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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 5903109090 "1. PVC fabric with a secondary coating for the production of bags 6750,00m April, (90ruloniv) including: 420D PVC №225 April 750,00m blue; 600D * 300D PVC color: №327haki 1500,00m April, №322 black 4500,00m April, Represent textile fabrics zsintetychnyh fibers coated with polyvinyl chloride in rulonah.Vyrobnyk: NINGBO MH INDUSTRY CO., LTD.Torhovelna brand: no danyh.Krayina production: CN.. " CHINA 6750 2411.99 6295.293942 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 8421990000 "1.Chastyny ​​equipment combined for piano iltruvannya.Chastyny ​​equipment dlyafiltruvannya air into the engine (combined: cardboard, paper vmetalevyh, plastic sheath, vstanovlyuyutsya the body and zachynyayutsyakryshkoyu), consumption (combined: metal, plastic netting in plastmasovomukarkasi, vstanovlyuyutsya the body and zachynyayutsyakryshkoyu ), oil (combined: cardboard Pape trench with metal.karkasom, vstanovlyuyutsya vkorpus and zachynyayutsya cover) to the a / m purpose: oil filtruyuchyyelement OX 386D ECO S0044-1sht, the air filter element LX 1957 S0044-1 unit, the air filter element LX 1983 S0044-5sht, fuel filter element KX204D S0044-1sht, the air filter element LX 2022 S0044-1sht; povitryafiltruyuchyy element LX 2046 S0044-3sht, the air filter element LX 2010S0044-1sht, fuel filter element KX 231D ECO S0044-6sht, oil filtruyuchyyelement OX 434D ECO S0044-18sht; oil filter cartridge OX 388D ECOS0044-17sht; oil filter cartridge OX 388D ECO S0044-9sht, oil filtruyuchyye cry OX 414D1 ECO S0044-10sht; Oil filter element OX 436D ECOS0044-2sht; Oil filter element OX 416D1 ECO S0044-6sht; Oil filtruyuchyyelement OX 420D ECO S0044-1sht; Oil filter element OX 420D ECO S0044-3sht, the air filter element LX 2870 S0044-1sht; Air filter element LX2808 / 1 S0044-2sht; Oil filter element OX 345 / 7D ECO S0044-2sht; povitryafiltruyuchyy element LX 1451 S0044-1sht; Air filter element LX 1605S0044-2sht; Air filter element LX 1617 S0044-1sht; Air filtruyuchyyelement LX 1482 S0044-1sht; Oil filter element OX 360D ECO S0044-3sht, fuel filter element KX 182D ECO S0044-10sht; Fuel filter element KX182 / 1D ECO S0044-6sht; Fuel filter element KX 182 / 1D ECO S0044-18sht; maslafiltruyuchyy element OX 339 / 2D ECO S0044-5sht; Air filter element LX 1457A0044-18sht; Oil filter element OX 175D ECO S0044-4sht; Air filtruyuchyyelement LX 978 S0044-1sht; Oil filter element OX 171 / 2D ECO S0044-6sht, the air filter element LX 1024 D0044-12sht; Air filter element LX568 S0044-2sht; Oil filter element OX 126D ECO S0044-2sht; povitryafiltruyuchyy element LX 595 S0044-1sht; Oil filter element OX 143D ECOS0044-39sht; Oil filter element OX 149D ECO S0044-1sht; Air filtruyuchyyelement LX 713 D0044-36sht; Oil filter element OX 156D ECO S0044-8sht; oil filter cartridge OX 156D ECO S0044-1sht; Air filter element LX1983 S0044-10sht; Fuel filter element KX 204D S0044-1sht; povitryafiltruyuchyy element LX 2046 S0044-4sht; Air filter element LX 2010S0044-3sht; Fuel filter element KX 231D ECO S0044-2sht; Oil filtruyuchyyelement OX 434D ECO S0044-3sht; Oil filter element OX 434D ECO S0044-24sht; oil filter cartridge OX 388D ECO S0044-11sht; oil filter element OX388D ECO S0044-20sht; Oil filter element OX 414D1 ECO S0044-19sht; maslafiltruyuchyy element OX 436D ECO S0044-2sht; Oil filter element OX 416D1ECO S00 " AUSTRIA ***** 386.797 5240.385128 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 9026102900 "1. Spare parts for tractors and trucks, tools and equipment for the measurement and control of liquid level electronic: -art. 12ERE0072F, oil level sensor 420DCI - 1am; -art. 12EV0699F, cooling liquid level sensor FH - 2 pcs, not containing radio equipment in his skladi.Vyrobnyk: SUDER PLUS sp. z oo; trade mark: FOLSER; Country of origin: CN.. " CHINA 3 0.18 25.7357289 View Importer
10/Apr/2017 8708309998 "1. Parts designed for brakes used in cars: brake cable AD03.0278 Audi Quattro / 80/90 83-92 - 1 piece; AD03.0231 Troshalmivnyy AUDI 100 all d rum brake LH-RH 92 - 3 pieces; AD03.0205 cable halmivnyyAUDI all R 80 78 - 1 pc; AD03.0219 cable brake AUDI 80/90 Cou pe drum brakeLH 87 - 2 pcs; AD03.0235 cable brake AUDI 80/90 dru m brake LH- RH 9/91 - 1pc; AD55.0261 brake cable VW A3 all LH-R H 97 - 12 pcs; AD55.0288 Troshalmivnyy VW A3LH-RH 03- / Altea all LH-RH 04- / Octavia all RH-LH 0 3- / Golf V allLH -RH 1 - 10 units; AD05.0209 brake cable BMW 323 ABS-31 8-320-324 Td LH- RH83 - 2 pcs; AD05.0223 brake cable BMW 518-520 di sc brake LH-RH 9/88 - 2 pcs; AD05.0231 brake cable BMW Serie 3 all LH 97 - 1 pc; AD05.0230 cable Brake BMW Serie 3 al l RH 97 - 1 pc; AD11.0222.1 brake cable FIAT C8all F6 / 02- / Evasion F94- / JumpyF95- / Ulysse al l F94- / Scudo all F95- / Ph - 2 pcs; AD11.0210.1 cable brake FIAT Evasion LH94- / Jumpy 1.6-DS drumbrakeLH9 5- / Ulyss e 2.0-Tds drum br.LH94- - 2 pieces; AD11.0215.2 cable halmivnyyFIAT C8 all disc brakeLH-RH06- / Jumpy all swb short with ortoLH-RH06- / Ulyssea - 3 pieces; AD11.0214.2 brake cable FIAT C8 all drum brakeLH-RH06- / Jumpy all drumbrakeL H-RH06- / Ulysse all drum - 2 pieces; AD11.0284.1 brake cable FIAT Jumperall ch. 16158428-R-1 / Ducato all ch 1 6158428-R / Boxer all ch16158 - 1 pc; AD07.0250 brake cable CITROEN Berlin goall LH 96 - 3 pieces; AD11.0260.2 Troshalmivnyy Fiat Doblo 2009 - 8 pieces; AD11.0261.2 brake cable Fiat Doblo 2009 - 4 pieces; AD11.0239.2 brake cable FIAT Doblo M axi Combi all 3/05 - 1 pc; AD11.0240.2 brake cable FIAT Doblo M axi Combi all 3/05 - 1 pc; AD11.0246.1Tros brake FIAT Doblo V anLH-RH39816 / Doblo Van LH-RH 3 / 01- 5pcs; AD130283Tros brake FORD Escort all F 95 - 1 pc; AD130257 cable brake FORDEscort / Ori on all R 6 / 91-92 - 1 piece; AD13.0218.1 brake cable FORD FiestaFusionF02 - 1 pc; AD130217 cable brake FORD Sierra R 5 / 84-89 - 3 pieces; AD13.0266.1 brake cable Ford Transit 2006 - 1 pc; AD13.0274.1 Troshalmivnyy Ford Transit 2006 - 16 units; AD13.0281.1 brake cable Ford Transit2006 - 8 pieces; AD13.0207.1 brake cable FORD Transit RWD Van-Kombi- Bus LH4 / 00 - 1 pc; AD130276 cable brake FORD Transit si ngle wheels R 91 -2 pcs; AD13.0265.1 brake cable Ford Transit 2006 - 2 pieces; AD13.0220.1 Troshalmivnyy FORD Fiesta FusionR02- / 2 all R2 / 03 - 3 pieces; AD270206 cable halmivnyyMERCEDES 200 / 8- 250 / 8-300D-300TD LH 76 - 2 pcs; AD270207 cable brake MERCEDES200 / 8- 250 / 8-300D-300TD RH 76 - 1 pc; AD270244 cable brake MERCEDES E class200-220D-300-420D LH 95-02 - 3 pieces; AD270243 cable brake MERCEDES E clas s200-220D-300-420D RH 95-02 - 3 pieces; AD270246 cable brake MERCEDES V Seri eVan / Vito all LH-RH 97 - 5 pc; AD28.0289 brake cable NISSAN Primera W10Kombi ABS RH7 / 90 - 1 pc; AD28.0290 brake cable NISSAN Primera W10 KombiABSLH7 / 90 - 1 pc; AD41.0227.1 brake cable RENAULT Viva roLH 01- / Trafic allLH 01- " ITALY ***** 142 1633.430643 View Importer
10/Apr/2017 5903109090 "1. PVC fabric with a secondary coating for the production of bags 420D NYLONSTONE-WASHED PVC 840D EMBOSS 0,45mm * 54 '': 280,00m April №238, №328 April 700,00m; Represent Synthetic textile fabrics with fibers pokryttyampolivinilhlorydom in rulonah.Vyrobnyk: Taiwan Dyeing & Fabric Co., LtdTorhivelna brand: no danyh.Krayina production: TW.. " TAIWAN 980 405 1057.049948 View Importer
08/Apr/2017 6601910000 1.Parasolky with folding core: - shelter umbrella-umbrella for shelter (diameter 2.4 m, with window, pegs, material: 420D Oxford, silver-coated, UV protection (UPF 50+), arc made of ferrous metals ( steel) with cover included, the number 32sht.Torhova brand: KilimanjaroKrayina production: KytayVyrobnyk: XIAMEN BIG SEVEN IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD. CHINA 32 92.8 300.8188905 View Importer
06/Apr/2017 8408904100 1.Dvyhuny internal combustion piston kompresiynym of ignition (dyzeli) new: - Centaur brand diesel model ICE-300D - 20pcs. (Yelektrychnym engine equipped with potuzhnystyu 6k.s workers tsilyndra vessel at 296sm3) .- diesel model marks Centaur DIC 300DSHL - 49sht. (yelektrychnym engine equipped with potuzhnystyu 6k.s workers tsilyndra vessel at 296sm3) .- diesel model marks Centaur ICE-300DE - 20pcs. (yelektrychnym engine equipped with potuzhnystyu 6k.s workers tsilyndra vessel at 296sm3 ) .- diesel model marks Centaur 300DSHLE DIC - 35 pcs. (Equipped with DV yelektrychnym yhunom potuzhnystyu 6k.s workers tsilyndra vessel at 296sm3) .- diesel model marks Centaur ICE-420D- 31sht. (yelektrychnym engine equipped with potuzhnystyu 10k.s workers tsilyndra vessel at 418sm3) .- diesel model marks Centaur ICE -420DE - 34sht. (yelektrychnym engine equipped with potuzhnystyu 10k.s workers tsilyndra vessel at 418sm3) - Centaur brand diesel engine model of disseminated intravascular 420DSHLE - 30sht. (yelektrychnym engine equipped with potuzhnystyu 10k. s working vessel at tsilyndra 418sm3) is designed for use as stand-alone power agregatov forwide range of machinery, equipment and transport mehanizmov.Komplekt supply according instruktsii.upakovani in cardboard boxes trademark: KentavrVyrobnyk: Zhejiang Kema Engine And Machinery., Co. LTDKrayina production: CN. CHINA 219 8681 14323.64993 View Importer

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