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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
04/Sep/2017 3401190000 CLEANERS WET WIPES IMPREGNATED detergents, NOT CONTAIN ethyl alcohol :: __ 1.0__ 100 ANTIBACTERIAL biodegradable cleaning wipes of nonwoven plastic tube, for surfaces cleaning notebook screens __ FELLOWES *** *** *** 53.04 207,99 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 3401190000 WET WIPES "Maneki" ART.WT517 FROM non-woven fabric, embossed with "pearls", density 40g / m2 sheet size 15.3H20SM WITHOUT ethanol content. APPLY for hygiene skin care body, hands and face. METHOD OF PACKAGING - 15pcs / 1UP "MANEKI" CHINA *** *** 4168.4 9859,59 View Importer
06/Sep/2017 3401110009 Organic surface-active substance: __ 1.0__ moistened wipes BEBBLE WET WIPES, a nonwoven fabric impregnated with a solution which is composed of: a surfactant, water, flavorings, processing aids for dissolution and STAB LAVENA BULGARIA *** *** 174 413,74 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 3401190000 WET WIPES FOR CLEANING THE DISPLAY WITHOUT alcohol content GROSS WEIGHT PALLET WITH REGARD - 1695.02 kg: __ 1.0__ lint-free cloth, BIODEGRADABLE SCREENCLEAN REFILL SCREENS FOR CLEANING ITEMS SPARE BLOCK 100 (WET) of non-woven MATERIAL VISCOSE __1. DURABLE *** *** *** 1275.504 10311,63 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 3401190000 WET CLEANING WIPES FOR SCREEN WITHOUT ALCOHOL CONTENT OF GROSS WEIGHT WITH REGARD pallet - 11.77 kg: __ 1.0__ BIODEGRADABLE WIPES FOR CLEANING SCREENS SCREENCLEAN DUO, 10 SETS IN 2 wipes (dry and wet) from non-woven fabric, viscose __1.1__ Manuf DURABLE *** *** *** 8.4 612,57 View Importer
06/Sep/2017 3401190000 Wet wipes for skin care, MANUFACTURED FROM non-woven fabric (mixtures of polyester and viscose fibers) impregnated with free detergents containing alcohol, in IND.P / E packaging in KART.KOROBKAHDATA MANUFACTURING 2017 NOT Handkerchiefs Cotton ABSENT TURKEY *** *** 16131.22 24862,24 View Importer
07/Sep/2017 3401190000 SET WET WIPES IMPREGNATED detergent __ 1.0__: linen HOUSEHOLD WET FOR REFRIGERATOR AND MICROWAVE OVEN 20 pcs / UPAK - 300 PACKAGES __1.1__ manufacturer -NINGBO SANBANG HOME PRODUCTS CO, CHINA brand -PACLAN brand -PACLAN article -412,124. PACLAN CHINA *** *** 567 1489,64 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 3401190000 GIG. VLAZH.SALF. FROM NETKAN.MATER., Prop. Washing medium-OM FOR cleaned. SKIN DURING easily contaminate. In ADULT. AREAS IN MOCHEPOL. Zabol. NOT SODER.SPIRT, PH-NEUTRAL, in PLAST.UPAK:.. __ 1.0__ MENALIND PROF. WET WIPES 10 per pack, a 30-MAPS. CDF. CLASSIFICATION CODE 91 "HARTMANN" *** *** *** 29.4 177,61 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 3401190000 WET WIPES MANUFACTURED nonwoven fabric impregnated with detergent compositions CLASSIFICATION CODE 91 5810 __ 1.0__ WET ROAD TOWEL CRECIA PACKAGING __1.1__ manufacturer -NIPPON PAPER CRECIA CO, LTD, DAIO PAPER CORPORATION, KAO CORPORATION, KOSE CORP. CRECIA, GOO.N, KAO, KOSE, LEC, PIGEON JAPAN *** *** 212.468 366,85 View Importer
12/Sep/2017 3401190000 WET WIPES OF PULP AND PAPER FIBERS, rectangular-IMPREGNATED detergent surfactant of water-based and is used for the host / LIFE-needs for retail sale MASS MARKET CLASS, UNKNOWN TRADEMARK-4947714281430 ART.28143-C UCHIDA *** *** *** 110 207,44 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 3401110009 NONWOVEN cloth soaked in detergent __ 1.0__ CARTRIDGE WET WIPES "MERIDA" HAND (200 pcs). MADE WITHOUT USING NANO-MATERIALS __1.1__ manufacturer -PLUSWIPES LTD. brand -MERIDA article -MS019 n = 60 units MERIDA *** *** *** 37 61,05 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 3401190000 Wet wipes for cleaning glass surfaces (points, monitor, screen phones), single-use, impregnated with a detergent of water-based, does not contain. ETHYL. The alcohol in the reservoir. Tuba, Art. 091000100, moistened wipes, 400 KART.KOR. BY WORKMATE CHINA *** *** 1360 1851,98 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 3401190000 WET CLEANING WIPES fleece rectangular shape 14H14SM SIZE WITHOUT SOD.ETILOVOGO alcohol used for glasses and the display of electronic and digital equipment, not medical NAZNACHENIYA__1.0__ moistened wipes for glasses, scratch Believe OPTICA CHINA *** *** 625.5 3780,4 View Importer
14/Sep/2017 3401110009 WET WIPES REFILL ISPOLZOVANIYA__1.0__: WET WIPES REFILL FOR ADULTS WITH GREEN TEA EXTRACT FROM PULP paper web impregnated with a solution composed of: surfactants (to 0, HEARTTEX CHINA *** *** 693 2127,5 View Importer
15/Sep/2017 3401190000 Moistened wipes of non-woven material impregnated with detergent, put up for ROZNICHN.PRODAZHI the Indus. Cat., Packed in cardboard boxes. GROSS WEIGHT from the pallet 7346.890KG: __ 1.0__ CM. ANNEX WET WIPES FOR CHILDREN SOFT 72, ARTICLE Tenderness, PRESTO, CLEAN, POLAND POLAND *** *** 6865.82 12771,41 View Importer

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