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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
07/Sep/2017 9033000000 ACCESSORIES DEFIBRILLATORS - Electrodes QUIK-COMBO provides an opportunity defibrillation, noninvasive pacing, ECG monitoring of up to 24 hours spent 50 category on 360DZH: QUIK-COMBO "PHYSIO-CONTROL.INC" "EDGE SYSTEM" 11996-0 *** UNITED STATES 0,51 *** 0.51 46,98 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 9018110000 Electrodes for ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHS to provide data on cardiac activity is a health products. : Disposable electrodes for ECG-test Stresa, WHITE FOAM POLYURETHANE, SIZE 35x45mm ECG disposable electrodes, WHITE FOAM PENOPOLIURE *** ITALY 769 *** 769 18984,84 View Importer
18/Sep/2017 9018191000 APPARATUS FOR SIMULTANEOUS CONTROL OF TWO OR MORE PARAMETERS: SET surface electrodes ENSITE NAVX, MODEL EN0010, CLASSIFICATION CODE 943710, PRODUCTIVITY. ST. JUDE MEDICAL. INC kit is a 7 electrodes (the patch) and a set of chest lead ECG, *** UNITED STATES 30 *** 30 145800 View Importer
14/Sep/2017 9018110000 ELECTRODES FOR RECORDING ECG RECORDER AMBU L-00-S ELECTRODE ECG is attached to the patient's chest, communication between the patient and the ECG recording device, HOLTERIS FOR LONG-TIME MONITORING IN SKIN ACTIVE TRAFFIC AND BODY. 20 packs of 25 *** MALAYSIA 0,6 *** 0.6 107,24 View Importer
10/Sep/2017 9018110000 ACCESSORIES Patient Monitor CARESCAPE B650, MEDICAL - Electrodes for ECG, disposable, used for electrocardiographic research in dynamic and static ECG monitoring, and passes data about the patient's condition ON SCREEN MONITOR *** UNITED STATES 10 *** 10 2146,61 View Importer
12/Sep/2017 9018110000 ACCESSORIES ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHS; DO NOT CONTAIN radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices: a set of ECG electrodes DISPOSABLE EDAN INSTRUMENTS INC. DIXION 01.57.471859 1 *** CHINA 0,2 *** 0.2 35 View Importer
24/Sep/2017 9018191000 Bedside patient monitor BENEVIEW T1, MEDICAL, 4180 CLASSIFICATION CODE 94, complete with accessories: ECG-CABLE IN 3 leads, in a set of wires and ELECTRODES FOR NEONATAL TYPE CLIP, IEC (1 x); SPO2 SENSOR 512B with the cable sheath, the newborns Mangin *** CHINA 17,85 *** 17.85 7847,56 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9018191000 Medical Products, 4180 CLASSIFICATION CODE 94, CODE IVLC 2 Bedside patient monitor SM.DOPOLNENIE IMEC, embodiments, IMEC 12, complete with accessories: ECG CABLE 5 IN retracted, complete with wires and electrodes, adult TYPE LATCH - *** CHINA 78,3 *** 78.3 20591,4 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 9018110000 MEDICAL electrocardiography, NOT FOR MILITARY INDUSTRIES ARE FREE transmitting devices and generators (CLASSIFICATION CODE: 944110 CODE OKPD2:, the ECG ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH, ECG1206A OPTION PERFORMANCE WITH ACCESSORIES: CABLE ECG electrodes for *** CHINA 44 *** 44 9688 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 9018110000 ACCESSORIES Electrocardiography: AMBU DISPOSABLE ELECTRODES FOR ECG (50 per pack) INTENDED FOR CLINICAL TRIALS IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH ON PROTOCOL №D5670S00004, permission of the Ministry *** CHINA 0,69 *** 0.69 18,72 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 9018110000 ACCESSORIES electrocardiography, disposable electrodes for ECG (50 electrodes in the package): (. UPAK) free deliveries FOR RESEARCHERS TRAINING BEFORE conducting clinical trials D5164C00001. CIVIL AMBU A *** MALAYSIA 1,3 *** 1.3 20 View Importer
29/Sep/2017 9018110000 ACCESSORIES electrocardiograph PROTOCOL № CQVM149B2302, MED. PURPOSE FOR CLINICAL TRIALS applicator ECG electrodes (10 pcs. Pack). 150 TOTAL PACKAGES / 1500SHT. MORTARA INSTRUMENTS INC Lack of Lack of Lack *** UNITED STATES 6,9 *** 6.9 1009,22 View Importer
29/Sep/2017 9018110000 ACCESSORIES electrocardiograph ELI 250C. ORGANIZATION FOR CLINICAL TRIALS: ECG electrodes DISPOSABLE FOR DIAGNOSTICS (1 pack - 50 electrodes). TOTAL PACKAGE 2 AMBU SDN. BHD AMBU A / S 100 *** MALAYSIA 0,2 *** 0.2 129,76 View Importer
10/Sep/2017 9018110000 ACCESSORIES electrocardiograph ELI 250C, FOR CLINICAL TRIALS OF DISPOSABLE ELECTRODES FOR ECG RED DOT (1 PACKAGE - 50 electrodes). 6 TOTAL PACKAGES 300 (pcs.) 3M CANADA COMPANY 3M 300 *** CANADA 0,39 *** 0.39 83,69 View Importer
10/Sep/2017 9018110000 ACCESSORIES electrocardiograph ELI 250C, ORGANIZATION FOR CLINICAL TRIALS ARE FREE radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices ELECTRODES DISPOSABLE RED DOT for ECG (1 pack - 50 electrodes). 12 TOTAL PACKAGES 600 (pcs.) 3M CANADA *** UNITED STATES 1,5 *** 1.5 79,87 View Importer

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