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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 9030310000 "1. Profibus module Ultra Plus 37021 - 1 pc. Universal Module is a diagnostic device for controlling and measuring signals parmetriv PROFIBUS network. It is also possible diagnose industrial or other device of the network - with or without PLC. The module consists of a diagnostic and measurement, which measures the electrical parameters of the network and compares them with reference values. The measurement results are displayed on the screen. it is also possible to connect the printer module for printing scorecards measurement. This module has n recording ystroyiv. To store the measurement results is possible to connect the module for module PK.Osnovni tasks: • Universal testing: -Poyednannya signal tester, oscilloscope, the protocol analyzer in a single diagnostic tools, together with the offline diagnostics on a PC; -pidhodyt to install, configure and commissioning, network optimization, troubleshooting and also suitable for laboratory testing. • Compact mo dul test network without using a laptop; -complex network without the use of tests I have a laptop; -Easy-to-understand test results • Enhanced diagnostics using software-generation of test reports, describing the actual state of the network PROFIBUS.Haluz application: - troubleshooting and maintenance of PROFIBUS networks: - commissioning networks PROFIBUS- testing and verification PROFIBUS products - passive test kabelivKomplekt delivery: 1. USB kabel2. module PROFIBUS3. connector to PK4. Blue chohol5. vykorystannya6 instruction. installation disk (if any) .Krayina production - Netherlands. Trade mark - Procentec. Vyrobnyk- Procentec BV. " NETHERLANDS ***** 1.7 2992.275037 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 9030840000 "1.A calibration based calibrator 3041 - 1. Electronic-multifunction calibrator Transmille 3041A, intended for verification (including including software) any equipment with different measurement ranges of electrical signals (zminnoyii constant voltage, variable from 0 to 25 October B constant from 0 to 1020 V alternating first and DC 0 to 30 A, 2 and 4-wire resistance 1 GOhm, yemnos those from 1nF to 10 MF, inductance of 1 mH to 10 Gn frequency , sweep) cells from ace accuracy DC - 25 ppm (0,0025% BB) .Ukomplektovanyy option SCP600 module calibrate oscilloscopes 600 MHz option IND modulemkalibruvannya inductance module option SIMRC imit ted resistance secrecy (active mode) at ptsiyeyu 3000LEAD set of precision otiv others. Izzapysuvalnym device. For reference laboratory. Contains radioaktyvnyhelementiv.Torhovelna mark: "" Transmille "" .Vyrobnyk: "" Transmille Ltd "". Country of origin: GB.. " UNITED KINGDOM ***** 22 22001.13992 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 9030201000 1.MOTORTESTER reader ELEKTRYCHNYHPARAMETRIV (cathode ray oscilloscope) FSA 050art.0684010050-1sht.Torhovelna mark BOSCHVyrobnyk ROBERT BOSCH GMBHKrayina production GB. UNITED KINGDOM ***** 4.851 513.9600425 View Importer
10/Apr/2017 9030203000 1.Prylady for measuring values ​​of electric current, zridkokrystalichnym digital oscilloscope display and recording device complete with blokomzhyvlennya, probes 2 pcs., The tool to adjust the volume of the probe module expand rennyadlya measure small capacity, USB cable, software on CDdysku, cases for carrying, user manual: P 1205-1sht. Automatic electrical quantities formeasurement tion current digital oscilloscopes zridkokrystalichnym display device and recorded it: P 1305-1sht.Torhovelna Brand: PeakTechVyrobnyk: PeakTech Pruf- und Messtechnik GmbHKrayina production: CN. CHINA ***** 10 832.3450049 View Importer

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