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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
27/Apr/2017 3910000010 "1.Pinoznyschuvach based silicone emulsion" "PINOSTOP" ", in the form of a viscous liquid, milky white, not in aerosol packaging, plastic bottles 1 liter: PINOSTOP (polydimethylsiloxane 20%) 96 12 plastic kart.korobok bottles in a box in 1L - 1152 liters. It is used during the preparation of the working solution means of plant protection, fertilizers, etc., which are not normalized pinoutvorennya.Ne containing ozone-depleting rechovyn.Torhovelna mark PINOSTOPVyrobnyk SHANGHAI PROFIRST CO., LTDKrayina production of CN. " CHINA ***** 1152 14197.22519 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 5903909900 1-Textile material 0.2 mm thick, consisting of the following layers: mesh - a base of textile material made of polyester fibers, which are immersed in a mass of adhesive (adhesive, adhesive) transparent, non-transparent film of synthetic non-vulcanised rubber (poly (methyl acrylate: butadiene )) The product on one side is covered with a protective layer in the form of a yellow paper, coated (laminated) on both sides with polydimethylsiloxane (silicate polymer), which is separated during use. Without the content of acetone, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, ethyl ether. Used for the manufacture of vehicle parts (189 m2), for own production needs. . GERMANY 189 39.06 288.3075924 View Importer
04/Apr/2017 3214101090 "Mira supercolour mira" "Mira" trademark containing its cement, dolomite filler, pigments and used to fill and seal the joints between ceramic, clinker tiles and natural stone, in a non-aerosol packaging (powder mix), in Lathes: Mira supercolour 100 big beg, art.105045 - 940 kg, Mira supercolour 115 big beg, art.105236 - 939 kg, Mira supercolour 120 big beg, art.105281 - 942 kg, Mira supercolour 123 big beg, art.105410 - 973 kg, Mira supercolour 135 big beg, art.105786 - 956 kg, Mira supercolour 144 big beg, art.106059 - 981 kg, in bags of 5 kg: Mira supercolour 100, art.105014 - 1000 kg, Mira supercolour 112 , Art.105076 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 120, art.105 311 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 121, art.105342 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 133, art.105717 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 135, art.105779 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 140, art.105922 - 1000 kg, Mira Supercolour 144, art.106042 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 147, art.106103 - 1000 kg. SHEET: white and portland cement - 20-50%, calcium carbonate, magnesium - 30-60%, titanium dioxide - 1-5% .Hydroisolation (Pasty blend) in non-aerosol packaging for surface treatment, in plastic jars: Mira 4400 multicoat, art.440061 - 300 kg; (6 kg);COMPOSITION: polymeric acrylates - 55% -65%, barium sulfate - 25% -35%, titanium dioxide - 1% -5%. Mira supersil "" trademark "Mira" "based on silicone (paste form) For filling seams of ceramic tile, with "" connecting parts of sanitary ware, pipes (plastic tubes of 0,417 kg): Mira supersil nr. 100, art.102853 - 120 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 115, art.102877 - 12 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 120, art.102891 - 36 pcs, Mira supersil nr. 121, art.103010 - 36 pcs, Mira supersil nr.123, art.103034 - 12 pcs, Mira supersil nr. 130, art.102945 - 12 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 131, art.102976 - 48 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 133, art.103133 - 48 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 144, art.103058 - 24 pcs, Mira supersil nr. 147, art.103072 - 24 pcs, Mira supersil nr. Transparent, art.102938 - 12 pcs. EXPLOSION: pigments, polydimethylsiloxane 20-50%, fillers 5-30%, hardening accelerator 2% oksimo-sylan. Production line DK Trade mark MIRA Manufacturer 'MIRA BYGGEPRODUKTER A / S' DENMARK ***** 12187.99 8761.483548 View Importer

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