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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 8433510000 "1-propelled harvesting combines. Harvesters: CLAAS Lexion 670- 1pc, New. Year 2017. Machine number: C7400441 number of engine: PK3S0005N00373BTehnichni data Engine PERKINS 2206D K, power 308/419 kW / hp. (By ECE R120). Amnesty grain tank 11000l., reinforced. two-stage reduktoroborotiv beater, extraction of dust from the inclined camera podribnyuvachsolomy STANDART CUT, tilt the camera - AUTOCONTOUR, electric rehulyuvannyadeflektoriv solomorozkydacha. Versatile set of tools. Tehnichnadokumentatsiya. parts catalog, instruction manual. Tires ne edni800 / 70R32 175A8, tires rear 500 / 70R24 IMP 8 LX275. Set conversion naobmolot corn. Drive console standard capacity of 80 kW., farkopavtomatychnyy, TELEMATICS Basic, supplies if perevynnya permissible shyrynybilshe 3 m. partially unassembled (wheels, 4 pieces .) for transportuvannya.Torhovelna brand: CLAAS.Vyrobnyk: "" CLAAS Selbstfanrende Erntemaschinen GmbH "" firm CLAAS KGaA GmbH. Country of origin: DE. " GERMANY 1 15067.292 210784.5556 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8421392000 1.Filtruvalne industrial air filtration equipmentfor naderevoobrobnyh enterprises, non-medical purposes: Set the filtering equipment dlyapovitrya with fans, filters, pipe lines and components typZWF 07/04/30 - 1komplekt in chastkovorozibranomu state of metoyutransportuvannya consisting of: Interim filter type ZWF 7 / 4 (vkl.obolochku, extinguishing system, base and power elements) - 1 complex., fan 22 kW - 1pc. Filter bags diam. 230 mm - 82 pcs. Trymachfiltruvalnoho hose diam. 230 mm - 72 pcs., Sealing tape - 5m., Filter element -32sht., Fan 3 kW -4sht., Tube clamp with uschilnyuvachemdyam. 400mm - 95 pieces. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 560mm - 7 pcs., Trubnyyhomut the sealant diam. 450mm- 30 pcs. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 180mm - 52 pieces. Zdyam Tube clamp. 200mm - 25 pieces. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 350mm - 100 pieces. Pipe collar with seal diam. 160mm- 8 pcs. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 300mm - 70 pieces. Zuschilnyuvachem Tube clamp diam. 250mm -17sht., Pipe collar with seal diam. 200mm -33sht. Pipe collar with seal diam. 500mm- 32 pcs. Pipe collar with seal diam. 140mm -40 pieces. Flange diam. 710mm- 44 pcs., Flange diam. 800mm - 50 pieces. Flange diam. 630mm - 30 pieces. Flanetsdyam. 400mm -30 pieces. Flange diam. 350mm- 70 pcs. Pipe knee 90 degrees. diam. 710 mm 2D inc. Flange s = 1 mm - 1 pc., Tube knee 90 degrees. diam. 140 mm 2D - 3 pcs., Tube knee 90 degrees. diam. 350mm 2D - 3 pcs., Tube knee 90 degrees. diam. 400 mm 2D - 8 pcs., Pipe 45hrad knee. diam. 180 mm 2D - 1 unit., Tube knee 45 degrees. diam. 140 mm 2D - 1 unit., Tube knee 45 degrees. diam. 300 mm 2D s = 0,75 mm - 1 pc., Pipe diam. 400 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 1 mm. -54 pcs. Pipe diam. 560 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 1 mm. - 1 pc., Trubadyam. 710 mm L = 1000 mm incl. Flange s = 1 mm - 1 pc., Pipe diam. L = 630 mm 1000mmvkl. Flange s = 1 mm - 3 pieces. Pipe diam. 500 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 1 mm. - 1 pc., Trubadyam. 180 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 0,75 mm. - 2 pcs. Pipe diam. 350 mm L = 1000 mm s = 1 mm. - 56 pcs. Connecting to the machine diam. 350-352 mm s = 1 mm. - 2 pcs. Perehidnykdyam. 350-400 mm mm L = 180 mm s = 1 mm - 3 pcs., Adapter diam. 500-400- 300 MMS = 1 mm - 1 pc., Adapter diam. 180-140-140 mm s = 0,75 mm. - 1 pc., Manzhetadyam.350 mm. - 4 pcs., Adapter diam. 250-350 mm L = 300mm s = 1 mm. - 2 sht.Pidklyuchennya to the machine diam. 250-252 mm - 2 pcs., Cuff dyam.400 mm. - 4 pcs. Tube clamp with a seal diam. 120mm- 1 pcs. Tube clamp with a seal diam. 200mm - 26 pieces. Zuschilnyuvachem Tube clamp diam. 450mm - 1 pcs. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 350mm- 71 pcs. Pipe collar with seal diam. 400mm - 90 pieces. Zuschilnyuvachem Tube clamp diam. 500mm - 2 pcs., Flange diam. 400mm - 230 pieces. Flange dyam.350 -203 mm pieces. Flange diam. -20sht 200mm. Roll of sealing tape (112m.) - 2 pcs., Transport fan type TS-EN 09/560 / 35/01 kW engine 22 - 1 pc., For the fan impeller TS-RN Serial Number 16/0507 art . №0816012, GERMANY ***** 5035 28612.79268 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8516605000 1. Equipment for catering: KITCHEN cookers - Induction Cooker. Dimensions: 340x445x117 mm Dimensions working surface: 285 x 285 mm, the diameter of the working surface: O 120-260 mm, total capacity of 3.5 kW / 220-240 V, Power levels: 500 - 3500 W Timer: 0-180 minutes Case: high quality n / steel. Mechanical control, overheating protection art.- IDK9 -5sht. . CHINA 5 36 707.0046223 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8465912000 1.Vnesok to the share capital, to be used forown production potreb.Aparat for cutting wood, which is a derevoobroblyuyuchyy machine that was ukorystuvanni with circular saw: year 1994 included 1 sht.3 saws to 500mm (engine-3pc 5 kW / hod.2sht to 2 kW / h) in a partially unassembled for ease transportuvannya.Aparat for cutting wood, derevoobroblyuyuchyy is a machine that has been in use for 400mm Circular saw: year 1990, serial number 124 complete , supplied without saw 1 pc. In partially unassembled for ease transportuvannya.Torhovelna mark USTUNKARLIKrayina production TRVyrobnyk USTUNKARLI MAKINELERI IMALAT SANAYI ve TICARET LTD.STI. TURKEY 2 1750 2502.499957 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8703329030 "1.Lehkovyy car: PEUGEOT marka-, model- 5008 - 1am, used, calendar year 2012, model year 2012, engine type - DYZELNYYob'yem 1,560 cm3 engine capacity number 82 kw.kuzov VF30A9HR8CS125747, designed to Podoroga public transportation, vehicle-category M1, Count seats, including the driver, 5, 4x2 kuzova- UNIVERSALkolisna formula manufacturers "" PEUGEOT "", FRTorhovelna mark: "" PEUGEOT "".. " FRANCE 1 1505 5048.783959 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8414308190 1. Compressors used in refrigeration equipment with a power of 0.4 kW are airtight pistons, not filled, do not contain ozone-depleting substances: - sealed compressor, art. 913AA62I1PG, model EMT2130GK 220-240V / 50Hz - 500 pcs. Manufacturer: Embraco Slovakia, sroTrademark: Embraco Slovakia, sroManufacturer: EU. SLOVAK REPUBLIC 500 4090.5 19644.70066 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8703329010 1. Passenger cars, second hand PEUGEOT VYKORYSTANNIMARKA-, MODEL - 5008, designed to carry passengers on public roads, body type - UNIVERSAL NUMBER body - VF30E9HR8CS169534, VYHOTOVLENNYA- calendar year 2012, model year 2012 ENGINE ROOM - N / In, seats -7, vessel at MOTOR - 1560 CM. KUB., Engine type - diesel, power output - 82 KW., Axle configuration - 4x2, damaged by the accident and transported on automobile platforms DAMAGE: SCRATCHES lacquer and paint coating, the front and rear bumpers, hood, left headlight, left wing, radiators, radiator framework, power bumpers, left Lanzheron windshield, VMYATYNY left front and rear doors, POTERTIST disc, worn two airbags, pollution and frayed upholstery and seats, traces of leaks oil for DVYHUNI.VYROBNYK - PEUGEOT.KRAYINA Producer - FRANCE FR. . FRANCE 1 1577 4350.650249 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8538909900 "1.Chastyny ​​control unit: Inverter ACOPOSinverterP74, which includes: network card interface and inverter ACOPOSinverterP74 modulACOPOSinverter P74.Inverter ACOPOSinverter P74, 3x380-500 B 1,5kVt with built-in EMC filter ihalmivnym resistor plate EMSvhodyt supplied, interfeysPOWERLINK. It is used in low-voltage electric control cabinet. art.8I74T400150.01P-1-2sht, Network card inverter ACOPOSinverter P74,3x380-500 V, 1.5 kW. supplied product 8I74T400150.01P-1. art.8I74T400150. 010-1-2sht, interface module ACOPOSinverter P74, interface POWERLINK V2, built-in hub 2x, 2x entrance in RJ45.Vhodyt supplied product 8I74T400150.01P 1 art.8I0IF108.400-1-2sht, Installation kit included product 8174T400150.01R 1 art.99900019-2 sht.Vykorystovuyutsya as part of the control unit switches the electric motor (including / off) module package plyashok.Invertor ACOPOSinverterP74, which includes: network card inverter ACOPOSinverte r P74 and interface module ACOPOSinverter P74.Inverter ACOPOSinverter P74, 3x380-500 V, 2.2 kW with integrated EMC filter and brake resistor EMC plate supplied interface POWERLINK. It is used in low-voltage electric control cabinet. art.8I74T400220.01P-1-5sht, Network card inverter ACOPOSinverter P74, 3x380-500 V, 2.2 kW. Supplied products 8I74T400220.01P-1. art.8I74T400220.010-1-5sht, interface module ACOPOSinverter P74, interface POWERLINK V2, built-in hub 2x, 2x entrance RJ45. Supplied products 8I74T400220.01P 1 art.8I0IF108.400-1-5sht, Installation kit included product 8174T400150.01R 1 art.99900019-5 sht.Pryymach x20 bus. For basic module X20 (BC, HB and etc.) and module supply X20, face plates X20 (left and right) X20AC0SL1 / X20AC0SR1 included. It is used in low-voltage electric control cabinet. art.X20BB80-1sht, used as part of the control unit switches the electric motor (on / off) module package plyashok.Kontroler tires tires H20.Kontroler allows you to connect nodes / O X2X Link to POWERLINK. It is used in low-voltage electric control cabinet. art.X20BC0083-1sht, Tire transmitter x20 systems. Used for expansion components in low-voltage electric control cabinet module packaging bottles in shrink. Material: thermoplastic. art.X20BT9100-12sht, receiver bus system used to connect to the X20 X2X Link. The module is equipped with a transmission line for X2X Link, and internal block I / O. 24 VDC. It is used in low-voltage electric control cabinet module packaging bottles in shrink. Material: thermoplastic. art.H20BR9300-10sht, Brand: B & R; trade mark: No data, production country: AT; " AUSTRIA ***** 1.904 2779.118982 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8414308190 1. Electric compressor for refrigeration and automotive systems avtokondytsionuvannya semi-hermetic capacity 2,58- 4,0 kW to 27Bar productivity 16-25m cubic meters. / H: Electric scroll Compressor DM24A6-A0230P 4000/5000 / 6000rpm-24sht.Vyrobnyk SHANGHAI BENLING SCROLL COMPRESSOR Co. LTD.Torhovelna mark BENLINGKrayina production of CN. CHINA 24 144 10223.70032 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8504408400 1. Static converters Electric power 7.5 kW A promyslovohopryznachennya. Inverter TRIO-7.5-TL-OUTD-S-400 (7.5 kVhA) art.3M98990S005A -2shtInvertor PVI-5000-TL-OUTD-S (5 kVhA) art.3G04990S100A -3sht InvertorTRIO-5.8-TL-OUTD-S -400 (5.8 kVhA) art.3M97990S005A -2shtKrayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - ABBVyrobnyk - Power-One Italy SpA. ITALY ***** 315 6695.092715 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8414807500 1.-10 Compressor G7FF 400/50 maslosmazyvaemyy screw odnostupinchatohostysnennya, refrigerator with integrated desiccant-type refrigerant (R134a) potuzhn.7,5 kW noise level of 65 dB (A) maximum working pressure of 10 bar m3 produktyvnist1,24 /min. Serial number: ITJ029137 Objednany Air receiver volume 500l with no lining and insulation without mechanical teplomehanichnohoobladnannya and equipped with drainage device and a bracket mounted to the frame zkompresorom. Excess operating pressure: 16 part.nomer: 8153289908-1sht.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna brand - ATLAS COPCOVyrobnyk - ATLAS COPCO AIRPOWER NV. ITALY 1 457 3908.432233 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8207903000 "1.Nasadka to the screwdriver to tighten the hooks 1/4 '', length 20 mm, 2 pcs. Pack, art.102000 - 20 packages, to the Bat screwdriver screwing Depth PH2 1/4, 2 pcs. In package art.104500 - 500 packages, the Bat to double screwdriver PH2 / PZ2, length 60 mm, art.108602 - 100 pcs., trademark: KWBKrayina production: TWVyrobnyk: KWB Tools Gmbh & Co. CG. " TAIWAN ***** 19.54 347.7511423 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8501522090 "1.Dvyhun, metal 2,4 kW, 6, 380, dotermokamery SLT 5000RD Art.№42-007-009-2sht, (multiphase AC equipment to dlyam'yasopererobnoho).". CROATIA 2 62 2063.212925 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8465912000 "1. machines for processing wood, circular saw, a disk saw: Verstatbrusuvalnyy TD-500 KBA, zav.№23 Description: 480 mm, with 37-30 kW motor, 6 m rotator logs without electrical -1sht. Machine for horizontal obrobkyhorbylya PR-500 KVA, zav.№8 Description: motors 30-22 kW, 4.5 m, fully loaded, 1sht.Torhovelna mark: "" Walter "" Country of origin: PLVyrobnyk: Firma "" Walter "" Wladyslaw Chrobak ". POLAND 2 5200 27636.05147 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8466103800 "1.Stiyka to drill to perform precise holes and cutouts in wood and metal profiles, with spring return, Depth and millimeter scale. The base plate of cast iron measuring 175 x 210 mm with fixing openings for machine vise. Overall height 500 mm, 6-sided column with the ability to turn on besstupenchato 360 art.777800 - 4 pcs .; Stand-guide to electric drills, art.778400 - 100 pcs .; guides for router LINE MASTER, allows precise milled round profiles, art .783500 - 50 pcs .; guides for jigsaws, circular saws and cutters, LINE MASTER, art.784400 - 60 pcs .; cutter guides, LINE MASTER, art.784600 - 60 pcs., Trademark: KWBKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: KWB Tools Gmbh & Co. CG. " CHINA ***** 172.45 1308.492033 View Importer

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