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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Apr/2017 8419500000 "1. An apparatus for cooling fluid through the heat storage udvyhuni taperedachi environmentenvironment of heat, heat exchanger nonferrousmetals new to tsyvilnohopryznachennya to s / h tractors: 260-1013010-A-01 Heat exchangers-5sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for wholesale rozdribnoyita .Vyrobnyk OAO "" FM, "" MMW "." trademark BY MMZKrayina production. " BELARUS ***** 28.5 930.7980245 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 7322190000 1-Radiators for central heating, non-electric, steel, complete with fittings and fastening elements are made of sheet steel and painted, have a lateral connection to the systems of central heating and are intended for systems of water heating as heat exchangers. Trade mark: KORAD.Manufacturer: USSteel Kosice, sro.Country of production: SK. Country of origin: Slovakia. SLOVAK REPUBLIC ***** 22494 27587.65594 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 7322900098 1. Air heaters ferrous metal, heat exchanger FHBQ-D3.5-K -1sht. rekuperatorFHBQ-D15-M -2sht. heat exchanger FHBQ-D5-K -5sht. heat exchanger FHBQ-D20-M -5sht. Notcontains incorporates ozone-depleting substances, narcotics, precursors and psyhotropnirechovyny. Do not include in its composition transmitters or transmitters tapryymachi.Torhovelna Brand: GREEKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, INC. . CHINA ***** 1020 9015.159949 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 4016930090 "1.Zapasni of the gas engine with spark ignition vn.zhoryannya" "GE Jenbacher" "kohirentnoyi installation. Not for military or dual use: - A set of gaskets for the oil heat exchanger, art. 272 ​​473 - 1.; Trademark - GEVyrobnyk - GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co OGKrayina production - GB. " UNITED KINGDOM ***** 0.125 136.5653817 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 4016930090 "1.Prokladky, gaskets and seals with vulcanized rubber, in addition to a solid / m" "BMW" ": valve cover gasket, art.11121341707 -2sht, Construction klapannoyikryshky, art.11121341708 -2sht; pan gasket engine art.11137548031 -6sht, heat exchanger gasket engine art.11427802114-20sht, linings valve cover, KT, art.11120034106 -1k-t; trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "". " HUNGARY ***** 1.598 332.532457 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8708299000 1. Spare parts (parts) for cars, accessories for bodies, kripl. reflekt. (Strip lights cab) -1sht. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (PACOL), wing-mounting 9sht. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (PACOL), heating (heat exchanger) -22sht. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (THERMOTEC), rem. fenders (mudguards mounting bracket) -6sht. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (PACOL). CHINA ***** 27.72 225.0844803 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8415830090 "1.Promyslovi installation of ventilation so air conditioning installation without vstroyenoyiholodylnoyi disassembled state (from the engine shield control, automation, Ventilation group filters, elastic insert, heat exchangers, air valves) type" "VENTUS" "(do not include electronic means tavyprominyuvalni devices) VS-55-L-MN / H / F power 0,75kVt8-121-17-3055-00005-1ShT. VS-400-RM / HC / F power 0,75kVt8-121-17-3400-00013 -1SHT. VS-400-RM / HC / F power 0,75kVt8-121-17-3400-00014-1ShT. VS-180-R-FV power 0,75kVt 8-121-17-3180-00005-1SHT. VS-180-R-FV power 0,75kVt 8-121-17-3180-00006-1SHT. VS-120-R-HC / F potuzhnist0,75kVt 8-121-17-312 0-00002-1SHT. VS-400-R-HC / F power 0,75kVt8-121-17-3400-00015-1ShT. VS-150-R-FV power 0,75kVt 8-121-17-3150-00002 -1ShT.Bsoho-8 pieces. kit with installation and zapusku.Vyrobnyk-VTS Sp.zoo, Polscha.Torhivelna Marco VTS.Krayina vyrobnytstva- PL.. " POLAND ***** 7633.434 35953.47418 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8418999010 "1.Zapchastyny ​​to refrigerators" "Atlanta" "K2N3 for oholodzhennyamorozylnoyi heat exchanger chamber refrigerator XM-4-10sht." TURKEY ***** 11 192.0851563 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8419500000 1.Radiatory to elektrotransformatoriv: -L = 2700, N = 29, L1 = 2400, N1 = 3, A = 250 Appendix C, drawing C1, flanges - Annex A, A1 picture without electroplating, RAL 7047, degree of corrosion protection: C4-H under ISO12944-2- 32sht.Zhidno of tehn.vymohamy ZTR VBYE 305652.543TT. Radiators are heat exchangers. Designed to divert heat loss transformer own production and are not vybuhonebezpechnymy.Vyrobnyk: BAYSAN RADYATOR SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STIKrayina production: TR. . TURKEY ***** 26688 104290.6722 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8403109020 "1.Kotly central heating household, boiler and heat exchanger parts vyhovleni steel capacity to 100kW, for solid fuel type (coal, wood): Q HIT 15kW boiler -1sht., Q HIT 20kW boiler -1sht., Boiler Q HIT 25kW -1sht., Q HIT 30kW boiler -1sht., boiler Q HIT PLUS 15kW -3sht., boiler Q HIT PLUS 20kW -5sht., boiler Q HIT PLUS 25kW -5sht., boiler Q HIT PLUS 30kW -3sht. ; Q PLUS 15kW boiler -1sht., Q PLUS 35kW boiler -2sht., Q PLUS 45kW boiler -2sht., Q PLUS 55kW boiler -1sht., Q PLUS 65kW boiler -2sht., Q PLUS 75kW boiler -2sht., boiler Q PLUS DR 15kW -aut.POG -2sht., boiler Q PLUS DR 20kW -aut.POG -5sht., boiler Q PLUS DR 30kW -aut.POG -5sht., Holz 13kW boiler -1sht., Holz 17kW boiler -2sht ., Total - 45sht.Kotly contain in his case the electromechanical ustatkuvannya.Torhovelna mark HeiztechnikVyrobnyk Przedsieborstwo Produkcyjne Heiztechnik spolka z ograniczonaKrayina production Poland / PL. " POLAND ***** 16300 32698.87527 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8516108000 "1.Elektrovodonahrivachi: Combined storage water heaters hinged type: 200litriv, ten 3kVt 1 teploobminnykart.CS0200WHS-20pcs, composite floor nakopychuvalnohotypu water heater, 750 liters, 2-exchanger art.CS0750FSD 1pc, 750 liters, 1 teploobminnykart.CS0750FSS-1am; 500 l, 2-exchanger art.CS0500FSD 3pc; 500litriv 1-exchanger art.CS0500FSS 2 pcs, 300 liters, 2-exchanger art.CS0300FHD 4 pieces; electric: RODA Palladium 80 (80 l, vertical) -84sht; RODA Palladium 50 (50 l vertical) -54sht; RODA Palladium 30 (30 l, vertical) -18sht; RODA Palladium 120 (120 l vertical) -15sht; RODA Palladium 100 (100 l Vertical) -15sht; RODA Palladium 150 (150 l vertical) -20sht, trademark RODA.Vyrobnyk ELDOMINVEST LTD.Krayina production of BG. " BULGARIA 237 8098.5 24831.56415 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8516108000 "1.Elektrovodonahrivachi: Combined floor nakopychuvalnohotypu 200 liters water heater, heat exchanger 1 art.FV20067S-1am; trademark RODA.Vyrobnyk ELDOMINVEST LTD.Krayinavyrobnytstva BG." BULGARIA 1 63 220.7434417 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8419500000 1. Spare parts for construction equipment Volvo: - capacitor for tracked excavator Volvo EC460B, desks number: VOE 14539787 - 1 piece. Is one of the heat exchangers air conditioner excavator. Conditioner condenser is located under the hood on the radiator or separately. The compressor pumps the refrigerant in the condenser, where heat is excreted into the air through the radiator fan motor or individual fan. . KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 5.08 865.929421 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 4016930090 1.Vyroby nonporous nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber, rubber seals for heat exchanger initial art.PGT42 GS-R-1 piece, rubber seal to the heat exchanger, intermediate / final art.PGT42 GM-R-32sht.Dlya own production needs. Trademark: UnexVyrobnyk: Unex Scambio Termico Srl. ITALY ***** 4 1074.635874 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8708919998 "1.Zapasni parts for tractors, parts and equipment of motor vehicle parts cooling system: - 245-1506500 liquid-oil heat exchanger, .; 7sht - 245-1505200 liquid-oil heat exchanger, 10pcs .; Trademark: ZAVETVyrobnyk: OOO" "Testament" "Country of origin: BY." BELARUS ***** 19.4 479.5900361 View Importer

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