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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Apr/2017 8483908100 1. Spare parts for milling Cutter brands FAO-FAR 2.352DT: cover disc clutch B & P S8 N-typ / S0 BPSO - 8 sht.Torhivelna mark FAO-FAR. Producer PPUH FAO-FAR. Country of Poland. . POLAND ***** 0.56 80.48523747 View Importer
30/Apr/2017 8483105090 "1. PTO," "with hinged joints, brands FAO-FAR intended to milling Cutter, SO-2199 Nm-2.351, article SO-2199 - 1. Trademark FAO-FAR. Producer PPUH FAO-FAR. Country production Poland.. " POLAND ***** 40 875.0086106 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 7606129900 "1.Plyta from aluminum, unpainted thickness of 6 mm or greater, Plytaalyuminiyeva 25 x 730 x 870 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F + film cutters - 43kh; Plytaalyuminiyeva 40 x 780 x 994 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F + foil mills - 83kh;. " POLAND ***** 126 500.567709 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 8509400000 "1.Food or Vegetable Cutters: Juice Extractor for citrus Art.221204- 10pcs. Brand:" Handi "" Manufacturer: "" Handi "" Country of production: CN. " CHINA 10 92 779.5200511 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 7604291000 "1.Prutky from aluminum. Aluminum Rod 40 x 390 x 550 mm mark ENAW-5083 F - 47,4kh, Rod Aluminum 110 x 390 x 780 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F -92,1kh, Rod Aluminum 120 x 390 x 550 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F - 71,1kh; Prutalyuminiyevyy 25 x 150 x 230 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F + film cutters - 9,9kh; Prutalyuminiyevyy 30 x 140 x 200 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F + mi film - 19,6kh; Prutalyuminiyevyy 50 x 112 x 170 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F - 2,8kh, Rod h137 aluminum 50 x 137 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F - 2,8kh; aluminum Rod 40 x 112 x 155 mmmarky EN AW-5083 F - 2,1kh; aluminum Rod 60 x 137 x 152 mm, grade EN AW-5083F - 3,7kh; aluminum Rod 25 x 150 x 230 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F - 14,7kh; Rod lyuminiyevyy 35 x 140 x 190 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F - 13,5kh, Rod h145 aluminum 45 x 187 mm, grade EN AW-5083 F - 24,7kh; Aluminum Rod 50 x 330 x 385 mmmarky EN AW-5083 F - 141,6kh; aluminum Rod 35 x 230 x 665 mm mark ENAW-5083 F - 14,8kh;. " POLAND ***** 460.8 2141.126137 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8202100000 1.Ruchna wire cutter to remove rizhek calves: Hand saw wire 12 meters, in a plastic box - 5 pcs. Art.17141Torhovelna mark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk SinowellKrayina production of CN. CHINA ***** 0.39 21.21804784 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 2106909890 "1.Harchovi additives for use in the food industry, without vmistuetylovoho alcohol: Ref. 20314479 CUTTER MAX (vegetable protein (containing 45% soybean) zheluyucha substance (E407a), flavor, 11% starch, salt, thickener (E412, E415) , emulsifiers (E471)) - 250 kg, 10mishkiv to 25kg; Art.20108058 FES N 2000 U 410 (stabilizers (E450, E451, E452), glucose syrup znyy (24.8%), starch (19.1%), reg ulyator acidity (E575), flavor enhancers (E621, E631, E627), antioxidant (E316), coloring (E150s, E100)) - 500kg, 25kg in 20mishkiv; Art.20108378 SAUMAD DRY UA (glucose syrup 30% Voltage ri ( E451, E452, E450, E500), flavor enhancers (E621, E631, E627), villages , Aromatyz ATOR, antioxidant (E301), a preservative (E 252) - 250 kg, 10mishkiv to 25kg, Art. 201 08040 SAUMAD U530 (stabilizers (E451, E452, E508), dietary fiber (containing CO S) zhelyuyuchyyahent (E407a) dry syrovat ka (9.27%), glucose (7%), antioxidant (E 316), glucose syrup) -1200kh, 48mishkiv to 25kg; Ref. 20108704 SAUMAD UNIVERSAL (stabilizer (E451), glucose syrup (26.28%) modified starch (14.33%), gelling agent (E407a), dextrose (5.3%), flavor enhancer (E621), antioxidant (E316), Thickeners (E415, E410) - 500K g 20mishkiv to 25kg; Art.20107979SAUMAD XEV3 (modified starch, starch (15%) (stabilizers (E450, E451, E452), salt, antioxidant (E316), flavor, thickener (E415), a preservative (E250) - 420 0kg, 168mishkiv to 25kg; Ref. 20108775 SAU MAD XEV3 NN (modified starch (48%), stabilizers (E451, E450, E452), CD ohmal (16.5%), salt, antioxidant (E316), flavor, thickener (E415)) - 1600kg, 64mishkiv to 25kg, Country of origin - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo " POLAND ***** 8500 19452.58099 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8203400000 "1.Vyroby of base metals. The tools used to work udomashnomu farm and gardens. Manual cutter: 30sht.Probiynyky metal: 168sht.Torhovelna mark:" "Stanlytols" ". Manufacturer: not zaznachenyy.Krayina production: CN.. " CHINA ***** 14.36 36.04360183 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8207703100 1.Instrumenty for milling, for processing metal, with working part zinstrumentalnoyi steel for milling machine, milling tail: 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 3F 3x12xD6x75mm -10sht. 2x Western, kintsevafreza on aluminum (HRC 500) 3F 4x16xD6x75mm -10sht. 2x west, end mills poalyuminiyu (HRC 500) 2F 6x15xD6x75mm -10sht. 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 2F 8x20xD8x75mm -10sht. 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 2F 10x25xD10x75mm -5sht. 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 2F12x30xD12x75mm -5sht. 2-West, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2FR1.5x6xD4x50mm-10pc. 2-West, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2F R2x8xD4x50mm -10sht. 2hzahidna, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2F R3x12xD6x50mm -10sht. 2-West, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2F R4x16xD8x60mm -10sht. 2x Western, sferychnafreza on aluminum (HRC600) 2F R1.0x4xD4x50mm-10pc. 3 Western, end mills for aluminum (HRC600) 3F 8x20xD8x75mm -10sht.Odnozahidni, end mills mo (HRC600) 1F 4x8xD4x50mm -10sht. Odnozahidni, kintsevifrezy (HRC600) 1F 6x12xD6x50mm -10sht. Odnozahidni, end mills (HRC600) 1F3x7xD4x50mm -10sht. 3 Western, elongated, end mills for aluminum (HRC500) 3F4x16xD6x75mm -5sht. 4-west, end mills with radius (HRC450) 4F4R1.0x11xD4x50mm -3sht. 4-west, end mills with radius (HRC450) 4F6R1.0x15xD5x50mm -10sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F2.5 x7xD4x50mm -8sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F 3x8xD4x50mm -8sht. 4hzahidni, end mills (HRC450) 4F 4 x11xD4x50mm -8sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F 6x15xD6x50mm -5sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F8x20xD8x60mm -5sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F 10x25xD10x75mm -5sht. 4hzahidni, end mills (HRC450) 4F 12x30xD12x75mm -5sht. 4-west, kintsevifrezy (HRC450) 4F 14x40xD14x100mm -5sht. 3 western, black, aluminum mills on (HRC500) 3F 3x8xD4x50mm -5sht. 3 western, black, aluminum mills on (HRC500) 3F4 x11xD4x50mm -5sht. 3 western, black, aluminum mills on (HRC500) 3F6x15xD6x50mm -5sht. Mill final pravokutna 300R-16x160mm-1am. Ultimate Cutter 300R-12x130mm -2sht. Ultimate Cutter 300R-50-22mm -2sht. Frezatortsova 4Rx20x160 -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: NEW TRADING STARKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: New Trading Star Co., LTD CHINA ***** 13 5777.397568 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8207701000 "1. alternating milling tool torhovelnoyimarky" "CDBP" ", for metal with metal-working chastynoyuz, not containing natural or shtuchnyhalmaziv: solid end mills with spherical cutters and rizhuchoyukromkoyu 4 pen with tsylindrychnymhvostovykom for processing hardened steel tverdistyudo HRC56: -art.BFL-AD-015, -art.BFL-AR-030, -art.BFL-AR-040, -art.BFL-LAD-060. ". CHINA ***** 0.35 170.0400351 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8208100000 "1. Blades and nozhi for installation in instr umentalni verstatystalev and metalworking, boring bits, with variable edge (outer), art. SDJCR1616H11-3 pieces (that rhivelna mark" "LI FENG JINGMI" ") manufacture IK: Wenling Lifeng PrecisionTool Co ., L td. (China), screw cutter, with variable edge (inside), art. SEL1616H16-B -2 units (ie orhivelna mark "" HZSK "") manufacturer: "" HZSK "". (China), cutter screw, with variable edge (inside), art. SEL1616H16 -1 units (trademark "" HZSK "") manufacturer: "" HZSK "". (China), cutter split SNR006016-3sht (torhive flax mark "" DIKALOY "" ) .Vyrobnyk: not given them. country of the pro and: CN.. " CHINA ***** 2.595 60.57785237 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8207703700 1. Imports into the customs territory of Ukraine. V03385 / CARB cutters on carbon staliSN15. 2 sht.Krayina origin: Italiya.Vyrobnyk - GBC INDUSTRIAL TOOLS SpA. ITALY ***** 3 574.4285693 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8207703100 "1.Instrumenty continuous variables dlyaobroblennya metal milling, ztverdosplavnoyu working part, non-electric, not electronic, without vmistupryrodnih or synthetic diamonds: tail cutters: 5620737 MRC120B25-4C12 MC98-1 pieces. 5,623,301 MRCD-S2 120 / 90C12-73 98- 3 pcs., 5,621,873 MRCU057E07-3W06R02L57 98-4 pieces. MRRF120A25-4W12 MC98-1 5,620,613 pieces. MRCU077E09-3W08R02L63 98-5 5,695,382 pieces. 2,618,508 MRCA-B 015-03C03-38-2 pieces. 5,699,461 MRCU048E06 -3W06R02L57 98-5 pieces. MRCS050E06-3W06-57 MC98-2 5,620,533 pieces. MRCU097E11-3W10R03L72 98-4 5,621,874 pieces. MRCCS080E09-3W08-63 MC98-1 5,620,536 pieces. MRCU038E05-3W06R01L57 98-5 5,621,872 items ., 5621875 MRCU117E12-3W12R03L83 98-5 pieces. 5,620,538 MRCCS100E11 3W10 MC98-1 72 pc. Manufacturer: "" Iscar Ltd "", IL-producing country. Trade mark: "" MORSE "".. " ISRAEL ***** 2.34 867.2757005 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8203400000 1. Hand tool for making holes in pipes / hoses Irrigation: DRILL FOR PVC / PE 15.5 MM / punch tool / cutter, 15.5 mm. For irrigation systems for agriculture. . ISRAEL ***** 6 231.1839582 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8466103800 1.Prystriy for mechanical fastening tools (cutters) ISO 40 - 2 pcs., Dofrezernoho verstatu.Torhovelna Brand: NEW TRADING STARKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: New Trading Star Co., LTD. CHINA ***** 0.5 170.614015 View Importer

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