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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
05/Sep/2017 3402909000 Defoamers KEBOSPUM KIS free from silicone and mineral oils, EFFICIENCY IS surfactant consisting of alkoxylates of polyols IN COMBINATION WITH esters of fatty acids used for their own needs PLANT POPERERABOTKE KEBOSPUM KIS THE EUROPEAN UNION *** *** 1000 5590,18 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 3402909000 Cleaning and maintenance products. DO NOT CONTAIN ethanol. NOT FOR VETERINARY MEDICINE AND. NOT FOR RETAIL. NOT FOR DRINKING WATER SUPPLY. ARE NOT WASTE PRODUCTION. NOT aerosol __ 1.0__ LIQUID Defoamers for hot soapy ECOLAB *** *** *** 912 4341,6 View Importer
12/Sep/2017 3402190000 Defoamers for papermaking "BIOFOAM S71", BASED ON THE SURFACE-ACTIVE POLYMERS (HIGHER (16-18) fatty alcohols ethoxylated propoxylated 100%) CAS №68002-96-0: 5 IBC CONTAINERS 950KG / NET .__ 1.0__: "BIOFOAM S71" WITHOUT CONTENTS ET ABSENT *** *** *** 4750 16160,11 View Importer
12/Sep/2017 3402190000 Defoamers "BIOFOAM W18", is an organic surface-active substance based on an aqueous emulsion of esters of higher fatty alcohol (> C18) -25% AND WATER-75% ethanol content .BEZ SPIRTA.2 IBC container 900KG / NET, NOT aerosol packaging. ETC ABSENT *** *** *** 1800 2752,81 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 3402190000 Defoamers used in production of paper and cardboard, MARK "DECUMER 59 WE" NET 3920 LS IS surfactant from the emulsion of organic hydroxyl component and fatty acid esters. In intended: to improve liquefaction FLOATING CM. ADDITION ABSENT POLAND *** *** 4160 7100 View Importer
15/Sep/2017 3824400000 Supplements are prepared for cement, mortar or concrete, TOTAL - 60pcs. GROSS WEIGHT OF DELIVERY 3696.00KG__1.0__ defoamers POWDER AGITAN P 803: a white powder, which is a ready-made additives to prevent foaming on tap AGITAN GERMANY *** *** 3600 14165,74 View Importer
20/Sep/2017 3824400000 Supplements are prepared for cement, mortar or concrete, TOTAL - 120SHT. GROSS WEIGHT OF DELIVERY 3124.00KG__1.0__ defoamers POWDER AGITAN P 841: a white powder, which is a ready-made additives to prevent foaming in the fold AGITAN GERMANY *** *** 3000 10649,79 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 3824400000 Supplements are prepared for cement and concrete - Powder Defoamers are intended for the cement mixture as quickly as moisturizer. Supplied as SAMPLE PRODUCT SUPPLIER. NOT FOR PRODAZHI__1.0__: Powder Defoamers "ROCKDEFOAM R-800" - Composition: Carbs ROCK CHEMIE IRAN ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF *** *** 1.7 24,09 View Importer
29/Sep/2017 3824400000 Supplements are prepared for cement, mortar or BETONOV__1.0__ defoamers in powder form for cement mixtures __1.1__ manufacturer -PENTACHEM SRL brand -PENTACHEM brand -PENTACHEM model -ANTIFOAM P n = 18000 kg, __ 2.0__ AGENT-SUPERPLAS PENTACHEM ITALY *** *** 19000 56953,81 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 3402209000 LIQUID detergent: GEL ULTRA CLEAN in the dissolution of capsules, intended for washing all kinds of fabric, composition: active substance 76.5% Polyoxyethylene Alkyl Ether MONOALKILBENZOLSULFONAT sodium, propylene glycol, defoamers, CM. ADVANCED KIRKLAND SIGNATURE *** *** *** 284.4 654,19 View Importer
01/Sep/2017 3402130000 FENNOTECH Defoamer 1725, a nonionic surfactant in an aqueous 30% Emulsions of INDUSTRIAL FATTY ALCOHOLS AND THEIR DERIVATIVES WITH surface tension of water to 35 dyne / cm, 70% WATER FOR PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY KEMIRA *** *** *** 1000 846,41 View Importer
01/Sep/2017 3402901008 Defoamers FENNOTECH 6016E is an aqueous dispersion based on nonionic polydimethylsiloxane (poly) siloxanes of 12-17%, silica gel 5%, water 75-85%, apply the pulp and paper industry to prevent foaming and to improve KEMIRA *** *** *** 2000 3017,6 View Importer
07/Sep/2017 3402901008 Defoamers USED IN THE PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY WITHOUT ethanol content BIM *** *** *** 8700 17859,38 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 3402901008 Surface active agents - defoamers (defoamers) for non-pigmented and weakly pigmented water-based coatings, printing inks, adhesives, NOT CONTAIN ethyl alcohol, not for retail sale, in drums of 180 kg. ABSENT *** *** *** 720 8275,2 View Importer
07/Sep/2017 3402901008 Surfactants: Defoamers DEFOAMER ANTIFOAM ZM-G, as an emulsion from white to light yellow in color, with no irritating odor, no visible mechanical inclusions. APPLIED IN THE PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY ABSENT *** *** *** 2000 3426 View Importer

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