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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Apr/2017 8509400000 "1.Food or Vegetable Cutters: Juice Extractor for citrus Art.221204- 10pcs. Brand:" Handi "" Manufacturer: "" Handi "" Country of production: CN. " CHINA 10 92 779.5200511 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8509400000 "1. Machinery with built motor home, grinders and food blenders, juice extractors for fruits or vegetables packed in new plant: 1) Juicer Juicer KA-J7003 JC803O.Vyrobnyk:" "Kingclean Electric Co." ". Trading mark "" Gorenje "". Country of origin CN.. " CHINA 6 21 236.8420289 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8509400000 1. Equipment for catering, in food products - juice extractor. Housing - stainless steel. steel. Number of revolutions per minute - 300-1400 rev / min. Volume of the tank - 1 liter. Power: 800 W, 220 V. Dimensions: 240 x 320 x 430 mm. art.- FSK400 -2sht. . CHINA 2 10.8 190.58618 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8201300000 1.Instrumenty hand used to. in sadivnytstvikyrky, hoes, hoes and hrabli1000731 extractor (pick) for vydalennyabur'yaniv QuikFit-6sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - FiskarsVyrobnyk - Fiskars. POLAND ***** 1.35 27.3920979 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8415820090 "1.Installations for air conditioning with a built-in refrigeration unit and without a device which provides switching modes" cold-heat "", autonomous. Installations for air conditioning: Power consumption 0,062 kW. The installation LGH-25RVX-E - 1 unit Air conditioning Air: Power consumption 0,030 kW. Venturirovanie (wall supply and extractor installation) VL-100EU5-E - 12 pcs. Trade mark: MITSUBISHI Production system: JP Producer: MITSUBISHI. " JAPAN ***** 139.8 2824.615662 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8509400000 "1. Machinery with built motor home, grinders and food blenders, juice extractors for fruits or vegetables, hand mixer DELIMANO Bravo 3in1 DELIMANO BRAVA DISPENSER 3IN1, Art 106,028,864, count-mark 1848sht.Torhivelna DELIMANOVyrobnyk: Ningbo A Biao Plastic Industry & Trade Co., LtdKrayina production: CN. " CHINA 1848 1275.12 9048.639636 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 9603500000 1.Schitky to domestic extractor LG: plastic brush extractor models VK80103HFXart.AGB72952501-5sht., Country of origin - KRTorhovelna mark - LGVyrobnyk - LG Electronics Inc. . KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 3 55.80002705 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3917390090 1. Plastic pipes, flexible, not reinforced, to home appliances LG: shlanhplastykovyy flexible extractor models VK89383HU art.AEM73513014-1sht., Country of origin - VNTorhovelna mark - LGVyrobnyk - LG Electronics Inc. . VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF ***** 0.758 13.51016117 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3925908000 "1. Part of modular plastic ventilation systems: 100PTP, Field of the face plastic 205x240 flange D100-154 pc.LT1515P, Luke-door inspection bill with a handle-latch ABS 150h150-210 pc.LT1520P, Luke-door audit revision with a handle-latch ABS 150х200-248 шт. ЛТ2025П, Люк-дверь revision bill with a handle-latch ABS 200х250-315 шт.10РК, a grille ventilating round D130 an exhaust ABS with a flange D100-550 шт.10РКФ, a grille ventilating round D145 an extractor ABS with a flange D100-210 Piece 10АПВП, anemostat of inflow and exhaust adjustable with flange АБС D100-60 шт.10АПВП1, Анемостат приLuminous-exhaust adjustable ABS D100-160 pc.125PTP, Platform face plastic 205x240 flange D125-154 pc.12RK, Grille ventilation round D150 exhaust ABS with flange D125-280 pc.12RKF, Grill ventilation round D165 exhaust system ABS with flange D120-66 P.1313G, Ventilation grille ventilation and exhaust system ABS 138х138мм-85 шт.1313С, Ventilation grille ABS 138х138-500 шт.12,5АПВП, Anemostat inflow-in a tension adjustable with a flange ABS D125-32 шт.12,5АПВП1, Анемостат приточно - Extreme adjustable ABS D125mm-64 pc. 1515K10F, Grating inflow and exhaust with a gravity shutter ASA 150х150 with a flange. D100, white-132 pc. 1515K10FV, Outlet wall exhaust with a return valve 150х150 with flange D100, ASA, white-400 pcs. 3040ДФ, Luke-door inspection ventilated, bill "Dekofot" "ABS 300х400-80 p.4513RP , Ventilation Grille ABS 455x133mm, white 120 pc. 2020RPP, Grille Ventilation Adjustable ABS 200х200-80 pc. 2030ДФ, Luke-Door Revision Ventilated, Consignment "" DECOFOT "" ABS 200х300-120 pcs. 2030РРП, Grille Ventilation Adjustable ABS 200х300 -30 pieces.2121K12,5F, Grating inflow and exhaust with gravity shutter ASA 212х212 with flange D125, white-36 pc. 2212K12,5FV, Exit wall exhaust at the return They have a valve 212х212 with a flange D125, ASA, a white 240 pc. 2212P, a grille ventilating extractor АБС 208х208, a white-760 pc.2323С, a grille ventilating extractor АБС 234х234, a white-300 pc.1724г, a grille ventilating inflow-exhaust ABS 170х240-100 pieces.1724С, Ventilation grille ABS 170х240, white-480 pieces.1825Р, Ventilation grille ABS 183х253, white-760 pieces.1825РУ, Ventilation grille ABS 184х254 with flange D125, white-300 pieces.1919Г , Ventilation grille, inflatable and exhaust ABS 194x194mm-100p.1919S, Ventilation grille ABS 194x194mm, white-630pcs. 1515P, Ventilation grille ABS 150x150, white-1380p.1151RPP, Grille ventilation adjustable ABS 150х150мм-100 шт.2525Р, Grille ventilation extractor ABS 249х249, white-400 units. " RUSSIA ***** 1093.265 7128.52435 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8421392000 1.Chastyny ​​appliances LG: filter cleaning air extractor modeliVK8810HFNR art.MDJ54988501-1sht., Filter extractor model V-C7462HEart.5231FI2513A-1pc., Filter cleaning air extractor art.ADQ56691101-2sht., Country of origin - KRTorhovelna mark - LGVyrobnyk - LG Electronics Inc. . KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 0.355 20.44990544 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3917390090 1. Plastic pipes, flexible, not reinforced, to home appliances LG: shlanhplastykovyy flexible household washing machine models F1256QD1art.5214EN3042S-1pc., Flexible plastic tube extractor models VK89383HUart.AEM73513017-5sht., Flexible plastic tube extractor models VK89383HUart.5214FI2163Z-1pc ., Country of origin - KR Trademark - LGVyrobnyk - LG Electronics Inc. . KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 4.84 67.22999498 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8450111100 "1. Household washing machines" "Atlanta" "fully automatic front-loading, centrifugal extractors with built device, new, with a capacity of 5 kg of dry laundry - AGR-50U108-010, prof. Dimensions: 84,6h59,6h42,1 cm - 20 pieces, with a capacity of 6 kg of dry laundry - AGR-60U107-010, prof. dimensions: 84,6h59,6h42,1 cm - 50 pieces, MCA-60S102-010, prof. dimensions: 84,6h59,6h49,3 cm - 50 pieces, MCA-60U810-10, prof. dimensions: 84,6h59,6h40,7 cm - 100 sht.Vsoho 220 sht.Torhovelna mark AtlantVyrobnyk for "" Atlanta "". " BELARUS 220 13690 35751.34165 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8509400000 "1. Machinery with built motor home, grinders and food blenders, juice extractors for fruits or vegetables: DELIMANO NUTRIBULLIT - Gold NUTRIBULLET 600 5 PCS GOLD, Art 105,956,260, count-300sht.Torhova Brand: DELIMANOVyrobnyk: Homeland Housewares, LLC plant in Ningbo Borine Electric Appliance Co., LtdKrayina production: CN. " CHINA 300 813 10522.63811 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8205598090 "1.Instrumenty manual: screw extractor, kat.nomer 9986173 - 1 pc; -produvuvach, kat.nomer 3588044 - 1 sht.Pryznachenyy exclusively for marine diesel dvyhunamorskoho tow. Pryznachennya.Torhovelna Civil Brand" "VOLVO" ". Brand" " VOLVO PENTA "". Country of origin SE.. " SWEDEN ***** 2.396 200.837479 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 9018908400 "1.Prystroyi and tools that are used in surgery, channeled during operations on the knee and zimplantuvannya kulshovomusuhlobah: Screwdriver / extractor art.00-5791-049-00 -3sht .; IM Napravnik mini, long art.00-5967 -042-00 - 1pc., plateau for zri standard mini-sy, art.00-5967-045-00 -1sht., tybialnyy determinant NEKS Jen size, size 3, art.00-5977-012-03 - 1pc. ; Napravnik drill cement NEKS Jen, art. 00-5977-014-00 - 3pc .; handle MIS zrizboyu, art.00-5983-002-01 - 2 pcs .; folding device MIS, art.00-5983-028 -30 -1sht .; pattern femoralnoho component of LPS, roz- measures GR, repeatedly, in sterile yakyynadiyshov pacu Anna and exposed ste- rylizatsiyi, art.00-5997-017-02 - 1pc .; cup adapter 40-50mm, art.00-7804-024-23 - 1pc., positioner cup art.00-8005-210- 00 - 1pc., tybialnyy measuring rod art.00-5785-079-00 - 2 pcs., screw with holiv- Coy, 48mm, art.00-5791-041-00 - 8 pieces. "" Zimmer, Inc. "" address: POBox 708,1800 West Centre Str., Warsaw, Indiana production 46581-0708.Krayina: US.. " UNITED STATES ***** 5.465 1777.724492 View Importer

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