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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
15/Sep/2017 3402130000 SUBSTANCE nonionic surfactant organic, for retail sale, TOTAL - 21SHT. GROSS WEIGHT OF DELIVERY 17074.825KG TYLOVIS *** *** *** 525 2776,06 View Importer
15/Sep/2017 3505105000 Modified starches, transformations in esters or ethers, TOTAL - 40pcs. TYLOVIS *** *** *** 1000 4395,92 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 9017801000 MEASURING RODS AND roulette graduated ruler Roulette "STANLEY GRIP TAPE" 3M X 19mm Roulette MEASURING "TYLON" 5M X 19mm Roulette MEASURING LONG "POWERWINDER" 60M X 12.7MM Roulette MEASURING "STANLEY" 5MH19MM B / CB Roulette MEASURING *** CHINA 348 PC 84.544 597,79 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 9025198009 Thermometers Turnout on a wooden base MOD. "DARK" ART.90152720 2 pcs., MOD. "BIRCH" ART.90152720 -5SHT. , SAUNA: "TYLO AB", SWEDEN "TYLO" 0 *** SWEDEN 2,45 *** 2.45 42,69 View Importer
18/Oct/2017 2941900009 Bacteriostatic macrolide antibiotics, medicines for veterinary use, the granules: tylosin tartrate - 67 BAGS P / E DOUBLE 15 kg in 67 drum; CEP .: T1710151, valid until: 02/10/2020; STORAGE, AND IMPLEMENTATION PROIZVODSTVAVETERINARNYH ABSENT CHINA *** *** 1005 46732,5 View Importer
10/Oct/2017 2941900009 ANTIBIOTIC tylosin tartrate, the substance as a hygroscopic Granules of white or slightly yellowish color, animal drugs, NOT RASFASOV.DLYA ROZN.PRODAZHI NOT for domestic use, in drums of 15 KG__1.0__ tylosin tartrate __1.1__ manufacturer - XI'AN HENGTONG GUANGHUA PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. CHINA *** *** 2010 40200 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 3307490000 Facilities for aromatization and DEZODORIR.VOZDUHA in the sauna STEKLYANNYH.NEAEROZ.FLAKONAH 0.10L FOR PACKING AND PODPROCHNOY, flavors "EUCALYPTUS" ART.90023010 -. 10 pieces, "MINT" ART.90023012 - 10pc, "LAVENDER" ART.90023014. - 10 PIECES. TYLO *** *** *** 7 72,82 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 4416000000 WOODEN PRODUCTS tubs treated hygienic coating (POLISH) epoxy, Tub for dousing VOLUME 10L ART.90029050 -5SHT. TYLO *** *** *** 57.5 429 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 4421100000 Clothes hangers from aspen, MOD. "ASPEN" ART. 90152070- 3pc. SAUNA "TYLO" *** 3 PC 1.35 32,28 View Importer
24/Oct/2017 2918140000 POWDER citric acid descaling agent in the steam generator tubes SAUN "SOLVENT" ART. 90903000 - 500pcs. Cat. In TSELOF. PACKAGE 80g. And packages in cartons 50SHT.V plastic buckets of 5 kg. ART. 90903010 -. 3 units, with an aqueous citric acid TYLO ,, SWEDEN *** *** *** 114.9 2979,01 View Importer
06/Oct/2017 3912398500 The cellulose ether as white powder, Composition: Modified methylhydroxyethylcellulose. SCOPE OF CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY, thickener for imparting viscosity mixes and paint products, CAS 9032-42-2, TYLOSE MHS *** GERMANY 21000,00 KG 21000 86464,74 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 3912398500 CELLULOSE ETHERS SIMPLE: "TYLOSE H 100000 YP2" - Hydroxyethyl cellulose in primary forms: cellulose ethers WITH SIDE hydroxyethyl group, hydroxyethylcellulose CONTAINING MONOMERS TO 100% flowable WHITE POWDER, RAW MATERIALS FOR PERFUME *** UNITED STATES 2000,00 KG 2000 17330,86 View Importer
05/Oct/2017 3912398500 Cellulose ether: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Product: In the form of powder and pellets, white color. SCOPE: PHARMACEUTICALS, as auxiliary substances as binding agents and thickeners: TYLOPUR 60SH-4000 - 100 CG TYLOPUR 90SH-100SR - 960 CG *** GERMANY 1460,00 KG 1460 19691,59 View Importer
18/Oct/2017 4418998000 Joinery & carpentry of wood, construction, (KR-glued layered timber.): TYLO *** *** *** 93.37 153,6 View Importer
20/Oct/2017 3912398500 Water-soluble cellulose ether (Cellulose 6000) TYLOSE MH 6000 YG8 - cellulosic thickener hydroxyethyl cellulose (86%) FOR water-based paints, in 20 kg bags, ART. AS51, QTY - 500.00 KG (25 BAGS) GROSS WEIGHT: Goods *** GERMANY 500,00 KG 500 3149,49 View Importer

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