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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
20/Apr/2017 8537209100 "1. The control cabinet SHUSA-VЭL5-1ExdIIVT5 + H 2 UHL1-IP66 №11-13 / 21-447 vid30.01.2017 poz.1 - 6 pcs., Case-Control SHUSA VЭL13-1ExdIIVT5 + H2 UHL1-IP66 №11 -13 / 21-447 from 30.01.2017 Pos.2 -1sht. isyhnalizatsiyi cabinets vybuhozahy scheniem type SHUS prednaznacheni for con I ikomutatsiyi elect distribution networks erhiyi tion of various-purpose (lighting, power, alarm signaling tion). The maximum voltage - 1,14kV. notcontains radio telecommunications equipment, electronic equipment tavyprominyuvalni devices, transmitters and pryymachi.Torhovelna mark "" VЭLAN "". Manufacturer: OAO "" VЭ AN "". Country of origin: RU.. " RUSSIA ***** 369 5603.643577 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 8414592098 1. Ceiling fan module (Venta lyatsiyna panel) - 1pc, vykorystovuyetsyav wall and floor cabinets telecommunications which consists of chotyrohvbudov DATA fans. Ventilation panels designed for installation votvorah located in the upper plates sliding 230V, 50 Hz, 0.40 A produktyvnist400 meters ku side on hodynu.Vyrobnyk Otto Bariyer Sistemleri.Torhivelna mark Bariyer.Krayina production TR. . TURKEY 1 3.6 94.04984877 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 8414808000 "1.Inshi ventilation or exhaust recirculation hoods or cabinets with fan, filter or without him -system circulation = 1sht.V disassembled into: rastrubom pipes and fastening elements, control cabinets fan Ventylyatory.Systema air circulation consists of: 4 axial fans mounted in the tube with high vlahozahyschennistyu and box terminals for connecting IP 55, incl. fastening console galvanized profiliv4 suction and exhaust channels alyuminiyu2 devices made of air emissions from the wall fan volohosti5 sensor with high axial fans and vlahozahyschennistyu box terminals for connecting IP 55 Teh.harakterystyky: power - 2.2 kVtKilkist speed depending on your network power from 1430-1745 rev / hvStupin protection IP 55Robocha voltage of 220 - 460 VoltChastota network - 50 - 60Hz (depending on the power supply used) current strength of 4,01-8,22 a (depending on your network and connection diagrams) .1 central control cabinet for control and safety devices including ventilators. vytyazhkoyuSposib management of the system of circulation of warm and humid air is sucked in at the top of racks and using pipes and fans filed under the first floor. Thus, the temperature and humidity in the chamber vyrivnyuyetsya.Systema air emission controls humidity sensors in the chamber and limit it to a certain given value (eg, 90%). The system is not equipped with air circulation system of heating, cooling and zvolozhennya.Ne relates to: equipment and specially designed components and accessories for it, are specifically designed for the development of any equipment telecommunication transmission or switching obladnannya.Obladnannya specially designed for the production of UAVs and soup nih system.Kompresory and blowers Especially designed or prepared axial, centrifugal or bulky compressors or blowers with volume capacity at the inlet of 1 m3 / min or more of UF6 and with pressure at the outlet to several hundred kPa (100 lb / sq. inch ) .Kompresory and blowers especially designed or prepared axial, centrifugal or bulky compressors or blowers made of materials corrosion resistant to UF6, or by coating such material with a volume capacity at the inlet 2 m3 / min or more mixtures of UF6 and carrier gas (hydrogen or Elia) .Kompresory UF6 / carrier gas (MLIS) .Hazoduvky and compressors odnostupenevi, malonapirni (with pressure of 0.2 MPa or 30 lb / dyuym2) centrifugal blowers or compressors for hydrogen sulphide hazu.Vakuumni circulation pumps having all of the following characteristics: a) log diameter of 380 mm or more; b) pumping speed of 15 m3 / s or more; tac) can create a threshold vacuum better than 13.3 mPaTurborozshyryuvachi or units turborozshyryuvach type compressor having all the following characteristics: a) designed to operate at output 35 K (-238 ° C) or below; tab) designed to operate with a capacity for hazopodib " GERMANY 1 1535 27751.17838 View Importer
07/Apr/2017 8544421000 "1.Providnyky yelektrychni for telecommunications, Module cable (twinax) DA-10G SFP + / SFP + 3m-20pcs, designed for high-speed connection equipment within a rack or cabinet (maximum length of 5 meters) is a high-quality, shielded copper cable connecting decorated prystroyamy.Maksymalna voltage 30VKrayina production: CNTorhovelna mark: Sofetec. " CHINA ***** 3 275.6132897 View Importer

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