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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
01/Sep/2017 3920202109 ARTICLES OF PLASTICS: a film of propylene polymer biaxially oriented (BOPP film), non-porous, non-reinforced, supported, COMPOSITION: polypropylene with an adhesive layer copolymer melting when heated and creates GLUE EFFECT, AREA DAELIM KOREA REPUBLIC OF *** *** 9722.16 24422,8 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 3920202109 BOPP-film (biaxially oriented polypropylene) consists of polypropylene and adhesive melting when heated creates GLUE EFFECT. PRIMENENIYA- AREA FOR A PRINTED amination products-576 rolls on 20 pallets ABSENT KOREA REPUBLIC OF *** *** 21520.35 57075,62 View Importer
15/Sep/2017 3505101000 WHEAT dextrin NUTRIOSE FB 06, almost white or yellowish powder obtained by partial hydrolysis WHEAT STARCH when heated, ABSENT *** *** *** 5400 17016,02 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 9027908000 PART gas analyzer / NOT CONTAIN electronic means and (or) high frequency devices civil purposes, including built-OR INCLUDED IN THE OTHER GOODS / Heated PROBOTBORNY PROBE COMPLETE WITH HOSE FOR GAZOANALIZAT *** GERMANY 10 *** 10 2707,54 View Importer
07/Sep/2017 9025198009 ELECTRONIC DEVICES DO NOT, DO NOT merge with other devices not LIQUID, no direct reading: Bi-metal sensor temperature alarm, normally closed, not electrons when heated SWITCH OPENS, which causes the open circuit IN KOTO *** UNITED STATES 1,7 *** 1.7 20,08 View Importer
29/Sep/2017 9032108100 Thermostats (. ELECTRONIC KR) with electric starting devices: Thermoelectric actuators for valves, OPERATION: CONNECTING operating current, thermostat, filled with expanding medium is heated, resulting in a work feed stock. VOLTAGE *** GERMANY 0,18 *** 0.18 9,23 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 9027801700 Electronic leak detector - electronic devices for leak detection in air conditioning systems. The leak detector equipped with a heated SENSOR WITH THREE LEVELS OF SENSITIVITY AND DIGITAL QUALIFIER When leaking, PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION - automatic electronic TECHEIS *** CHINA 2,16 *** 2.16 352,09 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 9027908000 ASSEMBLY OF SAMPLING FOR ANALYSIS. SEALED, stationary, heated sampler. Is a device that allows SAMPLING OF THE PRODUCT from the process, for submission to the analytical module. SAMPLER multicomponent *** CHINA 100 *** 100 15792,15 View Importer
07/Sep/2017 9032102000 Electronic Temperature Controller (THERMOSTATS): THERMOSTAT ELECTRONIC TOUCH CONTROL AND TEMPERATURE PROBE. It serves to control HEATING AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL IN ANY heating resistors, INCLUDING HEATED FLOORS OF ALL KINDS *** CHINA 4385,9 *** 4385.9 55233,46 View Importer
01/Sep/2017 9032108900 Spare parts for earlier imported multivarka DL-6517. Thermostat with the voltage 250 V, it consists of a steel with fastening, two wires with connectors. Inside are a thermocouple, which expands when heated. Expand, thermocouple Mechanical: IN *** CHINA 1,55 *** 1.55 4,83 View Importer
18/Sep/2017 9032108900 Spare parts for earlier imported waffle iron ELECTRIC BA-204. Thermostat with the voltage of 250 V, adjustable heating temperature, consists of a body made of steel and plastic, the cable with a plug. Inside are a thermocouple, which expands when heated:. *** CHINA 4,56 *** 4.56 3,45 View Importer
15/Sep/2017 9025192000 ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE SENSORS. Range of temperature measurement 0-400 0C. TYPE - ANALOG. ARE FOR MEASURING TEMPERATURE PARTS heated induction heater MODEL EASYTHERM. Designed as a cable with copper PROVO *** NETHERLANDS 0,43 *** 0.43 524,97 View Importer
02/Sep/2017 9032890000 A device for automatic regulating or controlling, DOES NOT CONTAIN REE and HFD, NOT MILITARY (CLASSIFICATION CODE 754720): PART.№ 416-00318-003 - ELECTRONICS (in its own housing) AUTOMATIC CONTROL HEATED GLASS cockpit, AT samol *** FRANCE 2 *** 2 16398,25 View Importer
10/Sep/2017 9025198009 Thermometer Turnout (Mechanical) from the sensor in the copper capillary tube (expansion of the working fluid in the capillary tube when heated, Expansion proportional heating), not united with other devices is used in boilers for central: otopl *** SLOVAKIA 0,12 *** 0.12 12,63 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9032900000 MECHANISM OF AUTOMATIC CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF SEATS A / M for voltage 12 V ASSEMBLY SKODA YETI: CONTROLLER FOR HEATED SEATS BH. NUMBER 700138499901 HELAG ELECTRONIC GMBH, SKODA 1K0959772 384 *** *** 18,37 *** 18.37 1497,63 View Importer

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