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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Apr/2017 3305100000 "1.1.Zasoby hair care, not aerosol packaging, packaged for retail sale series BOTHEA, art.8011935074792 Shampoo for damaged hair 300ml - 2064sht; art.8011935074815 shampoo for very damaged hair 300ml - 2064sht; art.8011935075645 Shampoo volume hair 300ml - 1548sht; art.8011935075690 with oil shampoo for hair 250ml - 621sht; art.8011935075669 Shampoo 300ml hair restoration - 1239sht; art.8011935075621 hair Shampoo 300ml AQUA THERAPY - 492sht; art.8011935075898 Shampoo hair kudryavoho 300ml - 492sht.Torhivelna brand: BOTHEA.Vyrobnyk: BRELIL srl.Krayina production: IT. " ITALY ***** 2798.6 19343.47438 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 3307900000 "1. Goods not in aerosol packaging designed for the care of pet hair, net weight without 4362,738kh consumer packaging, net weight izspozhyvchoyu container-4400,00kh: Shampoo 473ml - 5352sht shampoo 947ml-1008sht, lotions 947 ml- 144sht, shampun710ml - 624sht, lotion 295ml-528sht, lotion 118ml 384sht-shampoo-236ml 600sht.Vyrobnytstvo company "" Tetra "", CN. Country of China. The trade mark "" 8in1 "". " CHINA ***** 4400 12099.99995 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3305100000 "1.Kontsentrovanyy viddtinkovyy shampoo KRASA tons of hazelnuts 20mlart. -576sht 8357. Viddtinkovyy Concentrated shampoo KRASA tonRozhevi pearl 20ml Art. 8358 -224sht. Shampoo for intense moisturizing hair" "DEEP AQUA" "Series" "Expert" " 250ml art. 8964-504sht. 2in1 conditioning shampoo for any hair type series EXPERT250ml art. 8988 -798sht. shampoo and curly hair weaves ICONICCURLS Expert Series 250ml art. 8360-252sht.Torhovelna brand: FaberlicKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO "" Faberlyk "" not in aerosol packaging. " RUSSIA ***** 479.83 1119.859994 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3305100000 "1.Pozhyvnyy shampoo for all hair types series SALONCARE (probe) 10ml -1750sht.Torhovelna art.8294 Brand: FaberlicKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO" "Faberlyk" "Not in aerosol packaging." RUSSIA ***** 21 84.74413811 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3305100000 "1.Zasoby hair care, rozfaso Vanya retail: Shampundlya children" "Karamelnaya tale" "" "My Prelest" "250 ml -480sht. Shampoo for children" "Malynovoe varene" "" "My Prelest" " 250 ml -480sht.Torhovelna mark "" Prelest "" Country of origin: RUVyrobnyk OJSC "" Arnest ".". " RUSSIA ***** 274 550.3988802 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3305900000 "1.Krem-rinse" "Faberlic" "amber tone rusyy 115ml Art. 8823 -90sht.Krem-rinse" "Faberlic" "burning tons of chocolate 115ml Art. 8824 -4050sht.Krem, hair color tone Faberlic Champagne 115ml art. 8825 -150sht. farbadlya hair cream Faberlic tone agate cherny 115ml art. 8826 -120sht. Cream Faberlic tone paint dlyavolossya spelaya cherry 115ml art. 8827 -960sht. Cream hair color "" Faberlic "" Scandinavian tone blond 115ml art. 8828-360sht. Cream hair color tone mocha Faberlic 115ml art. 8832 -420sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" natural blond tone 115ml art. 8833-240sht. Cream hair color "" faberlic "" mahogany tone 115ml art. 8834-270sht. Cream hair color tone Faberlic brandy 115ml Art. 8835 -210sht.Krem-rinse Faberlic tone lesnoy oreh115ml art. 8836 -270sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" tone cappuccino 115ml art. 8837 -360sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" Royal tons of mango 115ml art. 8839-180sht. Cream hair color "" Faberlic "" tone amethyst 115ml art. 8841-120sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine tone 8.0Svetlyy blonde 145,64ml art. 8921-72sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine 8.8Svetlyy tone beige blonde 145,64ml art. 8927 -96sht. Stand SS cream paint dlyavolossya KRASA butter amly arginine and 3.0 tons of dark chestnut 119,44ml art. 8938-384sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly arginine and golden tone 4.3Kashtan 119,44ml art. 8941-72sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine tone 4.5Kashtan mahahonovyy 145,64ml art. 8942-24sht. (Tubes of paint, a bottle of milk, a package with balm, a pair of gloves) Gel for hair modeling series EXPERT 100ml art. 8974 -770sht.Ekspres Conditioning, schr indelible "" DEEP AQUA "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8966-768sht. Elixir Hair Oils with AMLY EVERSTRONG series "" Expert "" 52ml art.8970 -400sht. Nutritive Serum for all hair types 30ml series SALONCARE art.8215 -336sht. Balm-conditioner shampoo with ekstraktomzhuravlyny-series sorceress "" bio Arctic "" 250ml art. 8471 -84sht.Balzam-conditioner capacity for thin and weakened hair with poppy ekstraktompolyarnoho series "" bio Arctic "" 250ml art. 8477 -84sht. Mask for hair light iblondyruvanoho "" TOTAL BLONDE "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8956 -360sht.Maska for intensive moisturizing hair "" DEEP AQUA "" Series "" Expert "" art.8965 -144sht 200ml. Air conditioning for perfect smoothness "" SHINE & GLOSS "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8972 -45sht. Mask for hair age "" BRILLIANT AGE "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8963 -504sht. Balm and curly hair weaves ICONICCURLS series EXPERT 200ml art. 8361 -180sht. Mask for hair obobhortannya SekretKleopatry series SPA 200ml art. 2417 -429sht.Torhovelna Brand: FaberlicKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO "" Faberlyk "" Not in aerosol packaging " RUSSIA ***** 2057.626 9595.380336 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3305100000 1.Zasoby hair care aerosol not. 1906912 Shampoo and balm for the hair and skin of children series Schauma Kids, 250 ml -19040sht.Vyrobnyk: Schwarzkopf & Henkel Production Europe GmbH & Co.KG.Torhovelna Brand: Schauma.Krayina production: SI. . SLOVENIA ***** 5255.04 9617.791915 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3305100000 "1. Hair care products, without aerosol packaging, shampoos: Shampoo for colored hair (400ml Color Care) - 85pcs; Soft, non-sulphatic shampoo with phytoceratin for all types of hair (500ml ORGANIC) - 45pcs; Shampoo Shampoo for all types of deeply cleaned hair (1000 ml PL HC) - 24pcs; Hair shampoo for shiny and shampoo; Shampoo for restoring the PLASMA MARINO 1000ml PL - 16pcs; Shampoo for 4kg Strength (400ml Belita Young) - 19pcs; hair shampoo Limoon-Lime 400ml - 60pcs; hair shampoo BEVERAGES (500ml design) - 60s Shampoo for hair PROTECTOR COLLOR (400ml) - 120pcs; Shampoo for professionals 1000ml PL - 24pcs; Shampoo protective for colored and damaged hair (1000ml PL Hc) - 16pcs; Shampoo neutral for normal and slightly dry hair (1000ml PL-HC) - 8pcs; Perfect 400ml hair loss shampoo - 54pcs; Anti-dandruff shampoo for all hair types Perfect 400ml - 36pcs; Revitalizing shampoo from hyaluron. Sour (1000 ml HYALURON Prof HC Pro bioriver) - 8 pcs .;Shampoo with Q10 for all types of hair BABY AND ENERGY 400ml - 36pcs .; Shampoo with oils AVOKADO and KUNZHOUT for all types of hair Volume and Glow (430 ml OIL) - 126 pcs .; Shampoo with olives OLIVI and VINOGRAUD cabbage d / norms. Wolves Power and Protection (430 ml OIL) - 18pcs .; Conditioning shampoo for all types of hair Freshness and strengthening (300 ml MENS CLUB) - 12pcs .;Shampoo-cream 3000ml PL KEFIRU - 2pcs .;Shampoo-clearing SURFACES LIVE FOR NORMALS. And prone to greasy. Hair (480 ml on decoctions) - 180 pcs .; Shampoo for dry and damaged food. Hair (OBLIPHA 500ml) - 224pcs .; Shampoo-strengthening LEEPHA and GOLDEN VUS for hair inclined to fall out (480 ml on decoctions) - 75 pcs .; Shampoo-care for color protection. Hair 1000 ml PL - 72pcs .;The manufacturer of joint venture "" BELITA "" LTD. The trade mark BIELITA. The production is BY BY. " BELARUS ***** 829.67 1309.241344 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3305100000 "1.Zasoby for hair without aerosol packaging, shampoos:" "VINO-SPA" "shampoo energy for white and red wine zmits. D / all types Vol. 500 ml. - 80sht .; ALOE VERA Shampoo d / fat hair, "" daily improvement "" 500ml. - 500sht .; bAMBOO CARE SHAMPOO d / hair from extreme. bamboo thermal protection + volume 500 ml. - 20pcs .; CLEAR & BEAUTY hair Shampoo "" Glitter and restore "" 500 ml. - 60sht .; CLEAR & BEAUTY hair Shampoo "" density and Volume "," 500ml. - 60sht .; CLEAR & BEAUTY hair Shampoo "" POWER AND STRENGTHENING "" 500ml. - 120sht .; Happy Family Shampoo for all hair types ALOE + Chamomile, 1000ml.N - 10pcs .; KERATIN ACTIVE Shampoo recovery keratin hair 400ml. - 180sht .; KERATIN & OIL SHAMPOO Argan Cream d / all types of hair, "" Recovery and Power "", 500ml - 40sht .; KERATIN & cashmere proteins SHAMPOO d / all types of hair " "Restoring and volume", "500 ml - 100 pieces .; KERATIN & Stem Cell SHAMPOO d / all types of hair," "Restoration and rejuvenation", "500ml - 40sht .; KERATIN LIQUID SILK Shampoo & d / all type. hair "" Restoration and luster "" 500 ml - 100 pieces .; KERATIN SHAMPOO Peptides & d / all types of hair against hair loss 500ml - 120sht .; KERATIN & thermal water SHAMPOO d / all types Vl. "" Two-tier recovery "," 500ml - 120sht .; Perfect Hair PERFECT HAIR SHAMPOO explosive transformation d / wondrous beauty hair 470ml. - 28sht .; ANELIS for girls 5-8 years shampoo hair conditioner "" Povitryannyy Kiss "," 250 ml. - 60sht .; Pharmacist Anti-hair loss 150 ml. Unboxed - 20pcs .; Pharmacist Anti-dandruff 150ml. Unboxed - 40sht .; Aqua Active Active Moisture renewing shampoo for all hair types, 470ml. - 56sht .; POWER shine and shine shampoo Argan oil liquid silk + d / all types of hair, 400ml. - 180sht .; Rate deep sewa. d / Vol. A shampoo / ishylnoho fat to fat hair 500ml. - 40sht .; Rate deep sewa. d / hair shampoo peeling d / oily and prone to greasy hair 500ml. - 200sht .; KRASCHIRETSEPTY Thick shampoo to strengthen and stimulate hair growth, 470ml. - 56sht .; Mama and baby shampoo renewing Sweet flag and D- panthenol d / mom 500ml. - 200sht .; Mama and baby baby shampoo Camomile and marigold, 300ml. - 36sht .; NATURAL CARE Shampoo burdock against hair loss, 500ml. - 380sht .; Natural Shampoo with ceramides Ceramide strengthening and protecting hair 500ml. - 40sht .; Juicy Pomegranate Shampoo "" volume and power "" for all types of hair, 400ml. - 414sht .; Thermal Line shampoo thermal water triple effect d / all types of hair, 500 ml. - 40sht .; Shampoo for hair burdock, 1000ml. - 20pcs .; Shampoo for hair burdock, 500ml. - 40sht .; SHAMPOO intensive dandruff for oily hair and scalp problem, 400ml. - 18sht .; Dyed silk for improving the elasticity of the hair, "" Live silk '' 500ml. - 60sht .; Chic VOLUME d / hair shampoo-volume protein d / all types of hair, 470ml. - 42sht .; Shampoo hair and restore shine BASIC HAIR CARE, 470ml. - 14sh " BELARUS ***** 1913.24 2772.012515 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3305100000 "1.Zasoby for hair without aerosol packaging in plastic bags, shampoo, shampoo probe Hidrobalansuyuchyy - conditioning d / all types of hair Absolute. Uvlazh. (10ml free) - 180sht .; Morocco Volsheb probe. Shampoo hair with clay Hassul and black oil (10ml free) - 180sht .; probe force of nature with castor oil shampoo against hair loss (10ml free) - 180sht .; probe force of nature Shampun- restored. flax oil with d / damaged. antyst of hair. (10ml free) - 180sht .; Producer SP "" belite "" OOO.Torhovel Marc BIELITA.Krayina production BY.. " BELARUS ***** 7.43 50.97762446 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3305100000 "1.Zasoby hair care products, shampoos, packaged for retailtrade (not aerosol packing): Art. 4810304009984 (NATURAL LINE) SHAMPUNZMITSNYUYUCHYY, 500ml -60sht. Art. 4810304009991 (NATURAL LINE) renewing SHAMPOO, 500ml -48sht. Art . 4810304011819 (hAIR EXPERT) BB TAKOMBINOVANOHO shampoo for oily hair 500ml -36sht. art. 4810304011826 (hAIR EXPERT) BB -SHAMPUN FOR dRY hAIR AND NORMALHO, 500ml -12sht. art. 4810304012113 (BABYCOLLECTION) SHAMPOO "" without tears " "Kid, 200ml -12sht. art. 4810304012823 (HAIREXPERT) CC - SHAMPOO" "Extreme - Volume", "-24sht 500 ml. art. 4810304012830 (HAIREXPERT) CC-shampoo" "extra power", "500 ml -12sht . art. 4810304013288 (HAIR EXPERT) CC-Champs UN keratin 250ml -20sht.Torhovelna Brand: MarkellKrayina production: BYVyrobnyk: SP "" Stylmark "". " BELARUS ***** 114.54 424.9532775 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3305100000 1.Zasoby hair care - shampoo, not aerosol packaging: DURUSHAMPOO 400ML * 24 Art. C-2370 -610kor. DURU SHAMPOO 600ML * 12 Art. C-2351 -415kor.FAX SHAMP 400ML * 24 Art. C-535E -40kor.Torhovelna mark: DURU, FAXKrayina production: TRVyrobnyk: EVYAP SABUN YAG GLISERIN SANAYI VE TICARET AS. TURKEY ***** 9623.15 9528.180131 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3305100000 1.Zasoby hair care (not aerosol packing): - dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders Apple freshness 400ml (81,631,374) - dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders Nourishing Care 400ml (81,574,312) - dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders primary care 400ml (81574249) - shampoo Pantene Pro-V brilliant and silky 250ml (81,601,100) - Anti-dandruff Head & Shoulders Citrus fresh 400ml (81,631,380) - shampoo and balsam conditioner for dandruff Head & Shoulders Menthol 2 in 1 600ml (81,631,377) - shampoo and balsam conditioner Pantene Pro-V Power and gloss 2in1 400ml (81,601,061) - balsam shampoo and conditioner for dandruff Head & Shoulders Menthol 2 in 1 400ml (81,631,376) - Balsam shampoo and conditioner Pantene Pro-V brilliant and silky 2in1 400ml (81601104). ROMANIA ***** 16510.53 52810.04739 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3305100000 1. Means for hair: -shampuni: revitalizing shampoo for dry and sensitive scalp, 300ml, art.J110134 -48sht.Shampun for restoring damaged hair, 1000 ml, art.J112145 -12sht.Shampun for restoring damaged hair 300ml, art.J112195 -288sht.Shampun that restores balance for normal hair 300ml, art.J114244 -120sht.Shampun deep cleaning, 1000ml, art.J125056 -84sht.Shampun for pomp and volume, 300 mL, art.J126454 - 168sht.Shampun for dry hair 300ml, art.J126535 -120sht.Shampun for pomp and volume 1000 ml, art.J126564 -96sht.Shampun dry hair 1000m l art.J126746 -72sht.Shampun deep cleaning, 300ml, art.J130955 -96sht.Shampun Recovery for colored hair, 50ml, art.J136655 -48sht.Shampun Recovery for colored hair 1000 ml, art.J136716 -72sht.Shampun Recovery for colored hair 300ml, art.J136775 -96sht.Shampun cleaning for natural hair thinning, 300 ml, art.J14826 -48sht.Shampun cleanse pol for colored hair thinning, 300 ml, art.J14828 -24sht.Shampun for stability color, 300ml, for art.J15020 -96sht.Shampun lit or gray hair, 300ml, art.J15021 -96sht.Shampun purple illuminated for a of gray hair, 1000 ml, art.J150251 -36sht.Shampun for the stability of color, 1000ml, art.J150261 -12sht.Vidtinochnyy copper shampoo, 300ml, art.J15408 -24sht.Ochyschuyuchyy conditioner for dry hair 250ml, art.J15501 -12sht .Ochyschuyuchyy conditioner for color-treated hair 250ml, art.J15502 -36sht.Shampun to preserve bright blonde Blonde Life, 50ml, art.J15628 -96sht.Shampun to preserve bright blonde Blonde Life, 300ml, art.J15631 -216sht.Shampun to save bright blonde Blonde Life, 1000ml, art.J15633 -12sht.Probnyk (shampoo + conditioner to preserve bright blonde Blonde Life), 2x10ml, art.J15635 -288sht.Torhovel na brand: JOICO Manufacturer: JOICO LABORATORIES, manufacturing IncKrayina: US UNITED STATES ***** 956.13 3865.199868 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3305100000 1.Shampuni hair in non-aerozolniyup these: GTSH-75 Shampoo with ekstraktomchaynoho tree Green Tea Tree Shampoo, 75ml, 5up.x 12p. LSSH-75 zekstraktom shampoo tea tree, lemon tashavliyi Lemon Sage Shampoo, 75ml, 5up.x 12p. LMSH-75 Moisture shampunz extract, tea tree, lavender tam'yaty Lavender Mint Shampoo, 75ml, 5up.x 12p. TATS-100 Shampoo dlyauschilnennya and strengthen hair Tea Tree Anti-Thinning Scalp Care Shampoo, 100 ml, 5up.x 12p. AGSH-100 Shampoo with extract of ginger and avapuyi Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo, 100 ml, 5up.x 12p. oner (Tester) 7,4ml-3up.x 100 pieces. Goods received at no cost. Producer John Paul Mitchell Systems, Inc. Country of origin US. Trademark Paul Mitchell. . UNITED STATES ***** 35.1 882.3731398 View Importer

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