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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Apr/2017 5407613000 1. plain weave fabric of synthetic Untextured integrated polyester yarn (100%), painted, without treatment, without duplication and plastics coating, with a surface density 94h / m2 ± 5%, 1,50m wide-44910mp (67365m2). . TURKEY 67365 6340 21048.79985 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 7318159090 1. Products with thread, with the head, from steel to samohidnyhavtonavantazhuvachiv: screw art. 8413809 -5sht. screw art. 8413809 -5sht. art.8413809 -5sht screw. Bolt art. 4491388 -1sht. screw art. 4475802 -6sht. art.4475977 -1sht screw. . GERMANY ***** 0.878 64.21219159 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 2204218400 "1.Vyno fresh grapes, not containing added spirit, with actual alcohol concentration not exceeding 15% vol.: Wines Rosato, moist, pink ,, (alcohol concentration of 10.5%) in glass bottles, 998 cases (6 bottles yemn. 0.75 l.) Overall: 5988 sq. / 4491litriv.Torhivelna mark: "" Terra Fresca "" Manufacturer: VI. BE SRL; Country of origin: ITNa bottles stuck excise tax stamps VP AI type in the number -5988 units.. " ITALY 4491 4491 6551.161626 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 2710198700 1.Olyva transmission oil, mineral oil containing more than 70% in yakostiosnovnoho component not containing molybdenum disulphide (not aerozolniyupakovtsi): TNC reducer CLP 220 (20L) -64 VT TU 0253-026-44918199-2006 TNKREDUKTOR CLP 220 (180kg ) -14 VT TU 0253-026-44918199-2006 TNC reducer CLP320 (20L) -96 VT TU 0253-026-44918199-2006 TNC TRANS GIPOID 80W-90 (4L) -240 VT TU38.301-41- 196-01 TNC TRANS KP 80W-85 (4L) -240 VT TU 38.301-41-191-01. RUSSIA ***** 7383 6487.326505 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 2710198100 1.Olyva motor oil, oil products containing more than 70% as osnovnohokomponentu, not containing molybdenum disulphide (not aerosol packing): TNKREVOLUX D1 15W-40 (180kg) -16 VT TU 0253-001-44918199-2005 TNC REVOLUX D1 SAE30 (180kg) -4 VT TU 0253-001-44918199-2005 TNK MAGNUM MOTOR PLUS 10W-40 (4L) -240SHT TU 0253-016-44918199-2005. RUSSIA ***** 4493 3902.926923 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 7326909890 1.Vyroby ferrous metals: SUPPORT STEERING WHEEL / Rack party support wheel number: 4491670 -3sht.Vykorystovuetsya in avtonavanazhuvachah.Torhivelna forklift brand STILLVyrobnyk STILLKrayina production of CN. CHINA ***** 2.51 186.3057265 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 8512309090 1.Prylady audible alarm, horn, art. 255/4491880, TVH-ref. 1473158-2sht. Used for the production coming from vylkovymzahvatom.Krayina ITTorhovelna mark TOTALSOURCEVyrobnyk TVH Parts NV. ITALY ***** 0.642 18.78892154 View Importer
23/Apr/2017 6404191000 1.Vyroby ferrous metals: SUPPORT STEERING WHEEL / Rack party support wheel number: 4491670 -3sht.Vykorystovuetsya in avtonavanazhuvachah.Torhivelna forklift brand STILLVyrobnyk STILLKrayina production of CN. CHINA 13 2.122 137.2323692 View Importer
23/Apr/2017 709931000 1. Fresh Cheese with fat content more than 40 wt.%. Trade mark: PRESIDENT net product net weight 112.1 kg: - PRESIDENT 6 SMALL UNSALTED FRESH PLAIN GOAT'S CHEESES 45% FDM TUB 100G X8 / 100g * 8 Syrkozynyy, fat in dry matter 45mas.%, fat content 20 wt.% (art.25526) - 40kor., 32 kg / net expiration date 13/07 / 2017- 12, SMALL PRESIDENT UNSALTED FRESH GOAT'S CHEESE 45% FDM TUB (2x6) 200G / Syrkozynyy 200g (2 * 6), fat in dry matter 45mas.% fat 21mas.% (art.44919) - 23kor., 27,6kh / net expiration date 15/06 / 2017- PRESIDENT RONDELE SPREADABLE NATURAL CHEESE 70% FDM JAR 125GX12 / ' Rondelenaturalnyy '125g * 12 fat in dry matter 70mas.% fat 29mas.% (art.55723) - 20kor., 30 kg / Net expiration date 08/07 / 2017- PRESIDENT RONDELE SPREADABLE CHEESE WITH GARLIC AND HERBS 70% FDM JAR 125GX12 / 'roundel with herbs and garlic' 125g * 12 fat in dry matter 70mas.% fat 32mas.% (Art. 55724) - 15kor., 22,5kh / net expiration date 05/07 / 2017Krayina production: FRVyrobnyk: LACTALIS INTERNATIONAL TURKEY ***** 4570 3656.000019 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 7013289000 "1.Posudyny on the leg for drinking, except made of ceramic, not of lead crystal, mechanical production of colorless not hardened calcium-sodium silicate glass: glass art.44248 780ml.NK.DK. (YENOTEKA) -1200sht., Art. 44919 240ml.NK.DK glass. (YMPERYAL PLUS) -960sht., art.44799 glass 240ml.NK.DK. (YMPPERYAL PLUS) -1200sht., Manufacturer: LLC "" Dishes "" Trademark: "" Pasabahce "" Country of origin: RU. " RUSSIA 3360 687.84 2208.897557 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 8432900000 "1. Parts dosilskohospodarskoyi equipment Lemken, of plows, harrows, cultivators and other equipment, -Chystyk 3x95 / 79x102 4xD9, art.34910012-200sht; -Zubtsi for shtryhelya 84x539 D14, art.353 8802-10sht; -Trosyk regulation + Solitaire tension spring 90, art.582 1125-10sht; -Lemih SB56P right 558x150x11, art.335 2234-16sht; -Lemih SB56P left 558x150x11, art.335 2235-16sht; -Vistrya Lemekh B2SP rights. armored., art.336 4150-24sht; -Dyskovyy than D400x3x25,5 6xD8,2, art.34910011-10sht; -Dyskovyy than D350x3x25,5 6xD8,2, art.34910010-30sht; virtually every industry drive OptiDisc (B), art.48210209-3sht; -Vysivayucha pipe OptiDisc (B) D25, art.58210072-30sht; -Vysivayuche wheel D65x29,5 8-cams, art.482 5896-16 t; -Vysivayuche wheel D65x12,5 8-cams, art.482 5895-10sht; -Vysivayuche wheel -fein D65x10 2x12-cams, M6, art.482 5894-10sht; -Katok cultivator LFK D270x1500, art.423 0850- 4 pieces; -Polova doska A36H 180x12x360, art.341 1508-14sht; -Klyn field dosky AK10 showers. 120x10x207, art.340 1901-16sht; -Klyn field dosky AK10 rights. 120x10x207, art.340 1900-16sht; virtually every industry drive OptiDisc (B), art.48210209-5sht; -Lemih rights. S245, art.336 3722-8sht; -Lemih showers S245, art.336 3723-8sht; -Lemih SB56D right 558x150x11, art.335 2134-8sht; -Lemih SB56D left 558x150x11, art.335 2135-8sht; -Vistrya Lemekh SC2P rights art.336 4156-8sht; -Vistrya Lemekh SC2P showers, art.336 4157-8sht; -Bokova plate disk harrow KR10 rights art.337 4490-15sht; -Bokova plate disk harrow KR10 showers, art.337 4491 -15sht; -Lemih krylchatyy KF30P rights art.337 4462-20sht; -Lemih krylchatyy KF30P showers, art.337 4463-20sht; -Lemih SB45P right 449x150x11, art.335 2230-7sht; -Lemih SB45P left 449x150x11, art. 335 2231-7sht; -Nizh field dosky AS2 RE 6x238x240, art.349 2890-4sht; -Nizh field dosky AS2 LI 6x238x240, art.349 2891-4sht; -Lemih S360, art.336 3724-14sht; -Vysiv yucha pipe OptiDisc (B) D25, art.58210072-10sht; -Chystyk 3x95 / 79x102 4xD9, art.34910012-20sht; -Nasinnyaprovod 40x2x319 A2, art.48210218-6sht; -Lemih krylchatyy KF52TP rights art.337 4522-5sht ; -Lemih krylchatyy KF52TP showers, art.337 4523-5sht; -Lemih krylchatyy KF44P rights art.337 4532-5sht; -Lemih krylchatyy KF44P showers, art.337 4533-3sht; virtually every industry with shoe KARAT 22X788 1XD20,1 2XD12 , art.465 3694-5sht; -Vistrya Lemekh K12P, art.337 4443-11sht; -Vysivayucha pipe OptiDisc (B) D25, art.58210072-20sht; virtually every industry 50x30x1149 / 62-220 / 260, art.463 8659- 5pcs, -Nozhevyy roller-LM 200 RE HE8, art.622 6938-1sht; -Nozhevyy roller-LM 200 LI HE8, art.622 6941-1sht, Country of DETorhovelna mark LEMKENVyrobnyk LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG " GERMANY ***** 2006.891 24731.70288 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 2710198100 1.Olyva motor oil, oil kopresorna containing more than 70% in yakostiosnovnoho component not containing molybdenum disulphide (not aerozolniyupakovtsi): TNK MAGNUM MOTOR PLUS 10W-40 (1L) -1152 VT TU 0253-016-44918199-2005TNK MAGNUM MOTOR PLUS 10W-40 (4L) -600 VT TU 0253-016-44918199-2005 TNC MAGNUMMOTOR PLUS 15W-40 (1L) -384 VT TU 0253-016-44918199-2005 TNC REVOLUX D310W-40 (20L) - 32 VT TU 0253-046-44918199-2007 TNK Kompressor VDL 46 (180kg) -3 VT TU 0253-021-44918199-2006 TNK Kompressor VDL 150 (20L) -32 VT TU0253-021-44918199-2006 TNC compressor VDL 220 (180kg) -1 VT TU0253-021-44918199-2006 TNC REVOLUX D2 15W-40 (180kg) -44 VT TU0253-046-44918199-2007. RUSSIA ***** 13523 14483.5924 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 2710199900 1.Olyva industrial oil, with oil content of over 70% in yakostiosnovnoho component not containing molybdenum disulphide (not aerozolniyupakovtsi): TNC TERM OIL 26 (180kg) -4 VT TU 0253-007-44918199-2005. RUSSIA ***** 720 608.1226573 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 4411149000 "1.Pokryttya flooring, laminate flooring collection The samples for demonstration ORIGIN promotional purposes, inform boards of different decors (50 sht.schytiv) SB HPL ORIGIN MOD / UNI 600x600-11002520 1730-8520 1730-4621 -1sht.-11002523 - 1sht. 1730-4201 -1sht.-11002524, 11002525, 11002526 -1sht. 1730-4331 1730-4601 1730-4341 -1sht.--1sht. 11002527, 11002528, 11002529 -1sht. 1730-4681 1730-4691 -1sht. 1600-4213 -1sht. -11002547, 11002548, 11002549 -1sht. 1600-4401 1600-4411 1600-4291 -1sht.--1sht. 11002550, 11002551, 11002552 -1sht. 1600-4661 1600-4491 -1sht.-11002554 -1sht. 1600-4471, 1600-4481 11,002,555 11,002,556 -1sht.--1sht. 1600-4141, 1600-4152 11,002,557 11,002,571 -1sht.--1sht. 1600-4592, 1600-4211 11,002,572 11,002,521 -1sht.-WD734243 - 1sht.-WD644592 -1sht. 11002522, 11002530, 11002531 WD735241 -1sht. WD735832 -1sht.-WD634862 -1sht. 11002532, 11002533, 11002534 WD635812 -1sht. WD64451 2 -1sht. WD644521 -1sht.-11002535, 11002536, 11002537 WD645523 -1sht. WD645671 -1sht.-WD648511 -1sht. 11002538, 11002539, 11002540 WD648512 -1sht. WD655011 -1sht.-WD65 5211 11,002,541 11,002,542 -1sht.-WD655453 -1sht.-WD655522 -1sht. 11002543, 11002544, 11002545 WD655812 -1sht. WD655853 -1sht.-WD658531 -1sht. 11002546, 11002558, 11002559 WD644311 -1sht. WD644531 -1sht.-WD644552 -1sht. 11002560, 11002561 WD644812 -1sht .-WD645542 -1sht. 11002562, 11002564, 11002565 WD648521 -1sht. WD648522 -1sht.-WD648531 -1sht. 11002566, 11002567, 11002568 WD655113 -1sht. WD655511 -1sht.-11002569 WD645561 -1sht. size strips 600mm x 600mm x 11mm, thickness 11mm, zoblytsyuvannyam; a density of 0.8 g / cm3; made of fibreboard produced on a "" dry mode "" (panel HDF), which is soboyuderevovoloknystu plate (board) which caused resistant to wear plivkavysokoyi density reinforcing layer of paper coated with his picture naturalnohodereva; product is one short and long side-panel groove and vidpovidnona contradict them ends -shpunt (system-lock) Trademark: BERRYALLOCKrayina production: BEVyrobnyk: BERRYALLOC NV " BELGIUM 198 177.65 973.1958503 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 4012902000 "1. Tire rubber pneumatic, new, for use in industrial handling vehicles: massive tires (tires cast): Solid tire 15x4 1 / 2-8 / EasyFit / STARCO Tusker art.271385 -4sht, solid tire 15X4 1 / 2-8 / EasyFit / STARCO Unicorn art.455341 -12sht, solid tire 5.00-8 / STD / STARCO Unicorn art.455419 -40sht, solid tire 7.00-12 / STD / STARCO Unicorn art.455457 -20sht, solid tire 6.50- 10 / EasyFit / STARCO Unicorn art.455433 -10sht, solid tire 6.50-10 / STD / STARCO Unicorn art.455556 -20sht, solid tire 16X6-8 / STD / STARCO Unicorn art.458052 -4sht, solid tire 16X6-8 / EasyFit / STARCO Unicorn art.458069 -4sht, solid tire 6.00-9 / STD / STARCO Unicorn art.449135 -24sht, solid tire 6.00-9 / EASY FIT / STARCO Unicorn art.448619 -10sht, trademark Starco; The manufacturer Starco-Lanka; Country of LK. " SRI LANKA ***** 3457.8 9504.349662 View Importer

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