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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
28/Apr/2017 8481804000 1.Klapany for pneumatic tires and cameras for inflating balloons inflatable boats household: - Valves / Valve air, made of PVC, intended for pumping and maintaining air balloons inflatable boats - 20 sht.Ne are products of military or dual use. Manufacturer: NavigatorTorhovelna Brand: NavigatorKrayina production: UA LITHUANIA ***** 1 65.2859999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8414208090 1.Nasosy Air foot home for inflating inflatable boats: - pump 6L (fanyernyy) / 6 l Pump (plywood) complete with plastic bending Hoses and adapters designed for inflating balloons inflatables - 5 sht.Ne are military products or dual. Manufacturer: NavigatorTorhovelna Brand: NavigatorKrayina production: UA LITHUANIA 5 6 38.0834999 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 3811900000 "1.Hotovi additive for gasoline and diesel fuel first, not aerosol packaging: Integrated system for palyvnoy cleaner gasoline engine Verylube (balon250ml) -1440sht, integrated system cleaner for diesel palyvnoy dvyhunaVerylube (250 ml balloon) (ros.mova) -1440sht; TM "" Verylube "". Country of origin: UA.Vyrobnyk LLC "" Hadi technology "." " KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 840.96 1913.682265 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 9503009900 1. Balloons Assorted Pastel 260 - 15000sht.Vyrobnyk: SEMPERTEX SA Country of CO. Trademark: SEMPERTEX. MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 31 300 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 9505900000 "1.Vyroby for festivals, carnivals and other entertainment products: - Balloons foil with patterns of different colors - 1000pcs. - Balloons patterned foil of different shapes and colors - 315sht.Vyrobnyk: Chaoan Hengsheng Industrial Co., Ltd .Krayina production: CN.Torhivelna mark: Chaoan Hengsheng Industrial Co. " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 20.8 147.8 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 7311001100 1.Kysnevyy balloon seamless steel for civil aircraft Airbus-321, s / n AV2014478, s / n IN002623 -1 pieces. Nespravnyy.p / n 708-021-01, s / n 06586 -1 pcs. nespravnyy.Vykorystovuyetsya during emergency situations tarozhermetyzatsiyi cabin for oxygen masks leavened. LITHUANIA 2 4 100 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 3811900000 "1. Ready additives to petrol and diesel, not in aerosol packaging: Komleksnyyochyschuvach fuel system for gasoline engine Verylube (250 ml balloon) (dlyaAziyi) -23040sht. TM" "Verylube" ". Country of origin: UA.Vyrobnyk LLC" " XADO-technology "." " CHINA ***** 6727.68 14853.88816 View Exporter
20/Apr/2017 3307490000 "1. Air fresheners for flavoring or deodorizing indoor air balloons vaerozolnyh (composition: deionized water, carbon propilent, cosolvent, emulsifier, perfume composition, corrosion inhibitor, kontservant) that do not contain ozone-depleting substances and ethanol mistkistyu300 ml: MILENE" "LEMON FRESH "" (fresh lemon) - 13680 pcs. MILENE "" oCEAN FRESH "" (ocean fresh) - 13440 pcs. Q-POWER "" cITRON "" (citrus) -15,000 units. Q-POWER "" LEVANDULE "" - 15000 pcs. Q-POWER "" oCEAN "" (ocean) -15,000 sht.Vyrobnyk Ltd. "," yam "" .Krayina production: UA. Trademarks: MILENE, Q-POWER " CZECH REPUBLIC ***** 20193.6 25525.0706 View Exporter
20/Apr/2017 2710199900 "1.Naftoprodukty, containing more 70mas. Mineral hydrocarbon components that are produced from bituminous minerals are the basic components, heavy distillates, Set VeryLube TURBO-3000sht: It consists of: -kondytsioner metal VeryLube TURBO (balloon 125ml x 1 pc.) ; -zmazka universal lithium (polim.upak. x 5 ml pack 1pc.) (anhl.mova.) TM "" Verylube "". Hadi gel revitalizant for automatic transmissions (aeroz.balon10ml) -2880sht, Hadi gel-revitalizant for cylinders (aeroz.balon 10 ml) -2880sht.Bez content of ozone-depleting substances, propellant-hydrocarbon propellant, schomistyt I, along with the main product in aerosol containers as additional hokomponentu is a fluorinated pohi days acyclic hydrocarbons (tetraftoretan fluoride), Freon R134A (C2F4H2), CAS№811-97-2. TM "," Hadi "". Country of origin: UA.Vyrobnyk LLC "" Hadi technology "." " CHINA ***** 843.36 3449.159947 View Exporter
19/Apr/2017 8414802298 "1.Povitryani compressors: compressors with crank-connecting rod mechanism volume of excess working pressure of 8 bar, capacity not exceeding 60 m3 per hour: Kompressor Balloon porshnevoy" "Dnipro-M", "mod. PVK50-2 -5sht.Kompressor Balloon porshnevoy "" Dnipro-M "," mod. PVK24-2 -5sht.Vyrobnyky Zhejiang Xinya Pump Indastry Co., Ltd, Trademark "," Dnepr-M "." Country of origin: CN " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF 10 208 570 View Exporter
19/Apr/2017 7311009100 "1.Yemnosti for liquefied gas, welded along a length less than 1000l capacity: -balon aerosol for chemicals in, lithographic" "Profflex Pro green 50Pena montazhnaya" "d65mm H300mm (volume 1000 cm3) -32969sht.- aerosol balloon for chemicals in, lithographic "" Profflex Pro yellow65 light Pen montazhnaya "" d65mm H300mm (volume of 1000sm3) -33470sht. Manufactured zprokatu flat carbon steel howl. 28.7-30759962-001-2003 TU. " RUSSIA ***** 7656 15996.66876 View Exporter
18/Apr/2017 7311001100 "1.Stalni seamless gas cylinders with a capacity of 10L: Balloons 10lstalni volume of plug-4sht.Vyrobnyk SPE" "ATOMKOMPLEKSPRYLAD. '" Trademark SPE "" ATOMKOMPLEKSPRYLAD.' "Country of UA." SLOVAK REPUBLIC 4 56 644.127409 View Exporter
18/Apr/2017 7311009100 "1.Yemnosti for liquefied gas, welded along a length less than 1000l capacity: -balon aerosol for chemicals in, lithographic" "Irfix Gan Foam Foam ntazhnaya professyonalnaya" "d65mm H300mm (volume 1000sm3) -12144sht.- aerosol balloon for chemicals in, lithographic "" Irfix STD penamontazhn aya "," d65mm H300mm (volume 1000sm3) -12071sht ploskohoz made of rolled carbon steel evoyi. 28.7-30759962-001-2003 TU. " RUSSIA ***** 2858 5755.59231 View Exporter
14/Apr/2017 1904109000 "1.Good food products - dry breakfasts made of cereal mixtures (in the product of barley grout, wheat, rice groats, rye, semolina) by the method of extrusion technology: pads with filling" Chocolate "" for 250 g in a pack - 768 Packets; pillows with dairy stuffing for 250 g in a pack - 768 packs; Cacao balls for 500g in a pack - 1296 packs; 250g peccasic balloons - 2304 packs; "DUO" balloons for 250 grams in a pack - 8640 packs Trademark "START" Wheat flakes with 250 grams bran in a pack - 864 packs. "AXA" brand - net net weight - 3984,00 kg, weight per Wine packaging - 4423,20 kg Manufacturer: "Lantmannen Aksas", Ukraine. Country of production: UA. " BELARUS ***** 4423.2 7215.157247 View Exporter
14/Apr/2017 3811900000 "1. Ready additives to petrol and diesel, not in aerosol packaging: Komleksnyyochyschuvach fuel system for benz.dv.Verylube (250 ml balloon) -1440sht. TM" "Verylube" ". Country of origin: UA.Vyrobnyk LLC" "HADO- Technology""." LEBANON ***** 420.48 918.4319946 View Exporter

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