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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 4016995290 1.Zapchastyny ​​to trucks-metal cuffs, Art.SA520301CP air bag with bracket - 1 sht.Art.1294.21 Pillow PPC humometaleva - 2 sht.Art.SA520146C air bag with glass - 1 sht.Art.2348.00 cushion rubber radiator - 4 sht.Art .1042.00 cushion rubber front cab - 2 sht.Art.2997221 spring bushing front - 7 sht.Art.41288750 Saylenblok suspension stabilizer - 10 sht.Torhovelna brand SABO, IVECO, LEMAVyrobnyk SABO, IVECO, LEMAKrayina production IT. ITALY ***** 33.96 412.0249088 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 4016995290 1.Zapasni parts for trucks not for industrial assembly: vyrobyz nonporous vulcanized rubber-metal cuffs part: Cartridges STABILIZATORAFI26X46XFI66 TGL N01-15 2004- Cabin suspension bushings CAR FI 52X16X57 MANTGA-L, M rear stabilizer bushings LOWER LF45 stabilizer bushing stabilizer bushings PIDVISKYAVTOMOBILYA SUSPENSION VEHICLE suspension silent blocks. KAB.PERED L2000 silent blocks thrust REACTIVE FI75X130 (21) of the stabilizer bushings P.39X69X60 Silentblocks Springs SUSPENSION trailer bushing stabilizer bushings PIDVISKYAVTOMOBILYA SUSPENSION SUSPENSION cockpit Fenders Fenders Cab KABINYAVTOMOBILYA M10X1,5 VO.FH 98- Silentblocks Springs I58X 96XI36 ZAD2SHT Pneumopillows 816Z cabins before / RVI MAGNUM rear SAYLENBLOK STABILIZATORARVI AE / P / FI30 SEM. Complex. Reactive power EUROSTAR / TECH Bushing Pillow KABINY94-144 Pneumopillows FD 200-19P04 stabilizer bushing stabilizer SUSPENSION AVTOMOBILYASAYLENTBLOK F65,5HF21H125 repair kits PIDVISKYAVTOMOBILYA stabilizer (PA LTSI, bushings, rings, washers) stabilizer bushings AVTOMOBILYASAYLENTBLOK Cabin suspension SUSPENSION 20X61 / 39X48 DAF F95 Cab Suspension Bushings Z.F / L2000, TGA / T / silent blocks vehicle suspension stabilizer SAYLENTBLOKREAKTYVNOYI traction vehicle suspension bushings Cab Suspension CAR SUSPENSION DAF 45LFVIDBIYNYK cockpit SC.124 / P / FI40X32 M8 bush STABILIZ TORAPIDVISKY CAR Silentblocks vehicle suspension stabilizer VTULKAPIDVISKY cockpit FI 16X90X70 VO.FH12 / 16, FM7-12 silent blocks BALANSYRAMET.-GUM Y30X155X114 INTR .. stabilizer bushings Y110X 65XY80 T. MB ACT / ATEVTULKA vehicle suspension stabilizer SUSPENSION PILLOW BOXES PEREMYKANNYAPEREDACH bush cabin lifting cylinders Silentblocks springs SUSPENSION MAN FI47X64X51 AVTOMOBILYAVTULKA stabilizer bushing locks Cab F90 / 2000 bush TSYLINDRAPIDYOMU room. LO. / HPLC. Repair kits TGA reactive power Silentblocks thrust KABINYZAD TGA / TGL / TGX 2 pcs silent blocks stabilizer bushing stabilizer PIDVISKYAVTOMOBILYA STABILIZ silent blocks. I45X 42XI16 PER. / Rear air bag FD200-19M10KOMPL Silentblocks Springs PER. / 20X57.5X84 back. Striker spring MAN 150X264X148TGA SAYLENBLOK spring Y62 X 96XY22,3 ATEGO I / II 2 pcs. Silent blocks STABILIZ.MANTGA FI22X68X40 / T / GERMANY ***** 804.38 5094.687939 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 3926300090 1. Part for the brand'SKODA ': Plastic splash, art .: 5E0821821A 9B9-3 pieces. Plastic brass, art.: 5E0821822A 9B9-3pcs. Backsplash rear plastic (tint, 2 pc.), Art .: 3V0075101-5pcs. Front plastic brizzlin (kt 2 pcs.), Art .: 5E0075111-50pcs. Front plastic brassieres, towel (2pcs.), Art .: KEA800001-7pcs. Plastic blanket, art .: 5JA861369B 9B9-5 st. The reflector of airflow on the plastic radiator, art .: 1Z0121283B-5pcs. The reflector of the flow of air to the plastic radiator, art .: 1Z0121284B-5sht. The reflector of the flow of air to the plastic radiator, art .: 5J0121284-3 st. The reflector of the stream of air on Plastic radiator Art.: 5JA121283C-5pc. Reflector for air flow to the radiator, art .: 1Z0121285D-3pc. Reflector for air flow to the radiator, art .: 1Z0121285F-2pcs. Plastic emblem, art .: 5J0853621A AUL-5pcs. Plastic emblem, art .: 6V0853621A FOD-2pcs. Plastic bumper plug, art.: 5E5807441 GRU-2pcs. Shaft end of body, Art .: 3T0825961-10pcs. Shaft of body bottom, Art .: 3T0825962-10pcs. Spring spring, Art .: 5J0853139-2pcs Spring press, art .: 5J0853139A-2шт.Ковпак колес пластический, art .: 5E0601147C Z31-10шт.Костав колец пластический, art .: 5E0601147D Z31-20шт.Коставка колес пластиковый, арт.: 5JA601147A Z31-10шт.Роблинг багажника shelf , Art .: 5J6867377D-2s Clip of the side mirror plastic, art .: 1U0837993 47H-2pcs. Crash niche of passenger airbag, Art.: 5J1880261B 47H-2pcs. Cushion of headlight washer, Art .: 5E0955109A GRU-1pc. Crash washer of plastic headlights, art .: 5E0955110A GRU-1pc. Bracket-guiding compartment for trinkets of the luggage compartment, art .: 5J9861346C-2pcs. Decorative plaster bumper insert, art .: 1U6807423B 01C-1pc. Decorative plaster bumper insert, art .: 1Z5807423 B41-2st. , Art.: 5JA881317A 9B9-1. Note for the seat frame, Art .: 5JA881318 9B9-1. Body body threshold, Art .: 3U5853898C B41-2n. Handle lever tab I have a check point plastic, an art .: 5L0798117-3 pieces. The tab of a plastic luggage rack handle, art .: 1Z0827574C-2шт.Накладки on thresholds plastic, to-t, art .: KDA600001-1шт.Плущик локера arches of a wheel, art .: 1U0810974- 1pc. Lacquer polisher wheel arches, art .: 1Z0809958B-1pc. Frame plaster grille, art .: 3U0853663 GRU-3pcs. Straight track plastic, art .: 5J9867146A 47H-3pcs. Plasma radiator ribbon, art .: 6V0853653A 9B9-2pcs .Spayer of plastic bumper, art .: 5JH807521-2шт.Тримач of a bag and a phone, an art .: 000087811C-1шт.Опор plastic a hood, an Art.: 1U0823570A-40шт.Торжовая mark 'SKODA AUTO AS'Producer' SKODA AUTO AS'Крайна Production facilities Tva CZ CZECH REPUBLIC ***** 54.633 1559.334458 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 9506919000 "1.Inventar and accessories to zanyattyafitnesom: eva foam roller 100cm foam roller Eve, diam.15 length 100sm.-1pc., Trampoline d. 102cm Trampoline diam.102 cm 6 pcs., Pilates mat Pilates mat, black, 10 pieces ., body bar 2kg Bodybar kh.Siniy 2, 2 pcs., body bar 3kg Bodybar kh.Krasnyy 3, 2 pcs., body bar 4kg Bodybar kh.Zelenyy 4, 2 pcs., body bar 5kg Bodybar 5 kh.Oranzhevyy, 2 pcs., body bar 6kg bodybar 6 kg. violet, 2 pcs., wooden bar 120cm Wooden bodybar 120 cm-1 pc., wooden bar 140cm Wooden bodybar 140 cm-1 pc., metal plyobox set set plyometrycheskyh boxes, metal. Height 31 / 46/61 cm-3pc., ghd horizontal hyperyekstenzyya-3pc., wooden wobble board Balansyrovochnaya board, diam.45, height 6-1sht., bamboo rocker board Balansyrovochnaya board, 50x50 decorated with bamboo-1pc., anchor door fasteners for flying-13sht., balance pad 40x50 Eva-balancing platform 1pc., bump disc curved drive diam.35sm.- 1 pc., dune ball board balancing platform, dia. 70 cm 11sht., barbell padding lining the stamp-7sht., wall barbel l rack 10 places Stands for rod, wall, 10mest-1pc., barbell chain chain, rod-3pc ., giant-m ball strap belt for Medbol, 36cm, 1pc., m-ball rack round micaled Racks Medbol-1pc., weighted band 1kgx2 weighting compound wrist / ankle, 1kg, para-1pc., weighted band 2kgx2 weighting compound wrist / ankle, 2 kg of para-1pc., weight west kg 15 residential to add. Loads of 15 kg, 2 pcs., Punch mitts - pair paws, black, para-1pc., Rotary push up x2 palm pushups rotary-11sht., Push up - pair palm pushups direct-11sht., Yoga mat pvc 173x60xh0, 4cm yoga mat, blue-12p., yoga block eva 22x15xh7,5cm Yoga block Eve 22H15vys. 7.5 cm blue, 2 pcs., Totalcore pin Sports pendulum to train muscles press with V-shaped handle, Black-Ugolny Airport 1pc., Round yoga block Yoga block Eve Round-2 pcs., Wall anchor wall mount for Flying -1sht., barbell rack 10kg Stands for rod, 50mm, 8 pieces, 1pc., pyramid dumbbell rack dumbbell rack for 10 pairs of vertical-7sht., abdominal suspension bandsx2 hinges training, press 2 pcs., aerobic jump rope rubber-22sht. , speed jump Rope-speed 50sht., si-sand bag 5kg heavy roller 5 kg-1 pc., si-sand bag 10kg heavy roller 5 kg-1 pc., si-sand bag 15kg heavy roller 5 kg-1 pc., flow bag water filler-weighting-Bag 1pc., adjustable sand kettlebell 10kg weight sand dosyp Aya, maks.10kh-1pc., triceps rope 60cm Rope for triceps standard, 60cm-11sht., triceps rope 100cm Rope for triceps standard, 100cm-11sht., si-wheel wheel for muscle torso-11sht., core wheel x 2 rollers muscles bark, 6 pcs., pull up bar horizontal bar Wall-1pc 60x110cm., t collar x 2 neck-holder for 5pcs., spring collar x 2 clips stamps, 50mm-20sht.Vyrobnyk - " "Sidea" ". Trade mark - "" Sidea "". Country of origin - CN. " CHINA ***** 895 5809.295206 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 4016995290 1.Chastyny ​​devices and motor vehicles of headings 8701-8705, part-metal cuffs (metal-rubber): 020.4810.C5 of Pneumatic Pneumatic stakanom- 2 sht.020.4810.S without glass REXROD- Pneumatic sht.020.836.2C1 30 of 11 stakanom- Pneumatic sht.020.836.S without glass REXROD- 10 sht.020.940.C Pnevnoresora of stakanom- 11 sht.020.940.C Pnevnoresora of glass REXROD- 30 sht.HD 10131 Clutch reactive power (- 10 sht.HD 11077 Clutch reactive tyahy- 4 sht.HD 11125 Clutch reactive tyahy- 4 sht.HD Support dvyhun- 12017 12044 2 sht.HD Clutch lever pidvisky- 5 sht.HD 12,049 Silentblocks stabiliza 5 12057 tora- sht.HD silent blocks kabiny- 20 sht.HD 12064 Bushing, amortyzator- 20 sht.HD Support dvyhun- 12,068 12,069 10 sht.HD engine mounts, zadnya- 2 sht.HD Saylenblok kabiny- 20 12071 12073 sht.HD Saylenblok kabiny- 4 sht.HD Saylenblok kabiny- 12 074 12 076 20 sht.HD Support dvyhun- 6 sht.HD 14,015 engine bracket, perednya- 2 sht.HD 14026 Remkomlekt lever pidvisky- 6 sht.HD 14,035 Remkomlekt lever pidvisky- 4 pcs. HD 14046 Remkomlekt lever pidvisky- 6 sht.HD 14,078 Remkomlekt lever pidvisky- 4 sht.HD 14094 Clutch reactive tyahy- 10 sht.HD 14095 Clutch reactive tyahy- 10 sht.HD 14096 Clutch reactive tyahy- sht.HD 10 14 097 Support dvyhuna- 2 t.HD 14,098 stabilizatora- 20 sht.HD Silentblocks Silentblocks stabilizatora- 14099 14104 6 sht.HD Clutch reactive tyahy- sht.HD 14108 4 2 Fenders kabiny- sht.HD Support dvyhuna- 14113 14127 2 sht.HD plug kabiny- 10 pieces Reliance dvyhuna- .HD 14158 14186 4 sht.HD resory- 20 sht.HD silent blocks Clutch reactive tyahy- 14,194 2 14,202 sht.HD spring bushing M36 x 3 H: 104,5 D: 45- 20 sht.HD 14203 Reliance dvyhuna- 1 sht.HD silent blocks stabilizatora- 20 15008 15027 sht.HD Remkomlekt lever pidvisky- 6 sht.HD 15,032 Remkomlekt lever pidvisky- 6 sht.HD plug resory- 15,076 15,112 20 sht.HD Napivvtulka stabilizatora- 20 sht.HD 15,114 Napivvtulka stabilizatora- 40 t.HD Napivvtulka stabilizatora- 15120 19014 6 sht.HD Remkomlekt lever pendants 85 * 19 * 145 10 mm- sht.HD 19,025 dvyhun- 2 sht.HD Reliance Reliance dvyhun- 19026 19044 2 sht.HD Remkomlekt lever pendants 75 * 45- 10 sht.HD plug kabiny- 19,052 19,053 10 sht.HD plug kabiny- 10 sht.HD kabiny- 4 19072 Clutch Clutch kabiny- sht.HD 19,073 19,114 1 sht.HD plug kabiny- sht.HD 20 19 146 Support stabilizatora- 20 pieces .HD plug kabiny- 10 19150 19161 sht.HD air bag suspension kabiny- 10 sht.HD 19,174 plug kabiny- 2 sht.HD 9008 engine bracket, front left-prava- 2 sht.HD 9021 Reliance dvyhuna- 2 sht.HD 9084 Clutch kabiny- 5 sht.HD 9084-1 Clutch kabiny- 5 sht.HD 908 4-2 Clutch kabiny- 5 sht.HD 9085 kabiny- 5 sht.HD Clutch Clutch 9085-1 9085-2 kabiny- 5 sht.HD kabiny- 5 Clutch Clutch sht.HD 9086 kabiny- 4 sht.HD 9086-1 Clutch kabiny- 4 sht.HD 9088 Clutch kabiny- sht.HD 9090 10 20 stabilizatora- Silentblocks Silentblocks sht.HD 9096 stabilizatora- 20 sht.HD 9101 Clutch lever pidvisky- 10 sht.HD 9102 Reliance dvyhuna- 3 sht.HD spring 9106 silent blocks - 30 sht.HD 9110 Saylentbl TURKEY ***** 2675.861 18087.0926 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 3926300090 1.Chastyny ​​for a / m marky'SKODA ': Sparks plastic, art.: 5E0821821A 9B9-1sht.Bryzkovyk plastic, art.: 5E0821822A 9B9-1sht.Bryzkovyky the front plastmasovi (Kt 2 pieces) Art.: 5E0075111- 30sht.Bryzkovyky the front plastmasovi, KT (2 pcs.) Ref.: KEA700001-5sht.Bryzkovyky the front plastmasovi, KT (2 pcs.) Ref.: KEA800001-5sht.Vidsik for plastic garbage, art.: 5JA861369B 9B9 -4sht.Hachok for plastic bags, art.: 1Z9867615D 47H-1sht.Deflektor air flow to the radiator plastic, art.: 1Z0121283B-5sht.Deflektor air flow to the radiator plastic, art.: 5J0121284-2sht.Dyubel mounting body parts, art .: 6U0881132A-25sht.Emblema plastma owl art.: 5L0853621A AUL-1sht.Zahlushka plastic bumper, art.: 5E5807441 GRU-2sht.Zahlushka plastic bumper, art.: 5JA807241-3sht.Zahlushka bottom body art.: 3T0825962-7sht.Zatysk spring, Art .: 5J0853139-2sht.Zatysk spring plastic, art.: 6U0867299 Y20-2sht.Kovpak plastic wheels, art.: 5E0601147D Z31-15sht.Kovpak plastic wheels, art.: 5J0601147J Z31-1sht.Kovpak count plastic ECA, art.: 5JA601147A Z31 -10sht.Kriplennya trunk rack, art.: 5J6867377D-1sht.Kriplennya trunk rack, art.: 5J6867378D-2sht.Nakladka roof body art.: 6Y9854633C B41-1sht.Nakladka roof body art.: 6Y9854634C B41-1sht.Nakladka dveri plastic body and Hg.: 3U0853515B B41-1sht.Nakladka dveri plastic body, art.: 3U0853516B B41-1sht.Nakladka door body plastic, art.: 3U5853754B B41-2sht.Nakladka Decorative Art.: 5E0853761A F9R-3sht.Nakladka decorative plastic door, Ref.: 5E0071328-1sht.Nakladka hood plastic, art.: 3T0853633-2sht.Nakladka under windshield plastic, art.: 3T0819415A 9B9-1sht.Nakladka under windshield plastic, art.: 5J1819403A-bumper plastic 2sht.Nakladka reshitky , art.: 5J0853607A 2ZZ-5sht.Nakladka reshitky plastic bumper, art.: 5JA853607 2ZZ-4sht.Nakladka plastic handle lever CPR, art.: 1Z0798001-2sht.Nakladka lever handle PPC plastic, art.: 5L0798117-2sht.Napravlyayucha emphasis hood, Art.: 3U0823493-1sht.Panel mounting plate, art.: KEA075004-10sht.Plastyk Locker wheel arches, art.: 1U0810973-1sht.Povitryahin plastic, art. : 5J0805971B-3sht.Povitryazabirnyk plastic, art.: 1U0805826A-20sht.Ramka sklopidiymacha plastic buttons, art.: 1U1867171 47H-1sht.Ramka plastic grille, art.: 3U0853661B 739-3sht.Reshitka radiatora plastic, art.: 3U0853653B 9B9 -2sht.Spoyler plastic bumper, art.: 1Z5807521 B41-1sht.Spoyler plastic bumper, art.: 5J0807061 9B9-2sht.Spoyler Locker kolisnoyi plastic arches, art.: 1Z0853833-2sht.Fiksator orsunky headlight glass art.: 1U0955133-2sht.Torhovelna mark 'SKODA AUTO AS'Vyrobnyk' SKODA AUTO AS'Krayina production CZ CZECH REPUBLIC ***** 39.374 1459.980066 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 4016995290 "1.Vyroby of humy.Z nezatverdiloyi volcanic ovannoyi nonporous rubber to a / o mzahalnoh destination of-metal cuffs, not for industrial skladannyamotornyh means of transportation: 55325-26500 bush poles and zadn.amortyzatora nyzhnya- 10pc. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 55325-26500 bush oporyzadn.amortyzatora lower - 6 pcs. (vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 54148-5A300 sleeve spring - 4pcs. (vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI ); 55330-2H000 bearing rear shock absorber - 110sht. (vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka -HYUNDAI); 55310-22000 bearing rear shock absorbers - 1pc. (vyr.HYUNDAIMOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 55330-2S150 prop Amor yzatoru rear -400sht. (vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 55310-22000 support amortyzatoruzadnoho - 14sht. (vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 54670-3E000 opraperednoho shock - 3pc. (whirlpool. HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 55331-2J100 air bag - 9sht. (vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 25335-2E001 radiator mounting pad hnya September - 20pcs. (vyr.HYUNDAIMOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 253353E000 pillow top radiator mounting -3sht. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 25335-2E001 kriplennyaradiatoru pillow top - 4 pieces. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 25336-2E001podushka lower radiator mount - 2 pcs. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka -HYUNDAI); 25336-2B000 cushion mounting the radiator lower - 6 pcs. (Vyr.HYUNDAIMOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 25336-1C000 cushion mounting the radiator lower -2sht. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 55314-38000 saylentblokamortyzatoru rear - 2 pcs. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 37343-42020 Seal heneratora- 1pc. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 37343-42020 Seal heneratora- 10pc. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 58232-28300 Seal porshnyazadnoho Supports - 30sht. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 58232-28300salnyk piston rear calipers - 10pc. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 22144-3B001 seal rozpodvalu- 300sht. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 22144-3B001 seal rozpodvalu- 500sht. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); 57733-3F500 seal rulevoyreyky - 4 pieces. (Vyr.HYUNDAI MOBIS, torh.marka - HYUNDAI); country of production - KR. " KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 323.867 6056.685863 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 8708309998 "1.Chastyny ​​not brake for disc brakes to the a / m generaldestination. Not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles: 100-3514009-10 Clutch brake valves (100-3514008, -11) (to skladuvhodyat: valve, ring valve springs , rivets, plate springs, bushings, element urivn., protective shell) -15sht, 100-3519100 enerhoakkumulyator KAMAZ20 / 20 with a cover-60sht, 100-3519200 enerhoakkumulyator type 24/24 ZIL, MAZ, KAMAZ, KRAZz folio 30sht 100 -3519210 cam brakes ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, KrAZ-type 24peredn. 13sht, 100-3519310 brake chamber diaphragm (type №30), with a cover-5pcs, 100-35 21110-10 head with "" yednuvalna KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, URAL, KrAZ-2 pcs, 100-3531008povitryarozpodilyuvach ZIL, MAZ, KAMAZ braking p / and. -5sht, 100-3533010 rehulyatorhalmivnyh forces (16.3533010) -30sht, 100-3533110 -10 element elastic forces rehulyatorahalmivnyh l = 320mm, 2 pcs, 100-3536010 fuse antifreeze ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, Ural-11sht, 100-3570110 pneumatic 30h25-5sht, 25-3519160enerhoakumulyator ZIL-5301, 3250-2sht, 5301- 3502050 piston rod halmivnohotsylindra -2sht, 5301-3502117 head adjusting screw brake, 2 pcs, 5301-3519010 camera dvosmuzhna air-1pc, 100-3519209 remkomplektenerhoakkumulyatora 24/24 KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ () Full . with pruzh.) (enerhoakk.: rings, membrane, sealers, bag, hose) -10sht, 100-3514009-10 remkomplekthalmivnoho tap (100-3514008, -11) (composed of: valve, ring valve springs, rivets, plate springs, bushings, element urivn., obolochkazahysna) -10sht, 100-3519100 enerhoakkumulyator KAMAZ 20/20 with a cover-40sht, 100-3519200 enerhoakkumulyator type 24/24 ZIL, MAZ, KamAZ, KrAZ with a cover-20pcs, 100-3519210 Cam brakes ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, KrAZ-type 24 peredn. 7sht, 100-3519310 brake chamber diaphragm (type №30), with a cover-5pcs, 100-3521110-10holovka from "" yednuvalna KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, URAL, KrAZ-1pc, 100-3533010 rehulyatorhal ivnyh forces (16.3533010) -10sht, 100-3533110-10 element elastic forces rehulyatorahalmivnyh l = 320mm, 2 pcs, 100-3536010 fuse antifreeze ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, Ural-5pcs, 100-3570110 30h25-10sht pneumatic cylinder, 25- 3519160enerhoakumulyator ZIL-5301, 3250-1sht, 5301-3502050 piston rod halmivnohotsylindra -20sht, 5301-3502117 head adjusting screw brake, 2 pcs, 100-3519209 Clutch enerhoakkumulyatora 24/24 KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ (full. with pruzh.) (enerhoakk.: rings, membrane, sealers, bag, hose) -5sht, Manufacturer: LLC "" Smolenskye avtoagregatny'j zavodы "" trademark-ZIL, krayinavyrobnytstva-RU. " RUSSIA ***** 1743.464 12062.78281 View Importer

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