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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Apr/2017 6812999090 1. Stuffing asbestos Graphitized with oil (AP) (300 ° C) as the cord is twisted in a skein, Size: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 mm. Ingredients: Asbestos - 60%, mineral oil - 17%, worked motor oil - 18% graphite - 5%. Operating temperature: 300 Celsius degrees Stuffing asbestos Graphitized with oil, reinforced with brass wire (APR) (300 ° C) as the cord is twisted in a skein. Size: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26 mm. Ingredients: Asbestos - 55%, oil - 35% graphite - 5%, brass wire - 5%. Operating temperature: 300 Celsius degrees Stuffing asbestos Graphitized without oil (Agha) (600 ° C), as the cord is twisted in a skein. Size: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 mm. Ingredients: Asbestos - 70% lime carbonate (CaCO3) - 25% graphite - 5%. Operating temperature: 600 Celsius degrees Cord asbestos dust-free (SHAON) (450 ° C) as the cord is twisted in the skein. Size: 5.6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 28, 30 mm. Ingredients: Asbestos - 70% CaCO3 (lime carbonate) - 30% .Robocha temperature of 450 Celsius degrees Stuffing asbestos dust-free square (AU) (450 ° C) as the cord is twisted in a skein. Size: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 28, 30 mm. Ingredients: Asbestos - 65% CaCO3 (lime carbonate) - 35%. Operating temperature: 450 Celsius degrees Gaskets AP, APR, Agha, AC filler used as stuffing chambers for the purpose of sealing the moving and fixed joints of various machines and devices. Fibers and dust-free asbestos dust is used as a heat-resistant, thermal insulation material in various fields of technology in operating environments of gas, steam, water and oil. CHINA ***** 19770 19284.63237 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 8544601098 1.Providnyky Electric voltage 000V than 10, with copper conductors, wires high voltage 30kv DC awg14 2.0mm2 41 / 0.25 OD: 8.2 ± 0.3mm red - 3000metrov. (Conductor: luzhenaja copper Insulation: Silicone rubber, secheniye 2.0mm2, 41 living diameter of 0,25mm diameter 1,9mm., insulation thickness 3.0mm., the outer diameter insulated 8.2 + -0.3mm., At20C 9.9Om / km.) Cable high voltage 60kv DC awg14 2.0mm2 41 / 0.25 OD : 14.5 ± 0.3mm red - 1000metrov. (conductor: luzhenaja copper insulation: silicone rubber, secheniye 2.0mm2, 41 lived with a diameter of 0.25 mm diameter 1,9mm., insulation thickness 6.1mm., the outer diameter insulated 14.5 + -0.3mm., At20C 9.9Om / km.) About to apply for secondary tsepi in high voltage transformers, lighting. Country of origin: CN.Vyrobnyk: WUXI CHINAWYE INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Trademark: WIRES & CABCLES. . CHINA ***** 490 8600.000158 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 7616999000 "1.Trubky aluminum unused under pressure for clearance sales outlets include: tube-holder with universal holder for T-wire korzynuCROCS- FIX-T art.102116-1350sht., Aluminum pipe 20h1,5 (3 meters) art.101057 -3000-2sht., aluminum tube ALUTUBE 9x1 3000 mmart.101050-3000-30sht., telescopic tube aluminum TEL-ALUTUBE 1100-1400 mmart.101008-9-1300sht., telescopic tube aluminum TEL-ALUTUBE 600-900 mmart.101007 -9-740sht., Trademark - Europos HRUPPVyrobnyk - the company "" Europos GROUP "". " RUSSIA ***** 325.6 4630.332284 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8536901000 "1.Z'yednuvachi and contact elements for wires and cables for cars: AH-736 Terminal Accumulators summer '' - '' bolted connections led sech.16mm2latun, M6 + M6 -10sht. AH-738 Terminal Accumulators summer '' - '' bolted connections pidprovod sech.16mm2 brass, M6 + M8 -10sht. AH-740 Terminal Accumulators summer '' - '' bolted connections led sech.25mm2, brass, M6 + M8 -10sht. 735 AH-Klemaakkumulyatorna summer "" + "" bolted connections led sech.16mm2 brass, M6 + m6-10sht. AH 737 Terminal Accumulators summer "" + "" bolted connections under provodsech. 16mm2 brass, M6 + M8 -10sht. AH-739 Terminal Accumulators summer "" + "" Boltovez'yednannya led sech.25mm2, brass, M6 + M8 -10sht. 381 AH-contact hnezdovoyseriyi 2.8 (with fiksatsiyey) -400sht. AH-383 Series Contact hnezdovoy 6.3-400sht. AH-385 Series Contact hnezdovoy 6.3 (with fiksatsiyey) -500sht. 388 AH-Kontaktkoltsevoy diameter. 5.2 mm, 100 pieces. AH-390 Contact koltsevoy diameter. 8.2 mm-300sht. AH-389 Contact koltsevoy diameter. 6.2 mm, 100 pieces. AH Contact shtyrovoy -384 series 6.3-500sht. AX-386 series shtyrovoy Co. ntakt 6.3 (with fiksatsiyey) -300sht.Torhovelna Brand: CARGENKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" axiom "" " RUSSIA ***** 9.35 171.7257003 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8544499100 "1.Wires are insulated, electric, for voltage 12В, not equipped with connecting devices, with a diameter of conductor conductors over 0,51 mm, to cars: АХ-350 ПВАМ 0,75кв.мм, 5м б / Pack-10pcs AX-355 PVAM wire 1.5kv.m, 10mb / pack-10pcs AX-354 wired PVAM, 5m b / package-10pcs AX-352 wired PVM , 5m b / pack-10pcs. AX-359 wire PVM 2,, 10m b / pack-10pcs. Trade mark: CARGENProduct: RU Manufacturer: OOO "Axioma". " RUSSIA ***** 5.99 76.08751812 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8528594000 1 Liquid crystal display flat screen that produced the technology of liquid crystal displays, color image, equipped train to connect the machine to remove insulation from electric wires, contains in its structure devices Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, dimensions - height 77 mm, width 105 mm, thickness 5 mm, for a voltage of 24 V, nom.zam.51000458A - 1pc. New. For their production needs. . GERMANY 1 0.04 235.2797792 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8544429098 1.Chastyny ​​household washing machines SATURN brand, new, electrical grounding wires (L = 460 mm, 1h0,75mm2), for a voltage of 220 V, with connecting tip - 10,000 units. - often. 1250 kor.Torhovelna mark - no danyh.Firma- manufacturer - no danyh.Krayina production - CN. . CHINA ***** 86.31 359.999884 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 7318151090 "1. Screws, ferrous metals, with rizboyu, carved from bars, rods, profilivabo wire, solid section, with core thickness not exceeding 6 (200) 10x140, LFM dowel for facade insulation, metal.tsvyah , termoholivka, "" WM "" -8000sht. art.LFM10180 (200) 10x180, LFM dlyateploizolyatsiyi facade dowel, metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" -6400sht. art.LFM10200 (200) 10x200, LFM dowel for facade insulation, metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" - 6400sht. art.LFM1022 0 (100) 10x220, LFM dowel for facade so eploizolyatsiyi, metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" -3000sht. art.LFM10260 ( 100) 10x260, LFM for insulated dyubelfasadnyy tion, of etal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" (100) 10x300, LFM plug FAS adnyy for insulation, metal.tsvyah, moholivka ter, "" WM "" -4000sht. art.LMX10090 (2 00) 10x 90, LMX dowel facade dlyatepl oizolyatsiyi, metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" W- M "" -9600sht. art.LMX10110 (200) 10x110, LM X dowel for facade insulation, metallic al.tsvyah, termoholivka , "" WM "" - 9600sht. ar t .LMX10120 (200) 10x120, LMX plug tion for facade insulation, metal.tsvyah, thermal head, "" WM "" -48000sht. art.LMX10160 (20 0) 10x160, LMX dyubelfasadnyy for heat insulation metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" -12800sht. " POLAND ***** 4434 7919.013321 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8544300098 1.Zapasni parts for cars-you high voltage ignition wires 10-12KVolt for internal combustion engines with spark ignition, isolated from the connecting ends: KT wires from terminals to start the engine, art.: MMT A022 200A- 1-t sht.k wires from terminals to start the engine, art.: MMT A022 900A-1 sht.Torhovelna mark MAMMOOTHVyrobnyk INTER CARS SAKrayina production PL. POLAND ***** 3.45 15.15216828 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 9019200000 1.Vyroby medical devices: Devices for oxygen, respiratory and aerosol therapy, artificial respiration reanimatsiyi.-art.1161000 (ADULT NASAL CANNULA STRAIGHT PRONG OVER EAR 1.8M TUBE) Adult nasal cannula ears, straight teeth, length 1.8m - 1000sht.-art.1174000 (OXYGEN tUBE, 1.8m) Oxygen tube, 1.8 m - 125sht.-art.8040065 (INTUBE tRACHEAL tUBE, cUFFED 6.5MM) cuffed endotracheal tube size 6.5 - 500sht.-art.8040070 (INTUBE tRACHEAL tUBE, CUFFE D 7.0MM) zmanzhetoyu endotracheal tube size 7.0 - 200sht.-art.8040075 (INTUBE tRACHEAL tUBE, CUFFE D 7.5MM) zmanzhetoyu endotracheal tube size 7.5 - 770sht.-art.8040080 (INTUBE tRACHEAL tUBE, CUFFE D 8.0 MM) endotracheal tube zmanzhetoyu size 8.0 - 5250sht.-art.8040085 (INTUBE TRACHEAL TUBE, CUFF ED 8.5MM) zmanzhet th endotracheal tube size 8.5 - 500sht.-art.8050035 (INTUBE TRACHEAL TUBE, UN-CU FFED 3.5MM) Endotrohealna tube size bezman Zhety 3.5 - 150sht.-art.8050040 (intube tracheal tube, cuff ed 4.0MM.) endotracheal tube ZMA nzhet th size 4.0 - 110sht.-art.8060050 (iNTUBE tRACHEAL tUBE, WIRE- REINFORCED CUFFED 5.0MM) Armovanaendotra healna tube size 5.0 - 10sht.-art.8080006 (INTERFORM iNTUBATING sTYLET 6FR) stylet tracheal INTERFORM 6Fr- 10sht.-art.8080010 (INTERFORM iNTUBATING sTYLET 10Fr) stylet tracheal INTERFORM 10Fr- 70sht.-art.8080014 (INTERFORM iNTUBATING sTYLET 14FR) stylet tracheal INTERFORM 14Fr- 40sht. R / P 12821/2013 from 02.07.2013r. Manufactured at the plant Suzhou Weikang Medical Apparatus Co.Ltd China.Vyrobnyk: Intersurgical Limited. Trade mrka: Intersurgical.Krayina production: CN. CHINA ***** 701.58 9922.338199 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8544429098 "1.Providnyky copper, insulated with connecting parts for voltage of 220 volts, united by a common insulated with PVC plastic, designed for mounting" "yednuvalnyh wires for household appliances, new - type Ca.BK 4G0,5 FR70R90 PE52B lg630 IDC, length 630 mm, with roses '' in volume at the end, cross-sectional area lived 0.5mm sq. m - 1500sht - type Ca.BK 3G0,75 H05V2V2-F PR62B lg1030 IDC, length 1030 mm, Rose '' in volume at the end, cross-sectional area of ​​0.75 mm live kv.- 560sht. Total: 2,060 sht.Dlya own production needs.. " ITALY ***** 95.5 2046.925564 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8544499500 "1.Provody isolated over 80v, but notmore 1000V diameter of a living providnykane 0.51 mm in coils, without the" "ednuvalnyh elements copper, stranded. (Not a drah.metaliv) .- cable assembly bohatozhylnyy: MKSH 3H0, 50 - 0,780km.3buht.MKShnh (A) 2H0,50 - 1,030km.5buht.MKЭShnh (A) 3H0,50 - 0,610km.2buht.MKЭShnh (A) 4H0,50 - 0,750km.3buht.-wire installation: HB 0,12-4 - 10,000km.1mishka. 0,20-4 HB - HB 29,960km.3mishok 0,35-4 -119,780km.14mishok MLTPЭ 0.50 - 0,837km 1mishok. MPO 0.12 - 8,000km 4mishok. MPO0,20 - 8,000km 6mishok.-wire communication for polvoy: P-274MI 2h0,50 - 40,000km.80buht.-wire board: BPDOЭ 0.35 - 1,685km mark 1mishok.Torhovelna " "Belaruskabel" ". Country of origin: BYVyrobnyk: OAO" "Belaruskabel". "." BELARUS ***** 1346 9285.849842 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8544499100 "1.Provody isolated over 80v, but notmore 1000V diameter of 0.51 mm providnykaponad lived in bays without the" "ednuvalnyhelementiv, copper, stranded. (Not a drah.metaliv) .- cable assembly bohatozhylnyy: MKЭSH 3H0,75 - 4,347km.2bar.MKЭSh 2H1,00 - 0,060km.1buht.MKShnh (A) 3h0,75 -0,620km.1bar. + 1buh.MKShnh (A) 10h0,75-0,660km.1bar.MKShnh (A) 14h0, 75-0,606km.1bar.MKЭShnh (A) 10h0,75-0,550km.1bar. MKЭShnh (A) 14h0,75-1,430km.2bar. control cable and data: MKЭShVnh (A) 1h2h0,75-0,880km .1bar.-strand flexible podvisnyy: KPVLS 18h1,00 - 1,069km.1bar, -provid stranded wires: 1,00-3 NV - 5,400km.1mishok MLTP 1.00 -2,000km .1mishok MLTP 4.00 - 0,150km.1mishok-translational guidance: PTPZH 2h0,6 - 5,000km.5buht PTPZH 2h1,2 - 7,280km.11buht-wire board: BPDO 6.00 - 0,643km mark 1mishok.Torhovelna " "Belaruskabel" ". Country of origin: BYVyrobnyk: OAO" "Belaruskabel". "." BELARUS ***** 1843 9526.119871 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8517709000 "1.Chastyny ​​apparatus for transmitting / receiving / converting information in the wired communications service as part of a professional television studio, do not contain radio transmitters and receivers: Art.1040010, MADI-108 G2, Artist Madi Client Card, 8-port Artist client card to connect MADI signals via coax or fiber (optional, requires SFP MADI Modul, Item Nr. 1990002, 1990003, 1990047, not included); cascadeable client card for amaximum of 64 audio channels; connector type 2x BNC or LC duplex / 8- channel customer card MADI signals. Supports cascade connection of up to 64 channels in one MADI stream. It is intended to connect the audio panel panel data to remote panels or claim redachi multichannel audio signal to audio routers for fiber optic cable and koaksyolnym MADI channels - 2 sht.Art.1990002, SFP-MADI-MM-1310-7,5-155Mbps / 1 x LC - Duplex-Module for MADI in Artist, PMX, RockNet, MediorNet, 1310nm, 155 Mbit / s, opt. Budget 7,5dB (P-out = -23,5 to -14 dBm, P-in = -31 to - 8 dBm) / Duplex module for MADI, PMX , RockNet, MediorNet, 1310nm, 155 Mbps. Optical budget 7,5dB (P-timeout = -23.5 to -14 dBm, P s = -31 to -8 dBm); distance coverage depending on the attenuation of fibers used: 50 / 125mkm, fiber to bahatomodovoe: 2.000m (1.864mi), used for connecting board network device (switch, router, etc.) to the optical fiber network or in.drotu called "" connection. - 2 sht.Art.1990047, SFP-MADI-MM-1310-7,5-155Mbps, 1 x LC - Duplex-Module for MADI in Artist, PMX, RockNet, MediorNet, 1310nm, 155 Mbit / s, opt. Budget 7,5dB (P-out = -23,5 to -14 dBm, P-in = -31 to -8 dBm); Distance to cover depending on attenuation of fiber used: 50/125? M Multimode-Fiber up to: 2.000m (1.864mi). / Duplex module for MADI, PMX, RockNet, MediorNet, 1310nm, 155 Mbps. Optical budget 7,5dB (P-timeout = -23.5 to -14 dBm, P s = -31 to -8 dBm); used to connect the audio panel / panel data to remote panels or for transmitting multichannel audio signal into sound routers - 2 sht.Art.1040006, CAT5-108 G2, Artist CAT5 Client Card, 8-port Artist client card for connecting Artist control panels via CAT5 cable; maximum cable length 300m (984 feet) with CAT5 FTP (4 * 2 AWG24); connector type RJ45. / Client card with 8 ports for connection of Artist control panels for installation in a product line matrix switches Artist CAT5 cable; Maximum cable length 300 m (984 ft) for CAT5 FTP (4 * 2 AWG24); Connector type RJ45. - 1 sht.Art.1290020, SPX-AES, AES3 Modul for the RSP2318 SmartPanel, Expansion module for the expansion slot in the RSP Smartpanel plattform. The module offers an AES3 interface (BNC and RJ-45 Connector), that allows connectivity to Riedel Digital Intercom Matrices via AES3. / Expansion Module Series RSP smart panel for connecting digital matrix called "" RIEDEL communication interface AES3 (BNC and RJ-45). - 1 sht.Art.1930024, MN-HD-6, SDI video input / output card, BNC 6: 1 + 2 Video In, 3 + " GERMANY ***** 2.315 13862.72628 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8311900000 1.Wire, rods, tubes, plates, electrons and similar articles of non-precious metal with flux fillings for soldering: Solder Sn60Pb40, D 1 mm, 50 g, plain copper coil art. 913335-1000pcs. Trademark: SPARTA Production Line: CN Producer: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH. CHINA ***** 54.4 1064.696755 View Importer

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