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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Apr/2017 1511909900 "1. Palm olein WFD. The content of free fatty acids of 0.08% moisture content, volatile matter and impurities is 0.03%, peroxide number 2 (mэkv / kg) Iodine number - 56.7 hI2 / 100g., melting temperature 23.4 C production Country: (MY) MalayziyaVyrobnyk: MEWAHOLEO INDUSTRIES SDN BHDTorhovelna brand: No data. ". MALAYSIA ***** 120000 98699.99996 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 2710122500 "1. A light distillate, gasoline special n-Hexane, density at 15 hr.Tselsiya - 0.6717 g / cm3; initial boiling point - 65.4 hr.Tselsiya; final boiling point - hr.Tselsiya 68.4; H hexane - 62.83% cyclohexane - 0.10% n-heptane - 0% C6-alkanes and -26.89% methyl-cyclo-pentane -10.06% Total aromatic - 0.0005% benzene - 5 mg / kg, color (Hazen) - 10; appearance - clear without sediment, sulfur content - 0.5 mg / kg Content rubber - <0.6 mg / 100sm3; bromine content - 0,002 GbR / 100g, water - free ; Doctor test - negative; free of anti-knock additives. Bulk. 19800kh.1000 number of liters in liters, reduced to temp atury hr.Tselsiya 15 - 29.477. " HUNGARY ***** 19800 17499.14289 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 3904100000 1. PVC in primary forms are not mixed with other materials made suspension method, brand PVC-C-5868 RV, GOST 14332-78, packaged in bags 30kh- 666sht- 19980 kg. Party №1272. Appearance-homogeneous white powder koloru.Znachennya K-59 Bulk plotnist- 0,59h / cm3.Zalyshok after sifting on a sieve with a mesh №0063-100%. Weight pohlynannyaplasyfikatora g per 100g PVH- 18.8. Moisture and volatile rechovyn- .Masova 0.4% share of vinyl chloride, 0.10 million-1. Used in vyrobnytstviprofiliv, letters, with injection molding. . RUSSIA ***** 19980 20204.31876 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 3821000010 Cultural 1.Seredovyscha for growing microorganisms: nutritional seredovyschazahalnoho purpose: (M028) Peptone Water Peptonna water 500g art. M028-500G-2 pcs. (M044) Dextrose Broth soup 500g sugar art. M044-500G -1sht. (M065) Deoxycholate Citrate Agar deoxycholate-citrate agar 100g art. M065-100G -1sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purple 500hart. M083-500G -10sht. (M099) Simmons Citrate Agar agar Simmons citrate 500hart. M099-500G -8sht. (M104) Candida Medium Medium with bismuth for hrybivCandida 500g art. M104-500G -1sht. (M1418) HiCrome UTI Agar, Modified 500g art.M1418-500G -1sht. (M202) Cary - Blair Medium Base (Transport Medium w / o Charcoal) 500g art. M202-500G -2sht. (M204) Buffered Glycerol Saline Base, OsnovaFosfatnoho buffer with glycerol 500g art. M204-500G -1sht. (M314) Tinsdale AgarBase basis Tinsdalya agar 500g art. M314-500G -4sht. (M352) CLED Medium (with Andrade Indicator) Lactose-tsystyyovyy agar (indicator Andrede ibromt ymolovym blue) 500g art. M352-500G -1sht. (M450) Tryptose Blood Agar Basewith Yeast Extract basis tryptoznoho blood agar with yeast ekstraktom500h art. M450-500G -1sht. (M882) Diphtheria Virulence Agar Base 500g art.M882-500G -2sht. (M972) Bile Esculin Agar agar gall-eskulynovyy 500g art.M972-500G -2sht. FD006) Campylobacter Supplement-I (Blaser-Wang) dlyakampilobakteriy additive, and art. FD006-5VL -1sht. (FD018) Middlebrook OADC GrowthSupplement art. FD018-1VL -6sht. (FD019) Middlebrook ADC Growth SupplementRostova additive for ADC Mycobacterium art. FD019-1VL -2sht. (M081) MacConkey Agarwith CV, NaCl and 0,15% Bile Salts AharMakKonki with Crystal and 0.15% of bile salts 500g art. M081-500G -4sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple BulyonMakKonki 500g of bromocresol purple art. M083-500G -6sht. (M130) Rogosa SLAgar, Agar Rogoza SL 500 grams art. M130-500G -20sht. (M198) Middlebrook 7H9 BrothBase basis Midlbruka 7H9 broth 500g art. M198-500G -1sht. (M199) Middlebrook7H10 Agar Base 500g art. M199-500G -1sht. (M770) Mannitol Motility Test MediumNapivridke medium with mannitol 500g art. M770-500G -1sht. (M826) Hugh LeifsonMedium Hugh medium-Leyfsona 500g art. M826-500G -1sht. (OD001) GI-plusupakovka 10 pieces of art. OD001-1PK -5sht. (RM002) Beef Extract Powder M'yasnyyekstrakt dry 500g art. RM002-500G-1am. (RM1049) Meat Peptone P Tire Meat peptone, Type R 500g art. RM1049-500G-1am. (FD014) Supplement (Perfringens TSC Supplement) Addition of tsykloserynomT.SC art. FD014-5VL -3sht. (FD068) Sulpha Supplement Selektyvnaya additive forallocation salmonellas art. FD068-5VL -5sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base 500g Osnovashokoladnoho agar art. M103-500G-1am. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purpurnym500h art. M083-500G -16sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base Base aharu500h chocolate art. M103-500G-1am. (M144) Columbia Blood Agar Base Base kolumbiyskoho blood agar 500hart. M144-500G -10sht. M463) Tryptone Broth (Tryptone Water) 500g art. M463-500G-1sh INDIA ***** 156.904 8551.590001 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 4805240000 "1 Cardboard for production of corrugated board, double layer, made of recycled paper, the fiber RECEIVED mechanically 100%, unpainted, uncoated, bleached, impregnated NOT KALANDROVANYY, not corrugated, in rolls, regenerated cardboard for flat layers: Mark" "Austroliner 3 "" density 135HR / m2, width 215 CM 23,489TN. (9 rolls), mARK "" 3 Austroliner Light "" The density of 100g / m2, width 235 cm-5,312TN. (2 rolls). Trade mark "" Austroliner 3 "", "" Austroliner 3 Light "". Brand "" HAMBURGER HUNGARIA LTD "". HU.. " HUNGARY ***** 28801 11188.71724 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3304990000 "1.Zasoby skin care (except medical) not containing ethanol, notin aerosol packaging does not contain ozone-depleting substances: Clay kosmetycheskayaKavkazskaya yzumrudnaya, restoring, co hornыh collection tselebnыh herbs 75g / 20pcs / -1000sht. Clay kosmetycheskaya Altayskaya Bela uvlazhnyayuschaya, 75g / 20pcs / -600sht.Hlyna kosmetycheskaya Siberian Green, pytatelnaya, co tselebnыh taezhnыhtrav collection, 75g / 20pcs / -400sht. Scrub Chocolate Podtyahyvayuschyy PE series "" Narodnыeretseptы "" 100 g / 15 pcs / boxing show - 600sht. kosmetycheskaya belayaKrыmskaya Clay, 100 g / 24sht -960sht. lin kosmetycheskaya Golubaya Azovskaya, 100g / 24sht-120sht. kosmetycheskaya Golubaya Baykalskaya Clay, 100 g / 24sht -816sht. Hlynakosmetycheskaya chernaya Kamchatskaya vulkanycheskaya, 100g / 24sht -816sht. Hlynakosmetycheskaya Dry Belaya Anapskaya, 100g / 40sht / -400sht. kosmetycheskayaKembryyskaya Clay 100g -1200sht . Clay kosmetycheskaya Dead sea 100g-1200sht. kosmetycheskaya mask "" Yzumrudnaya "" s romashkoy and melyssoy, 60g-1000pcs. kosmetycheskaya mask '' Cleopatra '' s mozhzhevelnykom and kalynoy, 60g-1000pcs. Tselebnaya clay Golubaya / mask kosmetycheskaya Dermalinea / 15ml -150sht.Maska for ovsyanaya Ochyschayuschaya series Faces People's recepty, 25 ml / 15sht. / Show-box 300sht.Torhovelna Brand: FytokosmetykKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" Fytokosmetyk "" " RUSSIA ***** 973.18 2383.1837 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 1704906100 "1.Kondyterski sugar products (pills) - 20 art.42005 JB ASST (DE / FR) 12-100g - 96kh. / 80 cases in 12h100hr. / 20 assorted flavors (blueberry, bubblegum, popcorn with butter, cotton candy , cantaloupe, coconut, green apple, juicy pear, lemon, licorice, peach, pina colada, pink hruypfrut, plums, strawberries). Ingredients - sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, acidity regulator, flavoring, concentrated puree peaches, mashed blueberry powder musk melon, coconut food colors (E 129, indihotyn, E133, sugar Kohler 4, E171), plum juice concentrate, lemon n D, glazing agents (beeswax, carnauba wax, shellak) juice concentrate pear juice concentrate passion fruit concentrate juice tangerine, mashed strawberry juice concentrate watermelon juice concentrate grapefruit juice apple juice cherries, ascorbic acid, salt, dextrin Tapioca - art.42009, Tropical Mix 100g - 24kh. / 20 cases in 12h100hr.) Tropical mix - blueberries, cantaloupe, coconut, pineapple, green apple, ki tu, lemon, lime, mango, peach, pina colada, hruypfrut, strawberries , daiquiri, mandarin, banana. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, concentrated puree peaches, mashed strawberries, mashed banana, acidity regulator (malic acid, sodium lactate, citric acid, sodium citrate), flavors, coconut, juice concentrate kiwi, lemon sauce, mashed mango , glazing agents (beeswax, carnauba wax, shellak) juice concentrate passion fruit concentrate juice tangerine, food coloring (curcumin, tartrazine, "" yellow "", which E129, indihotyn, E133, sugar Kohler 4, E171), juice concentrate mango, grapefruit, pineapple, musk powder melon, lime juice concentrate, ascorbic acid, dextrin tapioky.- art.42011 Sunkist Citrus mix 100g - 24kh. / 20 cases in 12h100hr.) Miks.- art.42010 Citrus Cocktail Classics 100g- 24kh. - a classic cocktail (Margarita, Mojito, Peach Bellini, pina colada, pomegranate cosmo, strawberry daiquiri) - / 20 cases in 12h100hr. / Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, mashed strawberries, acidity regulator, flavor, coconut concentrate lime juice, pomegranate juice concentrate, peach puree concentrate, glazing agents (beeswax, carnauba wax, shellak), food coloring, dextrin tapioky- art.42008 Frut mix 100g - 24kh. (20 cases in 12h100hr.) - art.79981 Smoothie Blend 50g. -24 kg. (10 cases in 48h50hr.) - a mixture of the band (cherry, passion fruit, orange, mango, mix fruit, pineapple, pear, strawberry, banana) Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, mashed orange flavors, mashed banana, concentrate juice passion fruit, acidity regulator (sodium lactate, citric acid, sodium citrate), food colorings (curcumin, tartrazine, "" yellow "", which E129, E133, E171, indihotyn) juice concentrate pear puree blueberries, glazing agents (beeswax , carnauba wax, shellak) - art.79979 Sours 50g - -24 kg. (10 cases in 48h50hr.) - art.42395 Hello kitti 6 Flavours Pouch Bag 90g - 32 " THAILAND ***** 285.36 4632.041041 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3904100000 1. PVC in primary forms are not mixed with other materials made suspension method, brand PVC-C-5868 RV, GOST 14332-78, packaged in bags 30kh- 666sht- 19980 kg. Party №1282. Appearance-homogeneous white powder koloru.Znachennya K-59 Bulk plotnist- 0,60h / cm3.Zalyshok after sifting on a sieve with a mesh №0063-100%. Weight pohlynannyaplasyfikatora g per 100g PVH- 18.0. Moisture and volatile rechovyn- .Masova 0.4% share of vinyl chloride, 0.26 million-1. Used in vyrobnytstviprofiliv, letters, with injection molding. . RUSSIA ***** 19980 20432.99536 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3403990010 "1. Castrol brand" "Castrol" "in packing 100gr., Art.18219062599-1pcs; Brand name -" Castrol "" Producer - "" Castrol "". " GERMANY ***** 0.112 7.175983142 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 2101110090 1.Kava soluble in primary packaging glass and soft, the other, art.476696 TCH Exclusive 50gx12-210 pieces. Art.476702 TCH Exclusive 100gx6-144 pieces. Art.464387 DAV RA 100gx6-250 pcs., Weight 362.4 kg brand: Tchibo brand GmbH.Torhivelna TchiboKraina mANUFACTURING CO. COLOMBIA ***** 362.4 6922.277948 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3507100000 "1.Bilkovi substances dry enzyme, renin koahulyuvannya for milk. Production date 19.04.2017 p. Renin (cheese, cottage cheese, cheese) (100g) -30sht. Total -30 packaging. Net weight of packaging pr - 4.20 kg. Net weight -3.000 kg. Country of BG. Trade mark "" Lactina "". brand "" Laktyna "" OOD.. " BULGARIA ***** 4.2 424.3590737 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3808919000 1. Plant protection products - insecticides: Kanonir Duo, SC (Arsenal Duo COP) imidacloprid 300g / l + lambda-cyhalothrin 100g / l (imidacloprid 300 g / l + lambda - tsyhalotryn 100 g / l), packed in plastic bottles of 1 liter and 10 bottles in cardboard boxes - 14280l - 1428 korobok.Vyrobnyk JIANGSU INSTITUTE oF ECOMONES CO., LTDTorhovelna mark Agrochemical manufacturing tehnolohiyiKrayina CN. CHINA ***** 16564.8 155651.9999 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 4805199000 "1.Papir fluting made from PE reroblenoyi paper, with vmistomvolokon obtained by mechanical means at least 60%. Single layer, not kalandrovanyy, unpainted, not steeped Special lnymy substances, not coated, bezm alyunku without perforation. The format of 2100mm, weight 100g / m2-4 rolls. The format of 2100mm, weight 125g / m2-3 rolls. The format of 2100mm, weight 140g / m2-8 ruloniv.Torhivelna marka- B-2.Vyrobnyk-Branch "" DBP "" Hero of labor "," profile " "Upravlyayuschaya holding company" "Beloruskye oboy" "Country of-Belarus.". BELARUS ***** 20684 8628.161329 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 1604200500 "1. Preparations of surimi: - crab sticks (surimi imitation of)" "Snezhnыy crab '' 250g - 5012up. (716 kart.yaschykiv by 7up.) - 1253kh.- crab sticks (surimi imitation of)" "crab Snezhnыy '' 150g - 3341up. (257 kart.yaschykiv to 13up.) - 501,15kh.- crab sticks crab meat 250g natural - 7098up. (1014 cards. yaschykivpo 7up.) - 1774,5kh.- crab sticks ( imitation of surimi) 100g - 5824up. (416 cards. boxes to 14up) - 582,4kh.- crab sticks (surimi imitation of) 200g - 15010up. (1501 cards. po10up boxes) - 3002kh.- crab sticks (surimi imitation of ) 240g - 6426up. (714 cards. 9up in boxes) - 1542,24kh.- surimi sticks Lubo There are 240g - 2097up. (233 cards. 9up in boxes.) - 503,28kh.- crab sticks (surimi imitation of) 500g - 10316up. (2579 cards. Po4up boxes.) - 5158kh.Torhovelna mark - VICI- crab sticks ( with surimi imitation) crab Krabыch 400g - 1080up. (135 kart.yaschykiv on 8up.) - 432kh.- crab sticks (surimi with imitation) crab Krabыch 200g - 4160up. (416 kart.yaschykiv to 10up.) - 832kh.Torhovelna mark - crab Krabыch Net weight - 15580,57kh Expiry date: 07 / 2017r.Vyrobnyk - ZAO "" Plunhes kooperatyne prekyba "" Country of origin - LT " LITHUANIA ***** 15580.57 38319.47088 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3822000000 1. Certified standard test specimens are intended for tuning the analytical device: NCS HC25651 (etalon carbon 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC14612 (tantaloneferex silicon 60gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC37603 (tantalum of pheromolybdenum 50gr) - 1 pc, NCSHC19604 (etalon of ferrotitanum 100gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC15601 (etalon ferrotitanum 50gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC18606 (etalon feroniiobium 50gr) 1pc, NCS HC93607 (etalon feroniotyyu 50gr) -1 str, NCS HC91017 (titalal boksita 100gr) -1 str, NCS HC91018 (etalon boxida 100gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC91019 (etalon boxida 100gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC14807 (etalon mullite 60gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC14808 (multin etalon 60gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC26801 (etalon powder non-continuous casting form 50gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC26802 (Etalon of powder non-direct casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC26803 (etalon of powder non-refractory molds of 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC26804 (etalon of powder of non-continuous casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCSHC26805 (etalon of powder of non-continuous casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14014a NCS DS14022 (tantalum of float spatula 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14023 (titalal flame spar 65gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14022 (tallon spatula 65gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC11001 (titanium of high purity iron100gr) -30šts, NCS HC26611b (etalon of manganese alloy flour 50gr) -1st, NCSHC28628 (titalal medium carbon ferment Manganese 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC14606 (italongone silicon silicon 60g) -1 pcs, NCS HC14604 (titanium ferroalloys 50gr) -1 pcs, NCSHC93611 (titanium of high-carbon ferrochromium 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC25635 (titanolnizecarbonaceous ferrochromium 50gr) -1 pcs. Manufacturer: NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Production Zone: CN. CHINA ***** 4.67 7902.5001 View Importer

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