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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Apr/2017 8501510090 "1. AC motors, multiphase capacity not exceeding 750Vt (Electric dy), HZ-A.70 / 24 asynchronous dvyhunombahatofaznym (three-phase) 380V, power 180Vt - 5pcs .; GZ-A.100 / 24 asynhronnymdvyhunom of multiphase ( three-phase) 380V, 250W power - 5pcs .; GZ-of-1200/30 zasynhronnym multiphase motor (three-phase) 380V, power 180Vt - 12p., OB-GP-2500/30 of polyphase induction motor (three-phase) 380V, potuzhnist550Vt - 13sht ., GZ-VA.100 / 24 with a polyphase induction motor (three-phase) 380V, 250W power - 2 pcs .; GZ-VB.300 / 24 asynchronous dvyhunombahatofaznym (three-phase) 3 80V, power 750Vt - 3pc. Electric designedto th remote and local control Thurow Stop f, generaldestination, zhenie applicable to control valves industrial truboprovidnoyiarmatury that vstanovlyuyet sya indoors and under a canopy in the open ytomupovitri.Torhovelna Brand: HZ.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" IN "" GF Elektroprivod "". Country of origin: RU.. " RUSSIA 40 2743.5 38412.72152 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 8545200090 "1.Vuhilni brushes made of graphite, for use in general-purpose electrical machines (motors, generators, welding generators): MG YPFA.757421.163-16 8h12,5h32 - 100 sht.ЭH4 YLEA.685241.187 10h25h40 - 100 sht.ЭH2A KLYUS.685241.1228 16h32h40 - 350 sht.ЭH14 KLYUS.685241.314-05 16h32h40 - 100 sht.ЭH74 KLYUS.685241.350-01 12,5h50h64 - 130 sht.ЭH 14 YLEA.685271.019 2 / 12,5h32h57 - 100 sht.ЭH 14 Klyus. 685241.193 25h32h64 - 100 sht.ЭH74 YPFA.685241.1026-02 12,5h32h40 - 269 sht.ЭH61A YLEA.685271.026-02 2 / 12,5h40h52 - 150 sht.ЭH2A YLEA.685271.069 2 / 12,5h32h40 - 300 sht.M1A YPFA. 757421.163-56 10h25h32 - 100 sht.ЭH14 YLEA.685271.068 2 / 15h30h40 - 142 sht.ЭH74 KLYUS.685241.471-02 16 h25h40 - 125 sht.Torhivelna mark "" E "". Producer PAO "" Prozhektornыe uhly ".". " RUSSIA ***** 141 5107.750224 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8539219200 "1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, voltage ponad100V (domestic, non-explosive, new), general purpose lamps, voltage 230V, power 230Vt, luminous flux 5000Lm, 2950K svitlovatemperatura, base R7s: 64701230W 230V R7S 20X1 OSRAM art. A520905281D, EAN: 4008321207692 - 60sht .; lampazahalnoho supplies, voltage 230V, power 33Vt, luminous flux 460Lm, 2700K color temperature, base G9, e nerhospozhyvannya 33kWh / 1000h: 66733 PRO 33W 230V G9 20X1 OSRAM art.A52042A2413, EAN: 4008321208668 - 400sht .; lamp general purpose voltage 230V, 20W otuzhnist item, the luminous flux 235Lm, light Peninsula temperature of 2700K, base G9, e nerhospozhyvannya 20kWh / 1000h: 66720 PRO 20W 230V G9 20X1 OSRAM art.AA382911413, EAN: 4008321945273 - 20pcs .; lamp general purpose voltage of 230V, 150W otuzhnist item, the luminous flux 2870Lm, 2900K color temperature, cap B15d, power consumption 150kWh / 1000h (class D): 64,498 CERAM 150W 230V B15D 12X1 OSRAM and rt.A62556902 13, EAN: 4008321393784 - 12p .; Country of origin: DE; The manufacturer: LEDVANCE GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. " GERMANY 492 3.428 408.7652002 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8539219200 "1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, voltage ponad100V (domestic, non-explosive, new), general purpose lamps: 66660 AM 60W 230V G9 20X1 NCE OSRAM art.A3238151313, EAN: 4008321525932 - 200sht.Krayina production: DE; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; trade mark: OSRAM. " GERMANY 200 1.38 151.6052624 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8539100090 "1.Lampy electrical, hermetychni directional light: 300PAR56 / WFL art.23427 -144sht 12, Country of origin - USTorhovelna mark -" "General Electric" "Brand -" "GE HUNGARY KFT" "." UNITED STATES 144 82.08 1219.58448 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8539219800 "1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, voltage not bilshyak 100V (household not yevybuhonebezpechnymy new): lampazahalnoho purpose reflector, 12V voltage, power 75Vt, svitlovyypotik 850Lm, 3000K color temperature, base G53, 41840 FL 75W 12V G53 6X1OSRAM art.AB4767600AG, EAN: 4050300011783 - 12p .; general purpose lamp, reflector, voltage 12V, 35W power, luminous flux 32 0Lm, light temperature 2800K, base G53: 41832 FL 35W 12V G53 6X1 OSRAM art .AB4751600AG, EAN: 4050300335766 - 12p., Country of origin: SK; The manufacturer: LEDVANCE GmbH; trade mark: OSRAM.. " SLOVAK REPUBLIC 24 1.94 65.86984147 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8539219800 "1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, voltage not bilshyak 100V (household not yevybuhonebezpechnymy new): lampazahalnoho destination reflex, low-voltage, voltage 12V potuzhnist35Vt, luminous flux 430Lm, 2900K svitlovatemperatura, base GU5.3: 44865WFL 35W 12V LL GU53 20X1 OSRAM art.A36943F1113, EAN: 4050300272634 - 600sht .; lamp for general purpose, low-voltage, voltage 12V, 50W power, luminous flux 680Lm, 2950K color temperature, base GU5.3: 44870 WFL 50W 12V GU53 20X1 OSRAM art. A3694222013, EAN: 4050300272795 - 400sht., general purpose lamps, reflector, 12V , 20 0Vt power, luminous flux 150Lm, 2800K color temperature, ground floor GY4: 41900 SP 20W 12V GY4 10X1 STAR OSRAM art. AB482260013, EAN: 4050300003962 - 20pcs .; Country of origin: DE; The manufacturer: LEDVANCE GmbH; trade mark: OSRAM.. " GERMANY 1020 39.734 368.0028359 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8536508000 "1.Startery glow discharge for fluorescent lamps that do not contain svoemuskladi transmitters and receivers or transmitters: OT STARTER-TANDEM 155/200 4-22W GEBX250 art.64085 - 8000sht, Country of production - CNTorhovelna mark -" "General Electric" " Manufacturer - "" GE HUNGARY KFT "". " CHINA ***** 48 1052.102497 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8504108091 "1.Balast bit for electronic lapm: OT BLS / E / 20W / CMH 220-240V 12PKart.78711 - 12p, Country of production - CNTorhovelna mark -" "General Electric" "Brand -" "GE HUNGARY KFT" "." CHINA 12 1.98 180.6251432 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 9405409900 "1.Prylady svitlodiodni lighting: LED strip (assembly), general use, does not contain in their there peredavachi or peredavachi and pryymachi on 220V; 71933NLS-2835R92-9-IP67-220V -NEONLED-50m / B 1kat.Firma nickname; NingboKlite ElectricManufacture CO., Ltd.Torhivelna Marco NAVIGATORKrayina production-CN. " CHINA ***** 8.875 166.903107 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8703901090 "1. The car that was in use - 1am: Brand Car - CHEVROLET; Model car - VOLT, body number (VIN) - 1G1RB6E4XDU113770; engine room - no data Number chassis - not available, the total number of seats, including The driver - 5; purpose - to transport people; Type of engine: 1.4L I4 MPI - basic electrical, power - 111 kW auxiliary - petrol generator capacity - 1398sm3, axle configuration - 4x2, calendar year (issue) - 2013 ., model year - 2013.; body Type - hatchback, Color - chornyyPeresuvannya vehicle END ayetsya only thanks to the electric motor, features engin for internal combustion engines (ICE) are reduced only to the charging its batteries (ICE does not directly lead vehicle in motion, and the main power mechanism is an electric motor). The car is not equipped with EWC. The main electric motor is not equipped with a starter, fuel system, air and oil filters, clutch or gearbox eredach.Avtomobil claim in damages, whack, broken and damaged, the right front door glass, front right door saloon etc. obshyvka.Vyvantazheno container MSKU9782647. Trade mark - CHEVROLET. Manufacturer - GENERAL MOTORS LLC. Country of origin - USA, US. " UNITED STATES 1 1715 4099.999955 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8536419090 1.Elektrychna apparatus for switching electrical circuits, for a voltage of 24V, 8A sylastrumu to, general purpose, art. SR2B121BD - compact releLOH. 12I-O 24 VDC - 1sht.Krayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Schneider Electric GmbHTorhovelna brand: Schneider Electric. GERMANY ***** 0.3 77.38461754 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8536419090 1.Elektrychna apparatus for switching electrical circuits, voltage - 24 - 60 V, sylastrumu - up to 18 A, st General-purpose: art.ABBAF16Z30102 -ABBAF16Z-30-10-21 CO NT 3P 18A 24-60VAC / - 3sht.Krayina production : FRTorhovelna brand: ABBVyrobnyk: ABB SAS. FRANCE ***** 1 142.6747035 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 6203331000 "1.Robochyy jacket with logo" "DeLaval" "(XL / 54); art.88443805-2sht. (Used as workwear for employees DeLaval. Clothes unsuitable for: protection from the weather, cold, heat abovohnyu, mechanical stress and general dirt, corrosive media, chemicals and ionizing radiation, exposure to nebezpechnymyrechovynamy, electric current) Trade mark: DeLaval.Vyrobnyk: DeLaval International AB.Krayina production: AM.. " ARMENIA 2 1.5 121.0611535 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8539229010 "1.Lampy incandescent electric capacity not exceeding 200W and 100V napruhoyuponad, general purpose (domestic, non-explosive, new): svichkoobrazna lamp, transparent, voltage 230V, 60W power, luminous flux 660Lm, svitlovatemperatura 2700K, E14 base, CLAS BCL 60W 230V E14 10X10X1 NCE OSRAM art.AB4262300G8, EAN: 4008321665942 - 8400sht .; Country of origin: RU; manufacturer manufacturer: AO Ledvans, trade mark: OSRAM.. " RUSSIA 8400 174.72 1210.089889 View Importer

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