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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Destination Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
16/Sep/2017 3304990000 Shark oil with formic acid and cinquefoil Cream-balm for the joints and muscles 75ml TUBA MEDICAL KOSMETICHESKEO agent having analgesic, warming and anti-inflammatory properties, DOES NOT CONTAIN ETHANOL. SERIES: 092 015 OSN.DEYST.VE Twins-TEK MOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF *** *** 42.3 330,14 View Exporter
16/Oct/2017 2912110000 FORMALIN TECHNOLOGY, GRADE FM, the highest grade. (Water-methanol solution of formaldehyde, with a mass fraction FORMALDEHYDE-37.2%, mass fraction of methanol-5.6%). GOST 1625-2016.PARTIYA № 600.SOSTAV: formaldehyde 37% methanol-4.5% formic acid-0.02% WATER 58.48% ABSENT UKRAINE *** *** 21640 4506,8 View Exporter
17/Oct/2017 2915120000 BEADS icing reagents based on SALT FORMIC ACID-sodium formate (HIM.FORMULA HCO2NA) with the addition of a corrosion inhibitor is used to remove ice and snow Nakata, winter maintenance of runways, taxiways DORO GREENWAY TURKMENISTAN *** *** 20000 21000 View Exporter
10/Oct/2017 3304990000 COMFREY joints with formic acid (gel-balm) in vial (125 ml). COMPOSITION: Extract of comfrey, FORMIC, sea buckthorn oil, essential oil of cloves, eucalyptus, camphor, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, collagen hydrolyzate, ABSENT *** *** *** 5.545 55,48 View Exporter
15/Nov/2017 2915110000 FORMIC ACID, CLEAR COLORLESS LIQUID CONTENTS VESCH BASIC DEVICE AT LEAST 99%, 12 P / P JERRICANS 25 kg from a pallet GROSS WEIGHT KG 330.2, CAS 64-18-6, COI. The dyeing "BASF" UZBEKISTAN *** *** 300 750 View Exporter
19/Nov/2017 3907100000 Polyacetal (POM) - High-molecular polymerization product ALDEGIDA formic acid. Rods from polyacetal has excellent performance HARAKTPERISTIKAMI: a high degree of flexural strength, good sliding QUALITY CHEM ABSENT UKRAINE *** *** 37.2 141,59 View Exporter
19/Sep/2017 2915110000 LABORATORY REAGENTS, in intended DIAGNOSTSIRUEMYH FOR PROCESSING SOLUTIONS FOR COMPARISON AND benchmarks formic acid: formic acid, 85%, UTI, 1.2 kg UAB "BASE №1 Chemicals" OSUTSTVUET 6 *** RUSSIA 6 *** 6 44,88 View Exporter
28/Sep/2017 2915110000 Formic acid (85%) (CHINA) Formic acid (85%) (CHINA), formic acid (85%) (CHINA) (methane ACID), CHEM. FORMULA CH2O2. Colorless transparent liquid with a pungent odor, Assay of -85.4%. As a solvent in a certain *** TURKMENISTAN 2,4 *** 2.4 6,12 View Exporter

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