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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 8481900000 PART 1.ZAPASNI the valve, valve boxes -Korpus TsND.Vyhotovleni of different materials, cast iron and steel with polymer uschilnyuvachamy.Pryznacheni to install compressors on the type of PC and PKSD. KAZAKISTAN ***** 21.6 43.68 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7307991090 "1.Fitynhy for pipes and tubes of iron or steel, with image rizboyu.-fittings 10, (M18x1,5) 90DK1018-30sht., 10, (M18x1,5) DK1018-100sht., 10, (M20x1,5) DKM1020-100sht., 12, (M22x1,5) DKM1222-100sht., 12, (M22x1,5) 90DKM1222-50sht., 12, (M24x1,5) DK1224-50sht., 12, (M24x1,5) 90DK1224- 50sht., 16, (M27x1,5) DKM1627-50sht., Du.16 DK (M27h1,5) -50sht., 20, (M30x2) DK2030 -50sht., 20, (M30x2) 90DK2030 -50sht., 20 (M33x2) DK2033 -50sht., 20 (M33h2) 90DK2033-50sht., 25, (M36x2) DK2536 -50sht., Du.6 DK (M12x1,5) 90 ° -30sht. 6 (M14x1,5) DK0614 -100sht. 6, (M16x1,5) DK0616 -100sht., 8, (M16x1,5) 90DK0816-80sht., 8, (M18x1,5) DK0818 -100sht., 25, 1 "" DKR25.1C - 30sht., 25 (1 "") DKRF25.1C-20pcs., Du.6 DKOL (M12x1,5) (L6) -100sht., Du.6 DKOL (M14x1,5) (L8) -30sht., DN .6DKOL (M14h1,5) (L8) 90 ° -50sht. - choke 12 M24x1,5 CES1224 -30sht., 12 M24h1,5 in / k60 * AGM1224 -30sht., 25 M36x2CEL2536 -30sht.Vy robnyk Ltd. "" Plant hidroarmatury "" Country of UA " GEORGIA ***** 175.35 1274.999128 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7326909890 "1.Vyroby of iron or steel, swivel bracket EABR.301568.001 for mounting devices on the panel with the ability to rotate the side or bottom, steel, brand 08KP - 42 pcs., Planck (plug) 250 EABR.745512.039 that is attached to the corps block, in the absence of it exits roz`yemy, steel (140h6mm) brand 08KP x / c 1.5 mm - 2 pcs., Planck (plug) 404 EABR.745512.037 that is attached to the corps unit in case no it exits at roz`yemy, steel (140h8mm) brand 08KP x / c 1.5 mm - 8 pcs., trademark RZA SYSTEMZVyrobnyk Ltd. "" Truck "" Country of UA " RUSSIA ***** 34.6 350.1765986 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7306900000 "1.Vyroby of iron or steel: hollow pipes are used in construction, drainpipes 90 4000 RR20 / bila- 50 pieces, drainpipes 90 4000 RR33 / black 50 sht.Vyrobnyk: RUUKKITorhivelna Brand: RUUKKIKrayina vyrobnytstva- EU" AZARBAIJAN ***** 528 1276.3413 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 6903909000 "1.TRUBA lined stone molding LMT-CASTING MARHANTSEVYSTE Trumpet - D.ZOVN. = 1020mm, L-5500mm -2SHT.KRESLENNYA: LMT1020.900.50SB, -VIDVOD lined stone molding LMT-CASTING MARHANTSEVYSTE Pipe: - D .ZOVN. = 1020mm, angle of 30 degrees -1SHT.KRESLENNYA: HF1020.R3060.50SB - D.ZOVN. = 1020MM, angle of 90 degrees -1SHT.KRESLENNYA: HF1020.R1530.50USB, TU 23.2-37525685-001: 2012.NAYMENUVANNYA constituents lining LMT: -DIOKSYD SILICON - 49% - calcium oxide - 17% - manganese - 17% - of alumina - 8% - magnesium oxide - 5% - iron oxide - 2%; -DOMISHKY - 2% .MASOVA SHARE IN CERAMICS elements constitute 72-76%, steel - 24-28%. Products INTENDED FOR: AS PARTS refractory lining. " RUSSIA ***** 12050 6617.372315 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7307998000 "1.Chastyny ​​Pump: Carbon steel sleeve, without thread: Labyrinth EPD062-10-4sht.Labirynt EPC062-10-8sht.Trubne knee assembly EDS100-B38-14 -1sht.Kolino EDS100-B38-15-1sht. Materia iron NT200 (SCH20), QT700-2 (VCH70) trademark Excellence.Krayina production CN.Vyrobnyk "" Excellence Pump Industry Co. "". " RUSSIA ***** 69.2 1135.9764 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7307998000 "1.Chastyny ​​Pump: Carbon steel sleeve, without thread: Labyrinth EPE062-10-4sht.materia iron NT200 (SCH20) trademark Excellence.Krayina production CN.Vyrobnyk" "Excellence Pump Industry Co." "." RUSSIA ***** 6.4 121.8671999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7326909890 1. Technological equipment for major repairs of Ai-20M aircraft engines. Ser.6: Iron or steel products: У6072-1765 Clip for measuring the frequency of own piles-1 st., У6072-0477 Clip for vibration installation of blades-1pc., RUSSIA ***** 0.884 1443.93 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8708999798 "1.Zapasni units of tractor and agricultural tehnitsi.Vazhil left pin, plug timber, plug pendants, finger (swing axle) of the front beam - made of steel rods by machining circular cross peretynu.Pryznacheni rear mounting assembly for automotive engineering. Arms generator ; Planck generator - made of cast iron by casting with subsequent machining. Designed for attaching generator for motor and belt tension adjustment according heneratora.Vyhotovleni vyrobnyka.Vyrobnyk drawings: FOP butler D.S.Krayina production: UA. " KAZAKISTAN ***** 19.86 107.87 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8403109020 1.Aparaty solid fuel boilers, heating dlyatsentralnoho with vodyanymkonturom with dymopovitryanym blokompotuzhnistyu no more than 100kW, made of steel, ferrous metals, iron Nez, not of metal: KORDI-10 potuzhnistyu10kVt number of 10pc., KORDI-14 potuzhnistyu14kVt number 30sht., KORDI-16 potuzhnistyu16kVt number 8pcs., KORDI-20 potuzhnistyu20kVt number 20pcs., KORDI-26 power 26kVt number 5pcs., KORDI-30 power 30kVt number 2 pcs., LITHUANIA ***** 12485 16748.03519 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7217103900 "1.Drit steel of general purpose, thermally treated of mass of the carbon content less than 0.25%: - 1,2mm diameter (d = 1,2mm wire), carbon steel coils SAE1006,25 Net Weight 9880 3272 kh.DEST -74. 3mm-diameter (wire d = 3 mm) carbon steel coils SAE1006,12 net Weight 7000 kh.DEST 3282-74.Material iron-making ruda.Torhivelna mark - vidsutnya.Krayina production - UA.Vyrobnyk -Comrade " "TD Dives" ", LLC" "Metal Market" "" MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 16880 9525.24 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7217203000 "1.Drit carbon steel, heat treated, coated with a carbon content of mass less than 0.25%: - of low carbon steel SAE 1006, 3,0mm diameter (wire maintenance zincked. D = 3,0mm), 6 bays Net Weight 4080 khDEST 3282-74.Material iron-making ruda.Torhivelna mark - vidsutnya.Krayina production - UA.Vyrobnyk -PAT "" Dneprometiz "" " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 4080 3100.8 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7304291000 "1.Truby of iron or steel, seamless, hot d-chekatani, pump-compressor with their land a-ends and clutch for them, EU, R2, made without metalobruh Univ. Designed exclusively for civil vykorystannya.Dovzhyna R2. Steel grade P110 . Orders MEO17 / 0032. Standard API Spec 5CTJuly 2011, PSL1. outside diameter and wall thickness: 7,01mm 73.02 *-3mists, 6012kh gross weight, net weight 5920kh.Ne suitable for use as reactor tubes of high tysku.Vyrobnytstvo- Ltd. '' Interpipe Niko Tube "," Ukraine. The country vyrobnytstva- Ukraine, UA. No trade mark. Marking turban and the producer. " TURKEY ***** 5920 5640.4 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7306619900 1. Pipes electric hollow of iron or steel, carbon steel square cross section steel grade St3psrozmir (external dimension AXA * wall thickness * length mm) 100h100h5h12000 120h120h3h12000 MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 38850 21756 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7306619200 1. Pipes electric hollow of iron or steel, carbon steel - square cross-section St2psrozmir grade steel (outer size of AXA * wall thickness * length mm) 20h20h1,8h6000 40h40h1,8h6000- rectangular cross section St2psrozmir grade steel (outer size AhV * thickness * wall length, mm) 40h25h1,8h6000 MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 21020 12086.5 View Exporter

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