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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
06/Apr/2017 5208520090 1.Zrazky stamped fabrics, plotnyanoho weave, containing 100% cotton, bezvorsu, the surface density of 163 (+/- 2.2) g / m2, the total width of 110 (+/- 0.6) cm., Impregnating and coating the naked the eye is not detected: Fabric (cotton) - 185Flowers fall - floral leaf (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 185 Flowers fall - floralleaf (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 185 Flowers fall - floral leaf (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 233 Out of town: apple farm (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 233 Out oftown: apple farm (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 221 Charming: sweet pond (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 221 Charming: sweet pond (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 221Charming: sweet pond (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 222 Charming: flamingo (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 222 Charming: flamingo (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 222Charming: flamingo (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 359 Wander about forest: titmouse (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 359 Wander about forest: titmouse (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 345 Constellation (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 345 Constellation (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 293 Wonderland: woodland (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 252 Cat's garden: cat'sgarden (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 252 Cat's garden: cat's garden (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 253 Cat's garden: Pink dot (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) -253 Cat's garden: Pink dot (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 253 Cat's garden: Pinkdot (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 302 Owl family: twinkle sky (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 347 Festival: forest lodge (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 347 Festival: forest lodge (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 346 Festival: red window (C20) -9m.Fabric (cotton) - 346 Festival: red window (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 301 Owlfamily: owl family (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 186 Flowers fall - from you (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 186 Flowers fall - from you (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) -350 A warm heart: scabiosa (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 350 A warm heart: scabiosa (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 259 Farm: farm (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) -399 Dachshund (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 399 Dachshund (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 351 A warm heart: diamondpollen (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 351 A warm heart: diamond pollen (C20) -9m.Fabric (cotton) - 358 Wander about forest: little flower (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 358 Wander about forest: little flower (C20) -9m. PF 14 - Wintertree: Snowing (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 356 World of space: universe (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 234 In the tropics: palm tree (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 341 Rainy day: rainbow (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 401 Moonlight (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 319 Alpaca (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 318 Lesser panda (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 219 Peaceful: woods (C20) -9m.Torhovelna Brand: DailyLikeKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: E2 collection CO., Ltd KOREA,REPUBLIC OF 4554 74.06 1761.388377 View Importer

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