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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 6307101000 "1.Hanchirky cleaning, fleece, synthetic fibers, packaging, jets of steam mops in a set of 2 pcs / set - 1up, Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - STNVyrobnyk - Changshu Andes Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.." CHINA ***** 0.2 0.503927224 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 6307101000 "1.Hanchirka (variable) for mops, textile knitting, art.55211 to mop CLASSIC-480sht., Cleaning cloth tekstylnatrykotazhna: art.40004 for dzerkalata glass 40h40sm-90sht., Trademark -" "LEIFHEIT" ". Producer - "" LEIFHEIT AG "". Country of origin - CN.. " CHINA ***** 100.29 1219.626573 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 6307101000 "1.Hanchirka (variable) for mops, textile knitting. Reference: 41702 to mop FLEXI PAD EVO-10pc., 51,325 to mop for cleaning windows 3v1-200sht .; 55111-12sht .; .; 55120-120sht 55,140 to mop HAUSREIN sensitiv-30sht., 55321 to mop Twist-System of "" what-24sht., 55,330 to mop Twist-System-12p., trademark - "" LEIFHEIT "". Producer - "" LEIFHEIT AG "". Country of origin - CZ.. " CZECH REPUBLIC ***** 28.828 1646.783068 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 9603909900 "1.Zminna of mops, mop art.41701 to Flexi Pad for cleaning tile and bath-12p., Trademark -" "LEIFHEIT" ". Producer -" "LEIFHEIT AG" ". Country of origin - CZ.." CZECH REPUBLIC ***** 1.956 41.20445037 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 9603909900 "1.Shvabra washing floors, art.55210 CLASSIC-900sht .; mop for cleaning windows, art.51521POWERSLIDE 40cm, 20pcs., To mop variable part. Reference: 41520 to mop Duster XL-40sht., 41,524 to mop Dusty- 6 pcs., 51,520 to mop for cleaning windows, 40cm-240sht., cleaning set consisting of mops for cleaning floors and a plastic bucket with a device for spinning: art.56793 Twist System Active-30sht., trademark - "" LEIFHEIT "" .Vyrobnyk - "" LEIFHEIT AG "". Country of origin - CN.. " CHINA ***** 1091.978 7427.208162 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 2710198700 "1.Hanchirka (variable) for mops, textile knitting, art.55211 to mop CLASSIC-480sht., Cleaning cloth tekstylnatrykotazhna: art.40004 for dzerkalata glass 40h40sm-90sht., Trademark -" "LEIFHEIT" ". Producer - "" LEIFHEIT AG "". Country of origin - CN.. " LITHUANIA ***** 3403.4 5494.200148 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 3923509000 "1.Hanchirka (variable) for mops, textile knitting, art.55211 to mop CLASSIC-480sht., Cleaning cloth tekstylnatrykotazhna: art.40004 for dzerkalata glass 40h40sm-90sht., Trademark -" "LEIFHEIT" ". Producer - "" LEIFHEIT AG "". Country of origin - CN.. " CHINA ***** 0.04 1.631944758 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 6913901000 1. Platform for mops / plastic / which carries the working head with textile or other materials, which in turn is attached to a handle designed for dry or wet cleaning floors, art. TT8700-13sht.Vyrobnyk -Splast Sp.z oo JedliczeTorhova mark - Splast.Krayina vyrobnytstva- European Union / EU. CHINA ***** 10.094 34.24447439 View Importer
22/Apr/2017 9603909100 1. Products for cleaning household, not from plant materials, mops, brushes. Packed in 18 packages and placed on plywood pallets. Manufacturer BEST GRAND INTERNATIONAL LIMITED., Trademark absent. Country of CN. . CHINA ***** 602 481.5998844 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 9603909900 "1.Shkrebky, including schitky to clean clothes or shoes: Mop for washing floors (without handles) art.496402, total - 6 pcs., ILO synthetic handle + 1.30 m (price per set) art.496416 , all - 12p., Mops for cleaning floors, synthetic, art.496351, total - 6 pcs., Country of origin: ES; trade mark: Elephant Evolution, Elephant Tradition; Producer: LBD Group. " SPAIN ***** 5.6 45.36403032 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 7615101000 1.Pryladdya cleaning alyuminievepobutove (handles for mops) bezpokryttya: 00001040 Aluminum handle with otvorom130 cm diameter. 23 mm-475 Aluminum sht00001044 teleskopichnarukoyatka 97-184 cm hole zelenyynakinechnyk 10 sht00001047 Aluminum handle 140 cm diam23 mm green delight (1Cor. = 100 pieces) -500sht00008511 telescopic handle 2h150 cm alyuminiyeva- 30 pcs 00008512 Teleskopichnarukoyatka 2h200 cm aluminum-10 00008514 piece telescopic handle 2h100 smalyuminiyeva 20 shtVyrobnyk: TTS CLEANING SRLTorhivelna brand: TTSKrayina production: IT. ITALY ***** 244.575 2787.283825 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 9603909100 1. Accessories for cleaning domashnomuhospodarstvi (brushes, mops): 00,005,020 dust removal brush, acrylic brush-50sht00005030 web Web web kruhla20sht00005031 brush, bent brush-20sht00005032 removing cobwebs, round-10sht00005502 Brush PVC flooring based naderev'yaniy 80 cm with a metal handle-mount 10pcs 00005505 Schitkadlya Bristle flooring on a wooden base 40 cm with bracket for handle-4 sht00005510 floor brush Coir, 60 cm 70sht 00005555 Brush Susy synthetic zderev'yanoyu handle 110 cm, 50 pcs 00005562 Broom Flo rukoyatkoyu- of 300sht 00005645Plastykovyy set B-Fly (scoop 10 pcs. 50x60 plastic bags, dlyazamitannya scraper, hook for bags, aluminum handle) -6 shtVyrobnyk: TTS CLEANING SRLTorhivelna Brand: TTSKrayina production: IT. ITALY ***** 233.58 2216.530858 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 4417000000 1. Wooden handle for mops: 00001026 wooden handle 150 cm diam23 mm threaded -50sht00001030 wooden handle 140 mm smdiametr 25-60shtVyrobnyk: TTS CLEANING SRLTorhivelna Brand: TTSKrayina production: IT. ITALY ***** 43.1 226.684645 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 6307109000 1.HANCHIRKY (ILO) for cleaning (MYTTYAPIDLOHY, dusting, etc.): 00000131 Mops for dry prybyrannyaMiddle with pockets 40h13 cm, cotton 200sht00000133 Mops for dry prybyrannyaMiddle with pockets 80h13 cm, cotton 450sht00000135 Mops for dry cleaning Basicz pockets 40h13 cm, cotton 420sht00000136 Mops for dry cleaning Basicz pockets 60h13 cm, cotton 240sht 00000142 Mops for dry cleaning zkyshenyamy Middle 60h13 cm-90 acrylic pieces 00000401 Mops for dry cle. for V- podibnoyishvabry with pockets 100h13 cm, acrylic-15sht 00000475 ILO disinfection 40h13sm, microfiber / polyester / cotton 650sht 00000476 ILO disinfection of kolorovymyarlykom 40h13 cm, 100 pieces microfiber 00000485 ILO Vol. Arr. kolrovymyarlykom of 40h13 cm, microfiber / polyester / cotton 350sht 00000495 Mops dlyadezynfektsi flat 40x 13 cm bavovna- 350sht 00000543 ILO Vol. Arr. napoliester based 50h16 cm + Petlyovaniy edging cotton 50sht 00000547 Cleaning Mops dlyavolohoho 40x 13 cm, polyester-50sht 00000 548 ILO Vol. Arr. napoliester based 40h13 cm + Petlyovaniy edging cotton 400sht 00000640 Cleaning Mops dlyavolohoho buttons 44h12 cm polyester -25sht 00000665 Mops dlyadezynfektsiyi Microblue flat with pockets 40h13 cm microfiber 300sht 00000666Mop for dezinf. Microsafe flat with pockets 40h13 cm, microfiber / polypropylene-75sht 00000694 ILO wet cleaning white 40h13 cm microfiber -100 units 00,000,695 ILO wet cleaning Microblue knopkamysyniy from 40x13 cm, 750-piece microfiber 00000696 ILO Vol. Arr. poliesterosnovi flat on blue Microsafe 40h13 cm, microfiber-50sht 00001200 GR 350 motuzochnyyMiddle Mops, Cotton Mops -150sht 00001300 motuzochnyy Middle GR 350 tape, cotton pc-1500 00001859 Mops motuzochnyy Thick Thread GR 350 thread cotton-150sht 00,008,261 fixed ILO window scraper, white 35 cm 48 pcs 00008281Mop for washing windows abrasive white 35 cm 24 pcs 00008431 replacement Mop dlyamyttya windows with abrasive white 35 cm 25sht 00008432 replacement Mop for washing vikonz abrasive, white, 45 cm 25sht 0000C110W Mops for wet cleaning tadezynfektsiyi Pro, 40 cm, with pockets microfiber 100 pieces 0000E210B ILO volohopry yrannya and disinfection Soft Sraiat, 40 cm, microfiber-50sht 0B000694MB Mops dlyavolohoho cleaning 40x13 cm, blue microfiber, 25 pcs 0R000476MR Mops dlyavolohoho cleaning 40 x 13 cm, red microfiber-25sht 0V000476MV Mops dlyadezynfektsiyi of olorov th label 40h13 cm microfiber, green 25shtVyrobnyk: TTS CLEANING SRLTorhivelna brand: TTSKrayina production: IT ITALY ***** 1428.745 20249.92961 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 9603909900 1.Inshi schitky cleaning consist of the working attachment with textile or other materials attached to the platform or other basis, which in turn are connected to a handle, used for cleaning dust roller mops and mop, sponge, dry or purpose wet cleaning stains or cleaning fluid, cleaning floors, flat heat Rotating Mops spare part, art. 4072750-001051, the number - 20pcs. Rotating heat Mops default. Spare parts, art. 4072760-001052, the number - 20pcs. Attachment ILO Microfiber - tape NY, Art. 4077020-001159, the number - 48sht. Trademark: YORK.Vyrobnyk: YORK PL Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedziainoscia sp.k. . POLAND ***** 10.86 112.8909985 View Importer

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