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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Apr/2017 3808932720 1. Herbicides based on glyphosate, nonselective systemic herbicide, HLIFAT LCD active ingredient glyphosate IZOPROPILAMINNA SALT, 480h / l plastic canisters on 20L-60000l.CAS: 1071-83-6.Reyestratsiynyy number: 03991Torhivelna Brand: GLIFATVyrobnyk, Co Superus . Ltd, Hong Kong, China.Krayina production: CN. CHINA ***** 69600 115200.0002 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3208909190 "1. Paints and varnishes (including enamels) based on synthetic polymers, dispersed or dissolved in non-aqueous medium containing coloring agents (pigments / fillers), not in aerosol packaging: - Primer GF-021, the type of film forming polymer - gliftalevaja varnish; solvent content - 25-35% content of pigments and fillers - 65-75%, red-brown m.f.- 0.0264 tons; red-brown LIDA f.20.0 - 0.2 tons, reddish-brown LIDA - 0 15 tons, light gray LIDA f.20 - 0.5 t.- Lac PF-170, the type of film forming polymer - pentaphthalic varnish, solvents content - 48-55% content and pigments fillers - 45-52%: MF - 0.0216 tons; f.0,8 - 0.0096 t.- Enamel ML-12 K is a solution of alkyd and melamine-formaldehyde resins in organic solvents, solvent content - 41 -53% content of pigments and fillers - 47-59%: Adriatic MF - 0.078 tonnes, white night MF - 0.22 m; protective MF-3 - 0,142 tons, of green leaves. f. - 0.1 tons, aqua MF - 0,038 tons, ruby ​​red RAL 3003 MF - 0.04 tons, of light-beige MF - 0,048 tons; Gray MF - 0.04 m; blue MF - 0,016 tons; black - 0.12 m; pure orange RAL 2004 - 0,135 tons; pure orange RAL 2004 MF - 0.246 tons; bright green MF - 0.12 t.- Enamel PF-115 LIDA: type of film forming polymer - pentaphthalic varnish, solvents content - 27-32%; content of pigments and fillers - 68-73%: white LIDA MF - 0.168 tons; LIDA white f.20 - 0.2 m; blakitna LIDA f.20.0 - 0.04 m; LIDA MF blakitna - 0,024 tons; LIDA yellow MF - 0.168 tons; Green MF LIDA - 0,084 tons; LIDA green f.20.0 - 0.04 m; LIDA brown MF - 0.168 tons; LIDA red f.20.0 - 0.12 m; Gray LIDA MF - 0.148 tons; Gray LIDA f.20.0 - 0.24 m; LIDA blue MF - 0.144 tons; LIDA blue f.20.0 - 0.24 m; Black LIDA - 0,05 m; Black LIDA MF - 0.144 tons; LIDA f.20.0 black - 0.2 m; Gray LIDA - 0,05 t.- Enamel PF-266 '' LUX '': type of film forming polymer - pentaphthalic varnish, solvents content - 35-41%; content of pigments and fillers - 59-65%: terracotta MF - 0,024 t.Vyrobnyk - JSC "" LAKOKRASKA "". Country of origin - BY. Trademark - "" LAKOKRASKA LiDA "". " BELARUS ***** 4913.26 7317.911349 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 3916901090 Profiled sheets of polycarbonate, MO nolitni with povtoryuyuchymsya constant cross-section, where the length is greater than the width ynu 76 * 16 * 1060.Vyhotovleni extruded by a porous operatsiyu.Ne is not laminated, without lining, reinforced, with technological nesamokleyki.Ne otv Hur, fastening elements tazamkiv.Vykor ystovuyutsya construction. LONGLIFE CSX POLYCARB CLEAR PAT GRECA76 * 16 * 1060 art. PX1855LS08 / P4 / NAS-1526,4m2. LONGLIFE CSX POLYCARB BRONZE PAT GRECA 76 * 16 * 1060 art.PX1855LA08 / P4 / NAS -492,9m2.Torhovelna mark: Marlon CSXKrayina production: GBVyrobnyk: Brett Martin LTD profiled sheets zpolikarbonatu cellular structure produced by extreme ziyi, we pryamokutnoyifor without figure, hopelessly snennya, cellular polycarbonate sheet LONGLIFE FOUR WALL POLYCARB CLEAR 8MM * 2100MM art.P084S15L2100 -123,9m2. LON GLIFE FOUR WALL POLYCARB BLUE8MM * 2100MM art.P084GL15L2100 -495,6m2.Torhovelna mark: Marlon STKrayina production: GBVyrobnyk: Brett Martin LTD. UNITED KINGDOM ***** 2844 13807.32651 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 3907500000 "1. alkyd resin (varnish Alkyd semi-finished) PF-060, a grade higher mass of non-volatile substances - 53.1%. Manufactured according to TU 6-10-612-76. Designed for use as a binder in the manufacture of enamels , primers and fillers. It is a solution of alkyd resin in organic solvents or pentaphthalic gliftalevaja resins, modified vegetable maslamy.Torhovelna mark - LAKOKRASKA LIDA.Krayina BY Bilorus.Vyrobnyk production - OJSC "" LAKOKRASKA ".". " BELARUS ***** 59800 50772.58196 View Importer

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