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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 9603909100 "1.Hospodarchi products: 2782CD Roller cleaning sheets 40 5,5m MO - 840sht; 2973CDValyk cleaning sheets 60 8,6m MO - 2400sht, Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - Melochi ZhyznyVyrobnyk - NINGBO YIDA ADHESIVE MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd" BELARUS ***** 311.4 2377.2 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 3919900012 1.Strichky with self-adhesive foam PVC adhesive tape 4023-028-02 bidirectional Foamed PVC 0,95mm * 12mm * 50000mm (65N / 25 mm) white 3000 mVyrobnyk: no data, CN. Trademarks: No data. BELARUS ***** 14.4 450 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 3919900012 1.Planka price plastic, self-adhesive, not in coils, of plasticized PVC in pieces: 9940-007-46 tape 48mm * 100m * 0,045mm (up to -4 C) akryl.20000 mVyrobnyk There is no data, UA. Trademarks: No Data BELARUS ***** 42 1000 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 3926909290 "1.Zahysna film without adhesive layer rectangle with rounded corners, with holes for the microphone, made of polymeric materials (based polietelentereftalatu (polycondensation product, a representative class of polyesters).) To protect the mobile phone display. Included: (protective plivka- 2 pcs, cloth to wipe-1pc, dust sticker -1shtta scraper to remove air-1pc.): color - transparent, model ET-FG950CTEGRU-80sht, trademark SamsungKrayina production KR " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 5.4 286.4 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 4401310000 1.Palyvni pellets made from waste wood without additional ingredients (adhesives or chemicals) by crushing, drying and pressing under high temperature and pressure, diameter of 6 mm. In length from 5 mm to 30 mm. In number - 22,500 tons, 20 p / big bags to 1,125 kg. HUNGARY ***** 22500 1566.863999 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 3919900019 "1.Tablychky self-adhesive for use in stores: 8195-269-03 ME NK 25h25h300 COLOR sticker" "next customer" "RUS 392 sht8387-445-03 KGGA1D.001.001-00 Star" "STOP" "186 shtVyrobnyk: no data DE. Trademark: no data. " BELARUS ***** 13.22 154.8 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 9603500000 1.Schitky for use in commercial equipment: 2101-970-11 bin brush with adhesive strichkoyu.200 m2101-970-12 Brush distributor drive (2-3 mm) 200 mVyrobnyk: no data, PL. Trademarks: No data. BELARUS ***** 3.72 170 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3919900012 1. tapes and films of plastic self-adhesive for production of shutters: Tape for fixing the shaft -200m.p.Skotch R R -800m.p.Krayina production -CN MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 2 98 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3506910090 "1.Kley prepared: - adhesive PVC fabric (" "Professional", "tyubik) 35 ml / Glue for PVC fabric (Professional, tube) 35ml, polyurethane one-component, contains precursors and drugs packaged in 35 ml tyubiky. - 80 units. - glue for PVC fabric (bank) 0,54l / glue for PVC fabric (jar) 0,54L, polyurethane one-component, contains precursors and drugs, packed in banks to 0.54 liters - 15sht .. contains drug precursors and rechovyn.Vyrobnyk LLC "" chemical-Plus "" Trademark: chemical-production PlyusKrayina: UA " LITHUANIA ***** 9 101.1932999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8421392000 "1.Filtr for tonernoho vacuum type 2-300sht- equipment for filtering and purifying the air - Fine filter (consisting of a body (2 Polypropylene parts," "United adhesive tape), filter paper density 165h / m2 impregnated polymer 25 g / m2), the size of 145mm * 150mm * 300mm - designed to collect black toner used in tonernyh vacuum cleaner as replacement filters. TU 28.2-22820979-008: 2014. " RUSSIA ***** 207 2790.881162 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3505201000 "1. Adhesives based on starch containing less than 25 wt.% Starch: - Clay Building COP-3" "Malva" "- 180sht.Yavlyaye the white binder based on starch, sodium silicate, water with mineralnohonapovnyuvacha .Vykorystovuyetsya for building and finishing in robit.Rozfasovanyy not in aerosol packaging p / p vidra.TU in 21875464-001-95Vyrobnyk LLC PE "" ZIP "" Ukraine. " RUSSIA ***** 270 91.3092063 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3907209900 "1. Polyesters simple: Pitch for strengthening rocks ERKADOLL (komp.A) - 1950 kh.Yavlyaye a mixture of different polyethers and plasticizers. Physical and chemical properties: - Liquid light yellow - almost odorless - Flashpoint : above 230 ° C - Density: 1.09 g / cm3 (at 25 ° C); - Solubility in water: partial - Viscosity 200 mPa * s. Polyurethane components A and B - a chemical component adhesive destroyed and fractured rock mass in mining and construction industry. " RUSSIA ***** 1950 7619.105572 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3909509090 "1. Polyurethanes, in primary forms: Pitch for strengthening rocks ERKODUR (komp.B) - 1950 kh.Yavlyaye a hardener (polymeric MDI 50-70%, 30-50% difenilmetandiizotsianata). Physical and chemical properties: - Liquid brown - odorless - Flashpoint: above 230 ° C - Density: 1.2 g / cm3 (at 25 ° C); - Solubility: soluble in benzene, toluene, chlorobenzene and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in water. Polyurethane component A and B - a chemical component adhesive damaged and fractured rock mass in hirnychovydobu init industry and construction. " RUSSIA ***** 1950 7619.105572 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 4820900000 1.Albom drawing: Album for rysovanyya, A3 (400h285mm) 12l, kleenыy.Art.-A-alban-16-002-03-64sht. Album for rysovanyya, A4 (285h195mm) 12l, kleenыy.Art. -A-alban-16-004-08-64sht. Album watercolor A4, spiral (STRUCTURE.) - 20pcs., Album for eskyziv A4 adhesive (140g) -20sht. Album for eskyziv A3 spiral (140g) -20sht. Album for eskyziv A3 spiral (190h) -20sht. Album watercolor, A5 spiral (STRUCTURE.) - 80sht. Album watercolor, A3, spiral (STRUCTURE.) - 20pcs., SERBIA ***** 54.5 269.4897269 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 2839190090 "1. Sodium silicate minerals rozchynnyy- 50 tn.Partiya № 3. Chemical composition: SiO2-76,37%; Na2O-22,83%; insoluble residue: 0.15% .Modul 3,47.Pryznachen for: construction adhesives , impregnation, coating, paper production, manufacturing zamazok, molding, flotation. " TURKEY ***** 50000 7750 View Exporter

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