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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
25/Sep/2017 4015190000 GLOVES Vulcanite (not hard) Sponge rubber (latex), specifically designed for sporting purposes (goalie and schooling) with the logo of "PUMA", poverhostnyh DENSITY 300g / M2RAZMER 4--11: __1.0__ adults, COMPOSITION EVA, latex, polyurethane PUMA *** 189 PAIRS 38.56 1076,33 View Importer
15/Oct/2017 4016930005 Gasket, washer and sealing: O-rings, is a product of vulcanized NOT Sponge rubber round shape section with a diameter of 3.53 MM INTENDED FOR sealability KNOTS AND MECHANISMS IN THE COMPOSITION OF THE EQUIPMENT LIT *** CHINA 0,20 KG 0.2 5,53 View Importer
18/Oct/2017 4006900000 SEALING OF RUBBER NEVULKANIZIROVANOY / for earlier imported tractors and / TECHNOLOGY X /: SEALING doorway NEVULKANIZIROVANOY sponge rubber. Trapezoidal section. ROLL LENGTH 8.9 METERS CNHI INTERNATIONAL SA CNH 51331058 1 *** UNITED STATES 1,30 KG 1.3 15,16 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 3926909709 APPLICATORS FOR REPLACEMENT Massager FIZIOTERAPEVTICHESKIX MNOGOTSELEVYX SERIES G5, carried out mainly of polymeric material: №210 POLYURETHANE SPONGE APPLICATOR DIAMETER 6.5 CM SET OF RESPIRATORY rubber and plastic applicator: APPLICATORS *** UNITED STATES 3,30 KG 3.3 1373 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 4008110000 Plates, sheets and strip, of vulcanised cellular rubber: PROFILE ROUND SECTION Sponge rubber (neoprene) GOTEBORGS GUMMI GOTEBORGS GUMMI GOTEBORGS GUMMI 90143-0012 1 *** DENMARK 0,02 KG 0.02 0,59 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 3924900009 EQUIPMENT CARE A / M, sponge of polyurethane foam (foam rubber) COMBINED SPONGE with suede 10H15H4SM, washing and polishing of automobiles, wrapped in cellophane. DOCTOR WAX INC DOCTOR WAX INC DOCTOR WAX DW8636. 96 *** UNITED STATES 1,90 KG 1.9 69,12 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 3925908009 Products from plastic (polyvinyl chloride) for structural and general running WORKS: Grater SIZE. 13H40SM-100PCS, SIZE. 14H28M-36SHT, SIZE. 13H27M-100PCS, grater with a sponge SIZE. 14H60M-30pcs, trowel with rubber SIZE. 14H75SM-30pcs, Grater with methane. : Lining SIZE *** POLAND 568,07 KG 568.07 1548,78 View Importer
05/Oct/2017 4016100009 Products from porous RUBBER: Sponges for ZAMYVKI fugue when performing construction and repair work, the paste float for jointing with working part of cellular rubber, paste float for jointing KUBALA HYDRO SPONGE KUBALA KUBALA SP Z OO TRADEMARK absence *** POLAND 48,00 KG 48 847,21 View Importer
14/Oct/2017 4015900000 Kneepads ZATIRSCHIKA of vulcanised rubber sponge Ready (SECURITY, SAFETY NOT INTENDED D / FACILITIES knee joint under excessive stresses occurring in uncomfortable working conditions): VOREL *** *** *** 15 200 View Importer
15/Oct/2017 4016100009 Tools manual, with working part of vulcanised soft, porous (sponge) rubber and SHUKATUROV, malaria, intended for use in construction and finishing works: Grater spongiform 250H130 MM 20mm is used for floating and GRINDER *** POLAND 218,30 KG 218.3 2279,97 View Importer
30/Oct/2017 4008110000 Plates, sheets of vulcanized porous rubber, are used as REPLACEMENT OF PLASTIC WORKING TOOL for smoothing the plaster layer: rubber sponge 250 * 250 * 28mm P. HERMANN JUNG GMBH & CO. KG JUNG JUNG 913 250 00 NO 30 *** GERMANY 69,68 KG 69.68 1738,99 View Importer
30/Oct/2017 3926909709 PLASTIC ARTICLES USED FOR USE IN CONSTRUCTION - PLASTER grater with worktop sponge rubber: grater for smoothing the plaster layer P. HERMANN JUNG GMBH & CO. KG JUNG JUNG 905 280 00 NO 20 *** GERMANY 8,00 KG 8 147,01 View Importer
25/Oct/2017 4008290000 Profile shapes of vulcanized rubber with a constant cross-section: SPONGE-PROFILE, RUBBER. LENGTH 473MM. MATERIAL - RUBBER. PROFILE-SPONGE, rubber. LENGTH 463MM. NINKAPLAST GMBH NINKA NINKA 9060.50 9060.50 50503 50503 120 NINKAPLAST GMBH NI *** GERMANY 24,24 KG 24.24 223,95 View Importer
26/Oct/2017 4016100009 Articles of vulcanised cellular rubber unsteady-swilling BALL SPONGE RUBBER BALL DN125 SOFT, DIAMETER 125mm is used to clean the inner surface of the concrete in the system of the concrete pump, unsteady articles of vulcanised cellular rubber-PRO *** TURKEY 466,50 KG 466.5 2940,36 View Importer
11/Oct/2017 4016100009 Sponge rubber dampers for electric ART:. 344094080 - 1pc. Sponge rubber dampers for electric ABAC SRA METABO METABO 344094080 1 *** SLOVENIA 0,00 KG **** 0,3 View Importer

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