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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 1005900000 "1.Zernovi crops (corn), ISO 4525: 2006, harvest 2016 neklassnogo, moisture, 14.0% Foreign material, 3.0% Grain admixture -38.0% -57.0% Weight net, gross - 220,275 kh.Torhova brand: no danyh.Vyrobnyk PE "" Galicia organic. ' "Country of Ukrayina.UA" POLAND ***** 220275 27534.38 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 1005900000 1.Zerno corn for industrial re- robky, harvest 2016 year- 241,550 kg. DSTU4525: 2006, GMO. LITHUANIA ***** 241550 27536.7 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 1005900000 1.Zerno corn for industrial re- robky, harvest 2016 year- 243,550 kg. DSTU4525: 2006, GMO. LATVIA ***** 243550 27764.7 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 1005900000 1.Zerno corn for industrial re- robky, harvest 2016 year- 239,150 kg. DSTU4525: 2006, GMO. LATVIA ***** 239150 27263.1 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 1005900000 1.Zerno neklassnogo corn for industrial processing 2016 crop. Without GMOs. ISO 4525: 2006. POLAND ***** 1059050 121790.75 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1008290000 1. Requests the red, yield 22t-2016. ISO: 5026: 2008 Humidity: 12.1% Zernovadomishka 3.2% Foreign material: 0.56% used for industrial processing. BELGIUM ***** 22000 3710.420999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8437800000 "1.Obladnannya zernovyhchy for processing dried leguminous vegetables: Mill LZM-6 pcs. Designed for podribnennyalaboratornyh samples zernasilskohospodarskyh cultures taproduktiv recycling of metoyupodalshoho determination of the yakosti.Zastosovuyetsya in laboratoriyahhlibopryymalnyh zernopererobnyhpidpryyemstv and agricultural andother organizations involved in the assessment of quality crops and products processing. it is not dual-use goods. Firm-vyrobnyk- PE "" Altair Plus "." Country of-UA. " BELARUS ***** 7.2 228 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 4421909100 "1.Vyroby of fiber board, folding board -4sht.Pryznachena laboratory analysis of samples and for separation of insects and mites used in the analysis as flour, cereals, grains zernopriёmnyh in laboratories and processing plants. Firm-vyrobnyk- PE" "Altair Plus "". Country of-UA. " BELARUS ***** 6.5 32 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1104291700 1.Zerno cereals, wheat trimmed, cut, nerizane, not broken, polished, refined with millet, millet polished, hatunokvyschyy 22000kh. HUNGARY ***** 22000 6942.077998 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1104291700 "1. Grains of other cereals, processed, Manna is a core nucleus ochyscheneshlyahom peeling of membranes: - buckwheat" "Zernovyta" "steamed, packed in 1 kg packing ..--1600 Manna millet" "Zernovyta "" millet varieties, packaged in 1-kg 800upak .. Krupapryznachena for food purposes such as human consumption. " SPAIN ***** 2400 2080.447199 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1104290400 "1. cereals, such as barley, processed, Manna is a core nucleus purified by peeling of membranes: - Pearl barley" "Zernovyta" "with spring barley, pack of 1 kg-800 packing .. Dlyaprodovolchyh purposes such as human consumption. " SPAIN ***** 800 278.5535999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1103119000 "1.Krupa manna" "Zernovyta" "from soft wheat varieties, packed in 1 kg-800 packing. For food purposes such as human consumption." SPAIN ***** 800 304.6679999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1101001500 "1.Boroshno wheat from soft wheat of Ukrainian origin, highest quality, in 25 kg bags under GATS 46.004-99, total net weight 24000 kg 960 polipropylenovyh bags; trade mark: No dannyhVyrobnyk PJSC" "state food -ZERNOVA CORPORATION UKRAINE "" Country of origin - Ukraine UA " SOMAALIA ***** 24000 4968 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1008290000 "1.Zernovi crops: millet, food, not sivby.Vrozhayu 2016." "Net weight", "net 49500 khKrayina production Ukraine, UA.Vyrobnyk: no danyh.Torhovelna Brand: No data." EGYPT ***** 49500 3866.568056 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1005900000 1.Zerno corn harvest 2016. For industrial processing, not GMO. ISO 4525: 2006. LITHUANIA ***** 1130100 126571.2 View Exporter

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