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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
25/Apr/2017 6813200090 "1.Nakladky brake and friction on osno ve not mounted to asbestos and / mzahalno year, not for industrial motor transportnyhzasobiv Reference composition: Cover disc clutches. 14 14-1601138-24sht. (Vyr.-of", "tribe", " torh.marka-tribe), head cover gasket tsylindrivKAMAZ red 740.1003270-10-104sht. (vyr., Ltd. "," AUTO UNION 88 "," torh.marka-Road Map), Country of origin - UA " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 10.922 48.32 View Exporter
24/Apr/2017 8433900000 1. Parts dlyakombayniv and devices for non-industrial assembly: the main shaft coupling NIVA SK-517-2103-3 (4 pcs.) Gearbox shaft pervichnyyNYVA 54-60650 (5 pcs.) Shaft oporypozytora NIVA SK-5 54-62 -243 (4 pcs.) DON vibrating insert (2 pcs.) vtulkavariatora NIVA (small) 54-01230 (60 pcs.) finger sleeve screw NIVA SK-5 54-3-2-10 (30 pcs.) , plug screw Glazko NIVA SK-554-00348-01 (200 pcs.), head MKSH Lever (pumping mechanism washers) DON A 3511.8050-16521 (8 pcs.), clutch disc E-302 (100 pcs.), clutch disc NIVA SK-5 8-grinding. (15 pcs.), Grain elevator NIVA SK-5 01.218.000-01 (12 pcs.), Elevator Kolosov DON 1500 B (2 pcs.) Vyhruznoho cover screw (2 pcs.) Clutch basket NIVA SK-5 SMD-18 (2 pcs.) krestovyna cardan Niva, Don 28 * 74 (80 pcs.) ray motovily 54-1-1-1-1 NIVA (14-t) MKSH knife DON 1500 B 3518.050-121450 (6 pcs.) clutch zapobiizhna Niva, Don (7 pcs.) clutch shlitseva NIVA SK-5 54-154-1-4 (5 pcs.) strip friktsyonna NIVA SK-5 95-150 (300 pcs.) than mowing E-302 (62-t) than cutting BULGARIA ***** 4877 5107.5 View Exporter
12/Apr/2017 7609000000 "1. Aluminum connections: - connection internally threaded 3 '' - 2 pcs. Of fittings to connect the drain SHLANHUBEN ZOVOZU containers with a neck the discharge of fuel from the fuel truck fuel truck HOSE TO YEMKOSTEY.Z'YEDNANNYA AND DONE pin neck tank BY USING fixing handles. Material - aluminum. PRODUCER: ZHEIANG MAIDEMACHINE CO., LTD-CLUTCH COVER drain 3 "" - 2 pcs. Mufti drain, WHICH IS iNTENDED TO COVER designed for fast and tight connection with the sleeve Tanker ZLYVNYHPRYSTROYIV ( neck) tank fuel depots and stations. UNDER COVER Drain and videogram DLYAZAHLUSHUVANNYA CLUTCH after discharge oil from tank trucks MADE TO REZERVUARU.ZYEDNANNYA contact method with the locking handles. Material- aluminum. Used as component parts PALYVOROZDAVALNYHKOLONOK TO THAT SET OVLYUYUTSYA at the gas station and used to ZAPRAVLENNYAAVTOTRANSPORTNYH OF fuels (gasoline, diesel). TORHIVELNAMARKA: ZMM PRODUCER: ZHEIANG MAIDE MACHINE CO., LTD " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 1.8 54 View Exporter
07/Apr/2017 6813200090 "1.Nakladky brake and friction on osno ve not mounted to asbestos and / mzahalno year, not for industrial motor transportnyhzasobiv Reference composition: Cover disc clutches. 236, 236-1601138 A3-60sht.Krayina production - UATorhovelna mark - TryboVyrobnyk - JSC '' tribes' '' SPAIN ***** 24 92.7942009 View Exporter
03/Apr/2017 6813200090 "1.Nakladky brake and friction based on asbestos is not mounted to and / mzahalnoho, not for industrial assembly of motor transportnyhzasobiv: cover disc clutches. MTZ-50, 80, 82, 100 70-1601138-100sht, nakladkahalm. MAZ-500 rear . 500-3502105-50sht pad brakes. zadn.4370-3502105-50sht MAZ pad brakes. MAZ back. 5440-3502105-20shtVyrobnyk OJSC "" tribe "," trade mark, tribe, country of manufacture - UA. " BELARUS ***** 135.058 253.7 View Exporter

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