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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Destination Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
08/Sep/2017 3403990000 PASTE Alkmena YELLOW-1 (AEROSOL NOT) TU 6-10-1933-84, oil products comprises, consists of vegetable oils 50% conservation and anticorrosive additives 10% THICKENER POLYMER BASED RESIN 40%. INTENDED FOR ZASCHITYOT CORR ABSENT MALAYSIA *** *** 2 383,77 View Exporter
26/Sep/2017 3403990000 PREPARATIONS FOR MACHINERY GREASE, appliances and vehicles. DO NOT SPRAY. DO NOT CONTAIN ethyl alcohol and petroleum products. PASTA Alcmene-1. TU6-10-1933-84.SOSTAV: VEGETABLE OIL 50%, 40% polymeric resin, corrosion inhibitor 10%. For the lubrication of ball-threaded TOV.ZNAKA NO CHINA *** *** 40 20784 View Exporter
29/Sep/2017 3806100000 PITCH "POLITAYR", is a mixture of RESIN, higher fatty acids and functional additives. It used instead rosin rubber and tire PROMYSHLENNOSTI__1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION POLYMER Matera ABSENT UKRAINE *** *** 20000 28678,11 View Exporter
11/Oct/2017 3926909709 PLASTIC FORM (ARTICLES polymer resins) for making decorative concrete materials (facing, paving slabs, curbs, tiles, trim) on technology "SISTROM": 3044 3020/3 3022/1 3021 3043 8131 3045 3052 4012 8021 4001/1 UP *** RUSSIA 251,00 KG 251 9952 View Exporter
31/Oct/2017 3921901000 INSULATION multilayered polymeric polyester Sintofleks 616 0.32MM TU 3491-003-00214639-01 FROM polyethylene terephthalate film (40-50%): POLYESTER WITH ADDITION OF PAPER (30-45%), treated polyester resins (17-22% ), in rolls *** RUSSIA 47,20 KG 47.2 345 View Exporter
31/Oct/2017 3907300000 EPOXY RESIN: EPOXY RESIN MARKS KER 828 is a polymer of () - epichlorohydrin with polycondensation products of phenols (bisphenol A) .ne comprises a solvent INCLUDING ETHYL ALCOHOL AS is 100% of the active ingredients - 4, *** RUSSIA 235,00 KG 235 893,36 View Exporter
02/Oct/2017 3907300000 Epoxide resins for use in the repair of aviation equipment and other technical PURPOSE uncured epoxide resins, WITHOUT SODERZH.SPIRTA, is a soluble and fusible condensation polymer product of epichlorohydrin with diphenylolpropane In *** RUSSIA 400,00 KG 400 4572 View Exporter
10/Oct/2017 3907300000 Epoxy BRANDS UP-631, TU 2225-652-11131395-2008- are polymers in primary forms and represents the solid resin from colorless to brown without visible mechanical impurities and traces of water. INTENDED FOR USE IN Otway *** RUSSIA 100,00 KG 100 970,56 View Exporter
10/Oct/2017 3911901900 The resins of the TU-300 2224-092-05034239-96 is a thermoplastic resin with a low degree of polymerization is a modified aliphatic polyamines - condensation products of dimerized methyl esters, acids, plant oils and polyethylene *** RUSSIA 10,00 KG 10 143,82 View Exporter
24/Oct/2017 3907911000 "CPD KP 303VK" TU 2257-252-40245042-2009, IZM.№1-8100KG. Unsaturated polyesters in liquid form. (Composition: oligoester acrylate TGM-3 (64%) RESIN EPOKSIEFIRNAYA "PENTA-543R" (33%)). It is not contained in its composition based polymer GLITSIDILAZIDA ethyl SPI *** RUSSIA 8100,00 KG 8100 49329,57 View Exporter
18/Oct/2017 3926909200 ISOLATION CHAMBER OF SHEET composite material obtained by pressing IMPREGNATED FIBERGLASS heat-resistant insulating polymeric materials such as epoxy resin. Used to extinguish the spark in the electrical equipment of passenger trains. : isolation *** RUSSIA 120,00 KG 120 4970,42 View Exporter
30/Oct/2017 3904100009 Polyvinyl chloride (suspension polyvinylchloride resin (homopolymer), CAS-9002-86-2, made by a method suspension polymerization NOT contain a plasticizer and ethanol ...: USED FOR THE PRODUCTION OF HARD PROFILES, window frames, sewer TRU *** RUSSIA 297000,00 KG 297000 258390 View Exporter
30/Oct/2017 3904100009 . Polyvinyl chloride (suspension polyvinylchloride resin (homopolymer), CAS-9002-86-2, made by a method suspension polymerization NOT contain a plasticizer, and ethanol:. Used for the production of the rugged shapes, window frames, sewers *** RUSSIA 297000,00 KG 297000 264148,36 View Exporter
02/Oct/2017 3911100000 Synthetic petroleum resin "Polyplast". The resin is a product of thermal polymerization of fraction of a heavy pyrolysis tar boiling at temperatures higher than 190 ° C. PITCH is used as the CM. SOLID ADDITION softener in the tire, rubber-Techno: Euro *** RUSSIA 20000,00 KG 20000 14992,57 View Exporter
12/Oct/2017 3911100000 Synthetic petroleum resin "SHINPLAST" -20000KG (SOLID, from dark brown to black in color, shape: plate thickness up to 3mm, length 20mm) is a product of polymerization of fraction of the liquid product, see. ANNEX pyrolysis boiling above 180 *** RUSSIA 20000,00 KG 20000 21170,34 View Exporter

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