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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
03/Apr/2017 3926300090 1.Zapasni made of plastic, and passenger / m Prospect Island group Renault, new art.7703077117 - clip-plast. 10pc. art.7703077435 - krepizh - clip-plast. 11sht. art.7700354948 - krepizh - Clip 2 pcs. art.7703079631 - krepizh-1am. art.8200438565 - krepizhplast.-2 pcs. art.397881539R - krepizh plast.-2 pcs. art.8200602716 - caps (PLAS) -1sht. art.7703081239 - Clamp-1am. art.7703077469 - krepizh - krepizh plast.-10pc. art.7703179014 - Clip 1 pc. art.7703179014 -klip-2 pcs. art.8200048938 - krepizh-2 pcs. art.217464725R - - krepizh-2 pcs. art.8200602227 - plate, 2 pcs. art.215868545R -vtulka-3pc. art.397880391R - plast. clip, 2 pcs. art.638756739R - - logo, 1pc. art.546131253R - Mudflap (KT) - deflector-1am. art.214982630R - deflector-1am. art.668224513R -zahlushka-1am. art.668229972R - plug-1am. art.668666795R - - 1sh t-deflector. art.684300002R - console-1am. art.808943012R -KRYSHKA loop (PLAS) -2sht. art.924732727R - plastic - plastic plate, 2 pcs. art.924732727R- plastic cover, 1 pc. art.924732727R - plastic - COVER Protective 1am. art.175750078R - krepizh-1am. art.8201313092- Mudflap (KT) -10sht. art.8201313092 - Mudflap (KT) -10sht. art.8201313092 -bryzkovyk (KT) -6sht. art.7711426164 - Mudflap (KT) -1sht. art.8200461531 -bryzkovyk-1am. art.638407725R - bok.nakladka-1am. art.622547542R - - plate-1pc. art.908510003R - 3pc-molding. art.908520001R -moldynh-1am. art.540340002R - krepizh-2 pcs. art.638402753R - - PIDKRYLOK-1am. art.638411852R - PIDKRYLOK-1am. art.7711425512 -kovpak-1am. art.960150010R - KT-deflection 1am. art.7701062877 -deflektor-1am. art.7701062876 - deflector-1am. art.850900005R - Krepizhplastykovyy-1sht.Krayina origin - FrantsiyaKrayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SAS FRANCE ***** 30.05 1270.635927 View Importer

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