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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
27/Apr/2017 3925908000 "1.Plastmasova fittings for windows tadverey buildings: 04 art.0628097 Vstavkadystantsiyna-1am; art.0696831 04 Kryshkavodovidvidnoho groove-50sht, glass-art.0698704 01Opora 100 pieces; art.0627894 04Komplekt inserts Distance 10pcs, Box 04 art.0628045 distance -20sht; art.0628097 Box 04 remote-1am; art.0628151 Support 07-frame-lock 20pcs, art.0629372 04-1pc kit plugs, plugs art.0629375 04 Set-1am; art.0629396 04 Plug-end profile 20pcs ; art.0696569 04 Reliance corner 32.1h16.2-40sht; Manufacturer Reynaers Aluminium NV; trademark Reynaers Aluminium; Country of BE; " GEORGIA ***** 5.153 178.0351942 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 3925908000 "1.Plastmasova fittings for windows tadverey buildings: 04 art.0696831 Kryshkavodovidvidnoho groove-150sht; art.069874804 Reliance glass-300sht; art.062685704 to the frame-Cap 10pcs, art.0627894 04Komplekt inserts Distance 10pc; art.0628036 04 Tortsovyy schitkyporoha-block for 2 pcs; art.0628045 04 Vstavkadystantsiyna-20pcs, art.0628097 Vstavkadystantsiyna 04, 2 pcs; art.0696569 04 Reliance corner 32.1h16.2-40sht; art.0698360 04Zahlushka profile threshold-10pcs, 04 art.0698426 holder brushes 10pc; art.069842704 brush-holder 10pcs, art.0698724 04 Reliance glass FG = MIN250-MAX.400KG-10pcs, 04 art.0698748 Reliance glass-50sht; art.0629372 04 Komplektzahl shock-4 pieces; art.0628038 Support 07-frame-lock 20pcs, art.0628039 07Opora-frame-lock 20pcs, art.0738227 hidden drainage channel 04-240sht; Manufacturer Reynaers Aluminium NV; trademark Reynaers Aluminium; Country of BE; " BELARUS ***** 16.401 541.5563949 View Exporter
18/Apr/2017 3925908000 "1.Plastmasova fittings for windows tadverey buildings: 04 art.0617559 Tortsovyyblok to-door brush 20pcs, art.069852704 shtulpovoho Plug-profile 5pcs, 04 art.0617715 lock-vidpovidnoyiplanky 100 pieces; art.0696831 04 Kryshkavodovidvidnoho groove-150sht, art. 069835004 Plug-profile threshold 20pcs, art.0698355 04 Plug left / right-45sht; art.0698356 04 Tortsovyy block for brush door left / right-15sht; art.0698650 04Zahlushky shtulpovoho profile, 20pcs, art.0617559 04 Tortsovyy unit for schitkyporoha -60sht; art.0698527 04 Plug-profile shtulpovoho 13sht; art.0213209 04Kryshka drainage groove H. 12.5MM-10pcs, 04 art.0213211 Plug-10pcs, Box 07 art.0215078 distance (100 pcs.) - 1pc; art.0215146 07 cap screws (100 pcs.) - 3pc, art.0215180 04 Reliance glass-82MM 100 pieces; art.0627883 04Napravlyayucha for stulky- 10pc; art.0696831 cover 04 drainage groove-500sht; art.0738202 Ring 01 6.55 / 10-400sht; art.0849086 - head (nose) dlyadvokomponentnoho glue-20pcs, 04 art.0213004 guides Butting assembly " KAZAKISTAN ***** 7.851 304.8471437 View Exporter
14/Apr/2017 3925908000 "1.Plastmasova dlyavikon furniture and doors of buildings: 04 art.0617715 Fiksatorvidpovidnoyi strips, 100 pieces; art.0696831 01 Kryshkavodovidvidnoho groove-50sht; art.0698453 04 Zahlushkaprofilya threshold-10pcs, 04 art.0698460 holder dlyaschitky left / right-20pcs, art .0698511 04 Plug-door ZT 10 pieces; art.0698512 04 Plug-door ZT 10 pieces; art.0849086 - head (nose) for two-component adhesives, 60sht; Manufacturer Reynaers Aluminium NV; trademark Reynaers Aluminium; Country of BE; " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 3.947 165.402799 View Exporter

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