARLIC AND PEPPER" 75g. . 6 / 8-288-PCS, COMPOSITION: white pepper, black pepper, garlic, salt SEA. In boxes of 6 blocks of 8 UPAKOVOVK each. "AYDIGO" MONGOLIA *** *** 21.6 410,05 View Exporter
28/Sep/2017 0303539000 Sprats BLACK SEA (SPRATTUS SPRATTUS PHALERICUS), frozen, intact, size range is not divided, texture dense, FIRST GRADE, packaged in corrugated box - 864 pcs, the net weight of products in each corrugated boxes -. 22 kg ABSENT UKRAINE *** *** 19008 4064,48 View Exporter
29/Sep/2017 9004909000 SAFETY GLASSES NAOCARE ZA MEHANICKE RIZIKE - 3M SECURE FIT SF402AF-EU / Goggles blackout 3M SECURE FIT SF402AF-EU - VERY easy opening goggles with side protection. TECHNOLOGY Uniform distribution PRESSURE-tion 3MT provides an excellent fit *** RUSSIA 14,82 *** 14.82 1696,56 View Exporter
18/Oct/2017 3917320001 Tubes, seamless and cut to, FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF CIVIL SECTOR subjects in its gas processing plants and landscaping GROUPS MESTOROZHDEN. NATURAL GAS IN UZBEKISTAN (ILI Kanda EARLY GAS) TUBE TUTNG-10/5 BLACK (ITC) PIPES *** RUSSIA 118,40 KG 118.4 1990,84 View Exporter
31/Oct/2017 3924100000 Tableware and kitchenware, PLASTIC: CANPOL bottle PLASTIC, 240 ml, 3 M +, ANTIKOLIKOVAYA, wide mouth EASYSTART CANPOL drinking spout 240 ml, 9 M + neprolivajka, "Penguin" BLACK CANPOL bottle TRITANOVAYA, 250 ml, 12. M +, C SILICONE. Dummy, with MAN *** RUSSIA 0,27 KG 0.27 12,03 View Exporter
13/Oct/2017 3926909709 HATCH-POLYMER COMPOSITE DOOR "L" EASY 685 * 685 SQUARE Green. POLIM.-COMPOSITE DOOR "L" EASY 685 * 685 SQUARE CDF. POLIM.-COMPOSITE DOOR "L" EASY 685 * 685 SQUARE GRAY POLIM.-COMPOSITE DOOR "L" EASY 685 * 685 square black POLIM.-COM *** RUSSIA 4167,00 KG 4167 1182,59 View Exporter
13/Oct/2017 3924900009 Eating utensils made of PLASTIC KEY FOR CAPS TWIST-OFF ART T-05 1077717 Tubules for ALKOKOKTEYLEY "MINI", COLOR 5 * 140 mm - (400SHT / UP 1401546 cocktail stick "FRESH", 7 * 210 MM COLOR (250SHT / UP. ) 1401534 cocktail stick 5 * 210mm black with *** RUSSIA 66,66 KG 66.66 542,13 View Exporter
12/Oct/2017 8487905900 Crank (PEN), is made of black metal, stamped, not forged, used to provide FEED SHAFT MACHINES FOR BY frames, handle rotation, SERIAL NUMBER 00-0635-0002-00 TOTAL 1 Each NOT INSTALLED *** *** *** 0.535 3,55 View Exporter

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