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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 3814009019 1.Rozchynnyk and thinner based solvents designed to lakofarbovohopokryttya cars built, not aerosol packaging, vohnezahystni vlastyvostividsutni: -indeks 00741L5 Universal rastvorytel for paints AUTOREFINISHING MEDIUM 5l 153 pieces xylene 30-50%, n-butyl acetate 30-50% 2-ethoxy-1-methylethyl acetate20-30% -indeks00744L1 Rastvorytel for paints FADE OUT THINNER 1L - 4 pieces xylene12.5-20%, ethyl acetate 20-30%, n-butyl acetate 20-30%, 2-methoxy -1-methy lethylacetate 12.5-20%, 1-ethoxy-2-propa nol 3-5%, etyl 3-etoxypropionate 3-5% Trademark: LECHLERVyrobnyk: LECHLER SpAKrayina production: IT RUSSIA ***** 678.17 2577.001634 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 9506919000 "1.Inventar for physical training, gymnastics or athletics, horizontal art.X301-1sht Bench, Adjustable Bench art.X302-4sht, Lava Scott art.X303M-1am; horizontal bench for bench art.X304-1sht; Adjustable Bench press art.X311-1sht, combined machine art.X312-1sht, Bench universal art.X314-1sht bench, squat rack for art.X309.1-1sht, horizontal hyperextension art.X319-1sht, squat frame art.X316- 1pc, dumbbell rack at 0.5-10 kg art.X403-1sht, Stand by art.X404-2sht discs, dumbbell rack at (10 pairs) art.X409-1sht, dumbbell plastic / chrome 0.5 kg art.ST541-0,5 -2sht, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 1 kg art.ST541-1-2sht, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 2 kg art.ST541-2-2sht, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 3 kg art.ST541-3-2sht, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 4 kg art.ST541-4- 2 pcs, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 5 kg art.ST541-5-2sht, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 6 kg art.ST541-6-2sht, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 7 kg art.ST541-7-2sht, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 8 kg art.ST541-8-2sht, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 9 kg art.ST541-9-2sht, Dumbbell plastic / chrome 10 kg art.ST541-10-2sht; Hunt " RUSSIA ***** 1864 2017.473579 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3209100000 "1.ALASKA Interior paint for walls and ceilings" "TRIORA" "Active - 430sht. (P / bucket), GOST EN 13300: 2012BRAZIL Interior paint for bedrooms and living rooms" "TRIORA" "Active - 330sht. (p / bucket), GOST EN 13300: 2012SPAIN Exterior "" TRIORA "" Active- 438sht. (p / bucket), GOST EN 1062-1: 2012CHILE Universal acrylic prime "" TRIORA "" Active- 384sht. ( p / e canisters), TU 24.3-21875464-095: 2012 "" TR-31 ultra "" interior paint for ceilings ultrabila "" TRIORA "" Prof - 96sht. (p / bucket), GOST EN 13300: 2012 "" TR-41 protect "" Exterior latex durable "" TRIORA "" Prof - 288sht. (p / bucket), GOST EN 1062-1: 2012Produktsiya acrylic-based polimeriv.Rozchynena in water seredovyschi.Kolor in stock (pack. №59 letter from 26.04.2017r.) are not packaged in aerosol upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk LLC PE "" ZIP "" Ukraine. " RUSSIA ***** 16343.9 12338.5137 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 305420000 "Samples of fish products: fish smoked in stock: -Oseledets s / a vacuum under the weight of a net 0,288kh.-smoked Sprat ukorobochky packed in 200g, 1pc, a net weight 0,200kh.Firma Production LLC" "Universal Fish Company "". Country of-UA.Torhova brand: No. Labeling: name, manufacturer, net weight, date vyhovlennya, shelf life, storage temperature. " GREECE ***** 0.488 1.3166009 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 305410000 "Samples of fish products: Salmon fillet smoked piece vacuum -1sht 180 g. Net weight: 0,180kh.Firma Production LLC" "Universal Fish Company. '" Country of UA.Torhova-mark: "" Norven " . "Labeling: name, manufacturer, net weight, date vyhovlennya, shelf life, storage temperature." GREECE ***** 0.18 4.1347799 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 305399090 "Samples of fish products: -Oseledets ff / s under vacuum, net weight 0,320khFirma Production LLC" "Universal Fish Company. '" Country of-UA.Torhova Brand: No. Labeling: name, manufacturer, net weight, date vyhovlennya, shelf life, storage temperature. " GREECE ***** 0.32 0.7725509 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 305493000 "Samples of fish products: -Skumbriya x / k / g under vacuum, net weight 0,770kh.Firma Production LLC" "Universal Fish Company. '" Country of-UA.Torhova Brand: No. Labeling: name, manufacturer, net weight, date vyhovlennya, shelf life, storage temperature. " GREECE ***** 0.77 2.5679159 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3814009019 "1.Rozridzhuvach universal TM" "Mahima" "(TU 24.4-32318370-012: 2011) is ready touse. Made from IAC Lola, not aerosol upakovtsi.Pryznach enyy dlyarozridzhennya and removing lacquers and paints etc., packaged vpet.butylku 0 to 5 LA-36 units. " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 15.12 29.16 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 3707909000 "1.Tonery compatible laser printers (without cartridge): TONER LJP1005 / P1505 / P1102 80 g bottle T125-S TTI, art.TS-EL-HP-125-S-080-100sht.Torhivelna mark TTI.Vyrobnyk Trend Tone Imaging, Inc. Universal TONER ML-1710/1610/1660/19 10FLAKON 1kg (HG192) art.TS-HG-HG192-1-10sht, Universal TONER ML-1710/1610/1660 / October 19 vials of 100 g (HG192) , art.TS-HG-HG19 2-100sht, Universal TONER LJ LJ 1010/1200/1160 / P4015 FLAKON100 g (HG206), art.TS-HG-H G206-100 -40sht; TONER LJ Universal LJ1010 / 1200/1160 / P4015 bottle 500 g (2x250 g) (HG206), t.TS al-HG-HG206-500-20sht, Universal TONER LJ LJ 1010/1200/1160 / P2015 bottle 1 kg (HG221), art.TS-HG- H G221-1 -40sht, Universal TONER LJ LJ 1010/1200/1160 / P2015 FLAKON100 g (HG221), and t.TS-HG-H G221-100- 100 pieces. TONER LJ Universal LJ1010 / 1200/1160 / P2015 12x833 g in vials SERVICE PACK (HG221), art.TS-HG-HG221-10SP- 5pcs, Universal TONER LJ LJ 1010 / 1200/1160 / P2015FLAKON 2 kg (HG221), art.TS-HG-H G221-2- 20pcs; TONER LJ P1005 / 1606 PL " ARMENIA ***** 429.463 3200.9698 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 3925300000 "1.Skladovi parts and add-on layer weight, designed for assembly and management mechanisms I vertical and horizontal blinds them. TU U28.7-24905094-001-2003 trade name: dystantsyy corrector 10 mm 89 mm Derzhateltkany of the Main behunok Gruz 127 mm without fabric metal fabric Gruz Gruz bezmetalla 89 mm cord Lower tsepochka 127 mm Tsep Control Stop RING ValykZahlushka Bel (Upper) Cap prozrachnaya (Upper) Lower Cap dlyafyksatsyy (Bel) Lower Cap for fyksatsyy (see.) Handle Mechanism Kryuchoktrosty cane twists and uderzhanyya Basket Tube cane plastmassovaya (Bel) Cork plastmassovaya (prozrachnaya) LUG (klypsa) Fyksatorunyversalnыy (white) Fyksator Universal (prozrachnыy) Kolokolchyk (white) Kolokolchyk (prozrachnыy) Holder chain management Otves chain management Tsepupravlenyya 4.2 mmVyrobnyk LLC "" Master Suite "" Country of origin: UA " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 3796.85 4973.14 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 305399090 "Sun-dried fish in stock: dried Alaska pollack fillets (strips) packed in packages of polietylenivi 0,030kh packed in 270 cardboard boxes, each with 20 polyethylene paketiv.Zahalna Packets 5400sht.Chysta net weight: 162kh.Putasu dried (strips) packed in packages of polietylenivi 0,030kh packed in 135 cardboard boxes, each with 20 polyethylene paketiv.Zahalna packets 2700sht. net net weight: 81kg. The manufacturer: Open Company "" Universal Fish Company. ' "trademark TM "" IKROFF "" / TM "" IKROFF "". Country of-UA. Labeling: name, manufacture to, net weight, dimensional number, date of manufacture, shelf life, storage temperature. " GERMANY ***** 243 3970.498551 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8545200090 "1." "BRUSH 19.7h5.9h5.9 mm '' - 100 pieces. (Symbol: 5BM.560.001, BRUSH graphite INTENDED FOR SERIES SWITCHES UNIVERSAL UP5400, produced for that 16-524.083-72, general technical purposes, VESSELS FOR CIVIL USE) by the manufacturer - no data, TRADEMARK -VIDSUTNYA, country of production - no data, goods packaged in a wooden box. DISC names and labels. " INDIA ***** 1 1337 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 3401190000 "1.Mylo solid economic, trade mark," "second" "in the form of bars, packaged in ekopak 135h x 4 pieces per pack, 12 packs in 1 box:" "For cleaning and stain removal" "- 720up (60yasch) "" For laundry with whitening effect "" - 360up (30yasch), "" For delicate washing and sensitive skin "" - 360up (30yasch) Liquid household solid brand, "" second "" in the form of bars, pack ekopak x 135h to 4 pieces per pack, 21 pack in one box, "" Classic universal "" - 1050up (50yasch). Products produced by LLC "" Slobozhanskiy soap-boiler. ' "Country of origin - UA." RUSSIA ***** 1344.6 1771.772281 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 4811900000 "1. Tape paper for universal termodrukuyuchyh devices without vmistuvolokon received tahimikomehanichnym mechanical way, layer weight 1m2 - 55h, Brand - Ukrainian papir.Vyrobnyk - OOO '' Ukrainian paper" "Country of origin - UA." MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 19466 36008.25955 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 3916200090 1. poz.1 70204-2S-WSWSW-TR Door leaf sistema_70mm white 106 mm - 71.5 m., Pos.2 6734.06-S-WSWSW-TR Shtulp / 65mm white door with a seal (RSU) - 136,5m. , poz.4 76509-S-WSWSW glazing bead 48 mm 1 seal - 1950 m., poz.776509-S-F5F55 glazing bead 48 mm 1 black seal - 650 m., poz.870204-2S-F6F6 = 374KBKB Door leaf 106 mm Sistema_70mm Dekor brown - 227,5m., poz.9 70401-S-F6F6B Shtulp 64 mm Sistema_70mm brown seal 1 (PCE) - 136,5 m., poz.10 G146 ---- S universal sealing 4 mm - 800 m., shaped PVC profiles for windows and doors, made in the process of odnomurobochomu seal having a constant cross-lane eriz on vsiydovzhyni not rozsverdlenni not frezerovanni. Used for window units tadvernyh trademark KBE systems Elita Optim a, Classica B and Balans.Zastosovuyutsya in residential and public budivnytstvi.Vyrobnyk: Profine Gmbh.Krayina production: DE MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 1381.119 3750.129911 View Exporter

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