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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
07/Sep/2017 9027905000 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES MODELS Spectrometers ZETIUM / NOT radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices / NOT MILITARY: SET WINDOWS flow-through detectors (5 pcs.) 1 micron. WINDOWS flow-through detector is a transparent film, FOR *** NETHERLANDS 0,4 *** 0.4 400,2 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9027905000 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES EQUIPMENT subheading 902720-902780 / NOT FOR FIRE SAFETY / FOR test and measurement equipment "AGILENT": MAP OF 3.2 TO SET in the mass spectrometer, is designed in the form of electronic P *** MALAYSIA 0,54 *** 0.54 431,92 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9027905000 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES EQUIPMENT subheading 902720-902780 / NOT FOR FIRE SAFETY / FOR test and measurement equipment "AGILENT": EXTERNAL POWER CONTROL FOR GAS spectrometer MP-AES 4100. ALLOWS purged spectral portion OL *** MALAYSIA 1,1 *** 1.1 1003,68 View Importer
28/Sep/2017 9022900000 Parts do not have radio electronic and high device intended for permanent installation in Vakkumnye camera for servicing and warranty repairs previously imported EQUIPMENT Spectrometer MOD. "ARL 9900" flow-PROPORTIONAL *** FRANCE 0,7 *** 0.7 4946,53 View Importer
18/Sep/2017 9027905000 Part of the spectrometer, chromatography spare parts IR spectrometer - SENSOR position of the carriage spectrometer is used to determine position of the carriage spectrometry. WHEN DRIVING shutter to black out the light path from the LED to the photodiode sensors that the feed SI *** UNITED STATES 5,67 *** 5.67 12118,31 View Importer
09/Sep/2017 9027905000 Part of the spectrometer spare parts for generators spectrometry. COIL GENERATOR spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma SPECTRO CIROS. With air cooling. COMPLETE WITH NUTS. It serves to transmit energy from ionizing GENERATOR UNIT VA *** GERMANY 0,66 *** 0.66 2250,48 View Importer
30/Sep/2017 9027905000 SPARE PARTS FOR analyzer / NOT HIGH, include an AND RADIOACTIVE DEVICE, NOT FOR cryptographic equipment, NOT FOR FIRE VEHICLES AUTOMATION FOR LABORATORY CALIBRATOR spectrum for spectrometer OCEAN OPTICS OCEAN OPTICS HG-January 1 *** CHINA 1,14 *** 1.14 45,4 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 9027905000 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES laboratory instruments for physical or chemical analysis: NOT MILITARY PURPOSE OF SPECTROMETER SERIES AAnalyst, NOT SOD. Electronic and RF DEVICES B NOT SOD.RADIOAKTIVNOGO source: linear conveyor cuvettes for spectrophotometric *** UNITED STATES 2,42 *** 2.42 2878 View Importer
12/Sep/2017 9013200000 Lasers, other than laser diodes: NO MILITARY NOT SOD.VCH DEV-B, ACCESSORIES FOR LABORATORY EQUIPMENT: neon-helium laser SPECTROPHOTOMETER FOR LAMBDA 1050, of spare parts to devices, optical spectrometer MODULE CONTAINS neon-helium (HENE) *** ITALY 0,31 *** 0.31 2936 View Importer
12/Sep/2017 9002200000 Polarizing filter for spectrometers: NO MILITARY, AND NOT SOD.RADIOCHASTOTNYH HF SET-B NOT SPETS.TEH.SREDSTVA for secret information received, laboratory equipment spare parts: optical filters SET FOR VALIDATION *** ITALY 0,8 *** 0.8 1018 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 9027905000 Parts and accessories for equipment for HPLC, intended for use in high performance liquid chromatography in the spectrometer, NOT contain radioactive sources HIBAR 250-4,6 HPLC COLUMN, CUSTOMIZED PACKING HPLC column HIBAR 250-4 *** INDIA 0,83 *** 0.83 3013,44 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9027905000 PART IR spectrometer VERTEX 70V, ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS, FIRMS BRUKER - NOT CONTAIN SOURCES OF IONIZING / RADIATION AND (OR) RF Device / generators, radio-electronic means: Spare parts for extended range measurements in the Middle *** GERMANY 10 *** 10 10886,81 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9027905000 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES FTIR COMPANY "BRUKER", do not contain a source of ionizing / RADIATION AND (OR) RF Device / Generator: ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT SCT16, used to control the spectrometer and coupled device from a computer *** GERMANY 0,8 *** 0.8 2944,78 View Importer
06/Sep/2017 7320208108 Helical springs made of steel, runs on compressed - PARTS OF BRUKER spectrometer MPA LACTOTRONIC NETHERLANDS *** *** 0.05 75,68 View Importer
16/Oct/2017 4016930005 Padding and sealers of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber: no military purpose other than latex, spare parts for laboratory instruments for physical or chemical analysis: the rubber seal for the burner for spectrometers OPTIMA 2000 the DV, UP *** UNITED STATES 0,08 KG 0.08 88 View Importer

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