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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
12/Oct/2017 4016995709 Articles of vulcanised rubber MAINTENANCE AUTOMOBILE A / M: CALIPER Repair Kit Repair Kit Repair Kit clutch slave cylinder CYLINDER SEGURIDAD INDASTRIAL SA AUTOFREN D4329 NO NO 1 SEGURIDAD INDASTRIAL SA *** FRANCE 2,11 KG 2.11 126,29 View Importer
14/Oct/2017 4016930005 Padding and sealers of vulcanised rubber for motor Transpose. VEHICLES (CARS) REPAIR KIT PROTECTIVE PACKING AND SEALS brake master cylinder Repair Kit PROTECTIVE PACKING AND SEALS clutch slave cylinder PROTECTIVE REMKOMPLE *** SPAIN 6,16 KG 6.16 547,56 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 4016995209 Articles of vulcanised non-solid non-porous Metal-RUBBER REPAIR AND TEH.OBSLUZH. PASSENGER A / M (not PROM.SBORKI) NEW, UPAK.KART.KOR .: SET SEALS PSU Remkomplekty CLUTCH VALVE pneumatic slave cylinder Remkomplekty *** TURKEY 52,39 KG 52.39 5661,66 View Importer
16/Oct/2017 4016930005 Padding and sealers of vulcanised rubber, FOR PASSENGER A / M concern "General Motors": O-RING O-RING clutch slave cylinder intake manifold gasket STRIP STRIP inlet throttle Clapier *** KOREA REPUBLIC OF 18,00 KG 18 1781,53 View Importer
31/Oct/2017 4009220009 PARTS FOR A predictive maintenance / M GREAT WALL: hoses from vulcanized rubber reinforced (composite) metal, with the fitting. Packed in a cardboard box on a wooden pallet. : HOSE clutch slave cylinder GW DEER SAFE MEGA LEADER *** CHINA 3,40 KG 3.4 14,37 View Importer
31/Oct/2017 4009220009 PARTS FOR A predictive maintenance / M GREAT WALL: hoses from vulcanized rubber reinforced (composite) metal, with the fitting. Packed in a cardboard box on a wooden pallet. : HOSE clutch slave cylinder HOVER - 1607013-K00 SHLAN *** CHINA 4,90 KG 4.9 17,14 View Importer
26/Oct/2017 3917400009 FITTING FOR A / M FORD: TOTAL - 1 UNIT: Adapters clutch slave cylinder. Used to connect the pipe to the clutch slave cylinder and bleed the system. Material polyamide, rubber FORD-WERKE GMBH FORD FORD 2032979 1 *** UNITED STATES 0,04 KG 0.04 2,95 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 4016995709 NOT articles of vulcanised cellular rubber, for repair and maintenance of cars, trucks: BUFFER FOR SPRING SHOCK chippers Repair Kit clutch slave cylinder (anthers SEALS) HANS PRIES GMBH CO. KG, TRUCKTEC AUTOMOTIVE GMBH HANS PRI *** GERMANY 21,25 KG 21.25 432,72 View Importer
30/Oct/2017 4009320000 PART kits for assembly of cars MARK H3 hoses of vulcanised rubber, reinforced with textile materials, with fittings: radiator hose bottom hose EL.MAGNITNOGO VALVE HOSE clutch slave cylinder CONDITIONING HOSE *** CHINA 92,76 KG 92.76 992,44 View Importer
02/Oct/2017 3917330009 Tubes, pipes and hoses, not reinforced or not combined with other materials, with fittings for assembly of cars Peugeot, Citroen, WEIGHT 4.326 KG TUBE SOEDNINENYA Home & clutch slave cylinder of plastic, with fittings FTE AUTOMOTIVE *** SLOVAKIA 22,85 KG 22.85 1771,81 View Importer
13/Oct/2017 4016995709 ARTICLES, non-porous, non-solid, vulcanized rubber, for the repair and maintenance program VEHICLES: Repair Kit, clutch slave cylinder, packed in individual packaging. The set consists of 2 X Rubber sleeve piston 2 X EXTERNAL *** GERMANY 1,00 KG 1 47,57 View Importer
05/Oct/2017 3926909709 Plastic products fabricated by thermoforming, FOR TRUCKS NOT FOR MILITARY :: Repair Kit clutch slave cylinder: SLEEVE PLASTIC 1pc, Bellow FROM vulcanized. RUBBER 1pc, a sealing ring from Wulka. RUBBER 1 PCS *** GERMANY 4,89 KG 4.89 443,88 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 4016995209 Pad of non-porous, non-solid, metal-filled, vulcanized rubber, CAR:: Repair Kit, clutch slave cylinder Repair Kit clutch slave cylinder Repair Kit clutch slave cylinder JAPANPARTS SRL UNIPERSONALE JAPA *** JAPAN 0,20 KG 0.2 5,73 View Importer
31/Oct/2017 8412218008 Propulsion systems, hydraulic linear action (cylinder), for maintenance and repair of different makes and models of cars, clutch slave cylinder, not for the industrial assembly of A / M JC AUTO *** 1 PC 0.32 6,73 View Importer
25/Oct/2017 8412218008 Components and spare parts for the repair and servicing of A / M IVECO: Hydraulic clutch slave cylinder, MOD. 41035591 ART. 41035591 - 1 units, master cylinder CLUTCH, MOD. 41285167 ART. 41285167 - 6 pcs (TK) IVECO, mfd: IVECO. IVECO *** 7 PC 5.443 733,29 View Importer

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