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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
04/Sep/2017 2204213800 Wine liquor PROTECTED appellation of origin "Gonzalez BIASS Tio Pepe sherry PALOMINO DO Fino" ( "GONZALEZ BYASS TIO PEPE PALOMINO JEREZ FINO"), ethylene content. ALCOHOL 15% vol., In the glass. . 0.75 L bottles -96 bottles (16 CDF ON 6: BU *** GERMANY 118,2 KG 118.2 557,93 View Importer
07/Sep/2017 1515309000 CASTOR OIL FIRST SPECIAL GRADE (non-food) __ 1.0__ thick and viscous, slightly Zheltov MIXTURE, for furniture varnishes and paints. NOT FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY, NOT FOR PHARMACY NOT WASTE, NOT FOR VETERINARY. BIAS WEIGHT ACCEPTABLE 3%. PACKAGING: FLE ABSENT INDIA *** *** 22300 25645 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 9026208000 MICRO CLASSIFICATION CODE PRESSURE PRESSURE 422 180 MICRO SERIES PSAN FLUID MEDIUM HIGH RESOLUTION (1/2000). In the sensor of this series to implement the functionality of two devices, thanks to the self-bias, provides CT *** KOREA REPUBLIC OF 6 *** 6 1501,16 View Importer
30/Sep/2017 9018329000 THREADS OF STERILE NEOLINE polydioxanone for subcutaneous administration on the needles of different media sizes. STERILE absorbable sutures designed to correct AGE BIAS SOFT tissue caused by ptosis, creating a frame made of threads and STRINGS NE *** KOREA REPUBLIC OF 7,6 *** 7.6 1540 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 9031803400 MEASURING INSTRUMENTS ELECTRONIC measurement and control of geometrical sizes: SENSOR bias, Cat 2462560026-1 PCS. INTENDED FOR pavers "VOEGELE" for measuring and controlling a bias is laid asphalt layer. : "BAUMASCHINEN FINK GMB *** GERMANY 1,02 *** 1.02 1008,17 View Importer
02/Oct/2017 4012130009 Tires and recovery for CIVIL SERVICE PASSENGER AIRCRAFT order to keep them AIRWORTHINESS. BUS bias ply (ply cords arranged at an angle to the radius WHEELS, NITI adjacent layers intersecting *** BELGIUM 9313,00 KG 9313 228500,23 View Importer
13/Oct/2017 2204218600 WINE liquor PROTECTED appellation of origin "Gonzalez BIASS Leonora PALOMINO sherry DO PALO Cortada" ( "GONZALEZ BYASS LEONOR PALOMINO JEREZ PALO CORTADO"), SHUTTER 12, contains. ETHYL. ALCOHOL 20% vol., In the glass. RUT. CAPACITY 0.75 L - "GONZALEZ BYASS LEONOR PALOMINO" *** 121,5 L 246.4 1026,42 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 3925908009 Of plastics (polypropylene) USED FOR ASSEMBLY FOR MOUNTING DIAL raised floor joists POLYPROPYLENE ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT WITHOUT bias corrector 35-53 MM EXTENSION OF POLYPROPYLENE, POLYPROPYLENE WITH ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT CORRECTOR *** BELGIUM 1087,20 KG 1087.2 11255,91 View Importer
19/Oct/2017 4011800000 Tires in bias with a tread pattern "Herringbone" .PREDNAZNACHENY FOR THE CONSTRUCTION TEHNIKI.NOVYE absence of the user INDIA 4 PC 329.8 1195,95 View Importer
19/Oct/2017 4011800000 Tires in bias with a tread pattern "Herringbone" .PREDNAZNACHENY FOR THE CONSTRUCTION TEHNIKI.NOVYE absence of the user INDIA 10 PC 2463.6 9012,22 View Importer
02/Oct/2017 3901109000 PRODUCT NAMES POLYBATCH AMF705HF-CG 650 (26 bags of 25 kg.) DENSITY POLYETHYLENE FORMING 0,920G / cm3 (about 95%) with an organic vehicle (containing about 5% + / - 0.5%).. BIAS WEIGHT may be +/- 2% .Insert as an additive: and *** BELGIUM 655,20 KG 655.2 2964,84 View Importer
22/Oct/2017 3901109000 Low density polyethylene of specific gravity 0.915 g / cm3, in granules MARKS SABIC MLLDPE 8115- 2625 CG (105 bags of 25 kg). BIAS WEIGHT CAN is +/- 2%. MELTING POINT 121 degrees Celsius, the import as a test: Material *** KOREA REPUBLIC OF 2625,00 KG 2625 4142,53 View Importer
26/Oct/2017 4408908509 Veneer obtained by slicing natural wood, cooked and antiseptic treatment. HAS end connections. USED ​​FOR COVERING PARTS OF FURNITURE. BIASOTTO ROBERTO *** 0,86 M3 610 12637,27 View Importer
30/Oct/2017 7608202009 Welded KOAKSIALNYE (DYMOHOD) BIASI 60/100 mm aluminum SPLAVOV (70% Al + 30% of duralumin) WHITE COLOR ARE INTENDED FOR GORIZONTAL *** ITALY *** *** 147.5 1135,31 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 8483602000 CLUTCH AND DEVICE FOR CONNECTION SHAFT cast steel, Spare parts for manufacturing center SERIES C20U, NOT MILITARY: CLUTCH IKZ / BIAS / IMMS, ART: 23.5577 - 1 pc; ABSENT *** 1 PC 1.79 2010,91 View Importer

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