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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
12/Oct/2017 2918150000 REGULATOR acidity citric acid salt, NOT FOR RETAIL, FOOD INDUSTRY, MARK "AVO": __ 1.0__ citrate "glucono-delta-lactone" aids, constituting acidity regulator (E 575 glucono-delta-lactone ) AVO, GERMANY GERMANY *** *** 700 2342,09 View Importer
18/Oct/2017 2932209000 Glucono-delta-lactone (E575), CHEMICAL FORMULA C6H10O6, Assay of 99.8% - food additives, used in the food industry as an acidity regulator, acidifier, in powder form, packed in bags of 25 kg-200 FOODING CHINA *** *** 5000 7332,22 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 2932209000 Glucono-delta LAKTOH in bags of 25 kg NET. NOT FOR VETERINARII.ISPOLZUETSYA in food production .__ 1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -ROQUETTE ITALIA SPA brand -OTSUT brand -GLUCONO DELTA-LACTONE SG-E575 model -OTSUT article -OTSUT n = 22 T The absence ITALY *** *** 22000 28621,35 View Importer
26/Oct/2017 2932209000 Lactone OTHER: RAW is designed for producing a flavor used in food industry. DO NOT WASTE NOT CONTAIN ethyl alcohol, NOT FOR VETERINARY .__ 1.0__: glucono-delta-lactone (E575). In 25 kg bags __1.1__ manufacturer -ROQUETTE F ROQUETTE ITALY *** *** 1000 1293,93 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 2918160000 Food additives glucono-delta-lactone (GLUCONO DELTA-LACTONE) E575, is a white crystalline powder that is applied as an acidity regulator, raising agent, stabilizer IN FOOD PROMYSHLENNOSTI__1.0__: 480 25 kg bags and __1.1__ ABSENT CHINA *** *** 12000 12900 View Importer
20/Oct/2017 2932209000 Processing aids HYDROLON STB for food PROMYSHLENNOSTI__1.0__ Ingredients: acidity regulator glucono-delta-lactone (E575). In powder form, white color. It is supplied in paper bags of 25 kg net __1.1__ produce ABSENT GERMANY *** *** 4025 16623,25 View Importer
08/Oct/2017 2932209000 Glucono-delta LAKTOH in bags of 25 kg NET. NOT FOR VETERINARII.ISPOLZUETSYA in food production .__ 1.0__:. __1.1__ manufacturer -DEZHOU HUIYANG BIOTECHNOLOGY CO, LTD brand -OTSUT brand -GLUCONO- DELTA-LACTONE E575 model -OTSUT article -OTS The absence CHINA *** *** 22000 21560 View Importer
14/Oct/2017 2932209000 Glucono-delta-lactone (GLUCONO-DELTA-LACTONE), CAS 90-80-2, Base substance content 99,78% -PISCHEVAYA ADDITIVE FOR USE IN FOOD INDUSTRY. Not a hazardous waste. NOT medicines. NOT FOR VETERINARII__1.0__: __1.1__ izgo ABSENT CHINA *** *** 2000 2269,33 View Importer
01/Oct/2017 2932209000 Food additives glucono-delta-lactone (GLUCONO DELTA LACTONE). FOR USE IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY .__ 1.0__ as granules in 25 kg bags on pallets. __1.1__ manufacturer -JUNGBUNZLAUER SA brand -no -no brand model -Lack ABSENT FRANCE *** *** 20000 27135,38 View Importer
02/Oct/2017 2932209000 Glucono-delta-lactone HYDROLON STB -inner ETHER gluconic acid containing heteroatoms of oxygen in lactone heterocycle CHEMICAL FORMULA C6H10O6, is used as an acidity regulator (E575) TEHNOLOGICHESKOEVSPOMOGATELNOE BEING WITHOUT A TRADEMARK GERMANY *** *** 4000 16517,19 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 2932209000 Glucono-delta-lactone, Assay of MORE THAN 99.6%, as a white crystalline powder for use in food industry as a food additive is not for veterinary medicine, free of GMOs. Packed in MESHKIPO 25K ABSENT CHINA *** *** 4000 4180 View Importer
10/Oct/2017 2932209000 Food additive E575: glucono delta-lactone, CHEMICAL FORMULA S6H10O6, CAS 90-80-2 .__ 1.0__:. In bags of 25kg __1.1__ manufacturer -WENDA CO, LTD brand -WENDA brand -Lack model -GLUCONO DELTA-LACTONE article -0121-002-302 n = 2,000 KG, WENDA CHINA *** *** 2000 2550 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 2932209000 Erythorbate (Izoaskorbat) SODIUM (SODIUM ERYTHORBATE (ISOASCORBATE, isoascorbic acid sodium salt); glucono-delta lactone (GLUCONO-DELTA LACTONE (GDL), GMO-FREE, B UP.PO 25kg, NOT A medicament FARM.SUBSTANTSIEY NOT FOR VETERINARY ABSENT CHINA *** *** 13000 25010 View Importer
30/Oct/2017 2932209000 Glucono-delta-lactone, soluble crystals, is used in food PROPYSHLENNOSTI In an acidity regulator (E575) NOT FOR VETERINARY MEDICINE, NOT FOR INDUSTRY FARMATSEFTICHESKOY -320 bags 25 KG.TOVAR USED IN SHAREHOLDERS Manufacturing Co., Ltd "ABSENT" CHINA *** *** 8000 9693,99 View Importer
04/Nov/2017 2932209000 Rockett glucono-delta-lactone SG - E575, used as a food additive in the food industry as a regulator. In 25 kg bags. ROQUETTE ITALY *** *** 21000 26916,13 View Importer

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