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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
28/Apr/2017 9031809800 "1. Magnetic Flaw that works for NDT method used to detect magnetic disturbances surface of metal structures and structures made of ferromagnetic material. It is a metal cylinder connected by two steel cables: Magnetic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC / Magnetic Flaw NOVOTEST MPD -DC - 1pc. Manufacturer: OOO "" NOVOTEST "". " POLAND ***** 0.5 350 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8543709000 1.Datchyk metal 585.06- DM 6 pieces dometalodetektora DMP 2A-02 TU 31.6-21081867-010 2002, the factory nomer- 0546- 0551pryznachenyy to detect metal particles in the flow nemetalevyhmaterialiv composed of metal detector DMP-2A 06.Datchyk control 001.06- 20 strokes Pieces of metal detector DМP 2А-06 ТУ У 31.6-21081867-010 2002, factory number-0552-0571 is intended for detection of metal inclusions in the flow of non-metallic materials in the metal detector ДМП 2А-06. Control unit БУ 001.02- 10 pieces to the metal detector ДМП 2А-02 ТУ In 31.6-21081867-010-2002, factory number 0577-0586 is intended for detection of metal Converters in the flow of non-metallic materials in the metal detector DМP 2А-02. The metal detector DM 585.02- 25 pieces of the metal detector DМP 2А-02 ТУ У 31.6-21081867-010 2002, factory number-0587-0611 is intended for the detection of metal inclusions in the flow of non-metallic materials in the metal detector DМP 2А-02.Death sensor of DU 001.08- 5 pieces of metal detector DМП 2А-08 ТУ У 31.6-21081867-01 RUSSIA ***** 374.7 53790 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8544429091 1. Cable connecting K 001.07- 10 pieces to the metal detector DМP 2А-07 ТУ У 31.6-21081867-010-2002 for voltage not more than 80 В, designed for work in the metal detector ДМП 2А-07.Factory numbers - 0432-0441. RUSSIA ***** 10 430 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 9030100000 "1.Prylady for the detection and measurement of ionizing radiation: dosimeter-radiometer MKS-05" "TERRA-P" '(15 pcs.). Includes carrying case. TU U33.2-22362867-006-2001. Dosimeter-radiometer MKS -05 "" TERRA-P + '' (20 pcs.). Vkomplekt included carrying case. TU 33.2-22362867-006-2001. vyprominennyaintelektualnyy gamma detector UDKH-01a "" gamma Sapiens "" (9 pcs.) kit includes case. U33.2-22362867-029 THAT: 2012. meters belong to the class of personal radiometrychnyhdozymetriv. Each device individually packed in a cardboard box. " LITHUANIA ***** 7.56 5489.464498 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8531103000 "1.FW2-NEO-8F wireless smoke detector, 1pc; -FW2-MAG-8F-detector wireless Magnitokontaktnye 1 piece (designed dlyapidklyuchennya and work as part of Lun). (Electrical syhnalizatsiyne forprotection from fire or theft used for buildings . Tsyvilnohopryznachennya not have special equipment, devices and contains no kanalivpryhovanyh and explicit video and audio recording and monitoring without osnaschenyyvbudovanoyu TV camera and / or microphone) .Vyrobnyk-The Crow Group.Krayina production-grade IL.Torhivelna-CROW. " BULGARIA 2 0.175 46.2 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 9022190000 1.Aparatura using X-rays, not intended for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary use, equipment renhtenodetektsiyi find foreign bodies BO-601020041, detector, 300mm, HS / LR - 1 sht.Dlya use in the food industry. It has flaws. Return to warranty replacement. Not for military and dual use. Does not contain radioactive materialiv.Torhovelna mark IntecVyrobnyk Minebea Minebea Intec Aachen DE GmbHKrayina production GERMANY 1 4.35 544.650007 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8531103000 "1.Electric alarm equipment; for the protection against theft or fire and similar devices used for the construction: Ajax HubKit white EUAllow alarm system-1 item Ajax HubKit black EU kit alarmall-1pcs Ajax GlassProtect white EU glass breaker sensor 1 item Ajax GlassProtecblack EU glass breaker 1 st Ajax CombiProtect white EU Motion sensor and breaker 1pc Ajax CombiProtect black EU Motion sensor and breaker-1 pc AjaxStreetSiren white EU street siren-1 st Ajax StreetSiren black EU street siren -1 point Ajax LeaksProtect white EU flood sensor 1 piece Ajax LeaksProtect black ES flood sensor 1pc Ajax WallSwitch black EUAjax FireProtect black EU smoke detector-1 Ajax FireProtect black EU smoke detector-1 Ajax ocBridgePlus EU detector sensor-1 pc. Ajax FireProtect white EU sensor of motion-1pc. Ajax uartBridge EU module for sensor integration-1pc. " SWEDEN 18 5.08 420.79 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8531103000 1. signaling devices used to protect structures (buildings) against fire, electrical (bezvideokamery and microphones): -spovischuvach fire smoke optical point-art.'SPD 3.10 (B01) "-3000 sht. Fire smoke detector optical tochkovyyart .'SPD-3.10 (B2) "- 1000 sht. detector fire heat art.'FTL-A2 '- 1000 sht. fire smoke detector line art.'ARTON-DL1' - 10 sht. coordination module trains art. "SIU-2M '- 50 pcs. MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF 5060 366.6 14110 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 9031803800 "1.Elektronnyy Ultrasonic Flaw designed for non destructive testing of metals, plastics, glass and composite materials. Allows you to detect defects and inhomogeneities nesploshnostey type material, measure the depth of the defects and measure the thickness of the product at its sole access to them is an electronic, portable device : Ultrasonic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST UD2301 / Ultrasonic Flaw NOVOTEST UD2301 - 1pc. Manufacturer: OOO "" NOVOTEST "". " ICELAND ***** 1.2 2177.5 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 8543900090 "1. Parts to manual (non-professional) metal detectors: -kotushka Nel Tornado model: Art. NELTR007- 25sht, art. NELTR025- 3pc; art.NELTR263- 1pc, Art. NELTR186- 2 pcs, Art. NELTR204- 1pc; -kotushka Nel model Hunter: art. NELHN008- 15sht, art. NELHN026- 2 pcs, 5pcs art.NELHN080-, art. NELHN107- 1pc, art. NELHN264- 1pc, art. NELHN205- 2 pcs; -kotushka Nel model Sharpshooter: art. NELSS036- 1pc ; art. NELSS135- 1pc, 1pc art.NELSS175-, art. NELSS197- 1pc; -kotushka Nel Thunder model: art. NELTH012- 15sht, art. NELTH030- 10pc; art.NELTH075- 1pc, art. NELTH084- 3pc, art . NELTH268- 1pc, art. NELTH222- 1pc, designed to search for metals in hrunti.Vyrobnyk: FOP Schurov O.O.Torhovelna brand: NELKrayina production: UA " POLAND ***** 88 6958.259845 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 8543900090 "1.Chastyny ​​to manual (non-professional) metal detectors: -kotushka model Nel Attack: Art. NELAT023- 10 pieces, Art. NELAT068- 1pc, 10pcs art.NELAT140-; -kotushka model Nel Storm: Art. NELST006- 1pc, Art. NELST024 - 32sht; art.NELST132- 1pc; -kotushka Nel Tornado model: art. NELTR007- 6 pieces, art. NELTR025- 37sht; art.NELTR034- 2 pcs, art. NELTR061- 1pc, art. NELTR070- 3pc, art. NELTR088- 1pc ; art.NELTR133- 3pc, art. NELTR160- 1pc, art. NELTR244- 2 pcs; -kotushka Nel model Hunter: art. NELHN026- 8 pieces, art. NELHN035- 1pc, 2 pcs art.NELHN089-, art. NELHN143- 4 pieces, art . NELHN174- 1pc; -kotushka Nel model Sharpshooter: art. NELSS027- 36sht, art. NELSS036- 2 pcs, 2 pcs art.NELSS072-, art. NELSS090- 3pc, art. NELSS135- 6 pieces; -kotushka Nel model Snake: art. NELSN028 - 20pcs, art . NELSN073- 2 pcs, 2 pcs art.NELSN091-, art. NELSN109- 2 pcs, Art. NELSN145- 1pc, Art. NELSN247- 2 pcs; -kotushka Nel model Sharp: Art. NELSP248- 1pc; -kotushka Nel Thunder model: Art. NELTH030 - 34sht, art. NELTH075- 1pc, 3pc art.NELTH093-, art. NELTH138- 3pc; art. N " UNITED STATES ***** 188.5 20292 View Exporter
25/Apr/2017 8543900090 "1.Chastyny ​​metal detectors, metal detector searches sensors, are part soboyuskladovu metal detector - coil to transmit a signal vidheneratora metal detector and receiving reflected from the object, for civil purposes: coil size 15" "for Garrett AT-PRO search sensor size 15 ( inches) for a metal detector Garrett AT-PRO -2sht. coil size 15 "" forMinelab E-Trac search sensor size 15 (inches) for a metal detector GarrettMinelab E-Trac-1pc. coil size 15 "" for Minelab X-Terra 3 / 18.75 search kHz sensor rozmir15 (inches) for a metal detector Minelab X-Terra 3 / 18.75kHz -1sht. coil size 15 "" forFisher F2 / 4 search sensor size 15 (inches) for metal detector Fisher F2 / 4-1sht. coil size 15 "" for Fisher F5 search sensor size 15 (inches) dlyametalodetektora Fisher F5 -1sht. coil size 15 "" for Fisher F 11/22 / 44 poshukovyydatchyk size 15 (inches) for metal detector Fisher F 11/22/44 -1sht. coil size15 "" for Whites Spectra v3i search sensor size 15 (inches) dlyam " UNITED KINGDOM ***** 37.53 4425.984076 View Exporter
25/Apr/2017 7616999000 1. Aluminum Products: Universal shaft for metal detector Universal rod dlyametaloshukacha - 7sht. UNITED KINGDOM ***** 5.18 455.6160077 View Exporter
25/Apr/2017 3926909790 1.Vyrib of plastmasmy for metal detector: Lower shaft for metal detector Nyzhnyekolino universal rod -4sht. UNITED KINGDOM ***** 0.34 43.3920007 View Exporter
25/Apr/2017 9031803800 "1.Elektronnyy Ultrasonic Flaw designed for non destructive testing of metals, plastics, glass and composite materials. Allows you to detect defects and inhomogeneities nesploshnostey type material, measure the depth of the defects and measure the thickness of the product at its sole access to them is an electronic, portable device : Ultrasonic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST UD2301-R / Ultrasonic Flaw NOVOTEST UD2301-R - 1pc. Manufacturer: OOO "" NOVOTEST "". " GERMANY ***** 0.5 1393 View Exporter

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