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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
21/Apr/2017 3304990000 "1.Kosmetychni preparations for skin care is not in aerosol packaging (notcontains drugs, psychotropic substances and perkusoriv) .Torhovelna mark" "Farmona Waliczek" ": Series Skin Aqua Intensive: Eksklyuzyvnyynichnyy biokrem- humidification and regeneration 50ml (art.SAQ0002) - 24sht, Series SKIN CRYSTAL CARE: Exclusive biokrem of wrinkles around the eyes and lighting -zvolozhennya 15ml (art.SAQ0003) - 24sht, Cleansing milk for oblychchya200ml (art.SCR0002) - 24sht, micellar fluid for removing makeup from the face 200ml (art. SCR0004) - 24sht, Series HERBAL CARE: Nourishing hand cream and nail Olyva100ml (art.HER200 8) - 480sht, rejuvenating hand cream and nail Rosehip 100ml (art.HER2010) - 288sht, Argan oil for hair, skin and nails 55ml (art.HER2020) - 24sht, Cream for information Argan oil lychchya Day / Night 50ml ( art.HER2028) - 360sht, rejuvenating cream at Rosa blychchya day / night 50ml (art.HER2029X) - 1380sht, soothing cream obly chchya Daisy day / night 50ml (art.HER2030) - 300sht, normals zuyuchyy cream Green tea day / night 50ml (art.HER2031) - 480sht, Firming cream orchids Chor day / night 50ml (art.HER2032X) - 240sht, Moisturizing cream Al OE day / night 50ml (art.HER2038) - 240sht, HERBAL C ARE Moisturizing cream Aloe Day / Night 50ml (art.HER2038X) -240sht, two-phase liquid makeup remover with almond flower at chey 125 ml (art.HER2051) - 240sht, micellar gel maki yazhu removal from the face and eyes flower Almond 200ml (art.HER2052) - 600sht, soothing d el for intimate hygiene 330ml Cornflower (art.HER2053) - 360sht, protective gel for intimate hygiene 330ml oak bark (art.HER2054) - 120sht Cream movie of wrinkles I f eye Siberian irys15ml (art.HER2055) - 240sht, and rejuvenating face mask Rosa 2 x 5 ml (art.HER2056) - 2000sht, nourishing mask at blychchya Argan oil 2 x 5 ml (art.HER2057) - 2000sht moisturizing facials Aloe vera I have 2 x 5 ml (art.HER2058) - 2000sht scrubs, face and lips flower Myhd alju 2 x 5 ml (art.HER2059) - 2000sht, Rosehip Body Cream 200 ml (art.HER2065) - 120sht, body Cream 200ml Lavender (art.HER2066) - 120sht, body Cream 200ml burrito (art.HER2067) - 120sht.Krayina production: PL.Vyrobnyk: "" Laboratorium Kosmetykow Naturalnych Farmona Sp. z oo "". " POLAND ***** 1391.64 5903.611779 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 2008994990 "1. Fruit filler pasteurized to yogurt in metal containers for 400ml: Fruit filler" Raspberry "" Art 90480004 -1217kg. (Ingredients: 42% sugar, raspberry 30%, modified starch E1442, raspberry flavoring, sodium citrateE331, carmine E120, Carmine E120, lmactic acid and E330, dry matter 48 +/- 2, density 1,221 +/- 0.012g / cm3 (at 20gr ad.C), pH 4 +/- 0.2, production date 11.04.2017, batch number 2039, the term has been kept for 6 months.) Fruit filler "Cinnamon" "Art 90930015 -999 kg (Composition: 40% sugar, apple 35%, raisin 55, modified starch al 1414, caramel syrup (invert sugar syrup N, glucose syrup, water, caramelized sugar, skimmed milk powder, whole milk sugar, oil, emulsifier lecithin E 322, acidity regulator calcium carbonate, E170, sodium hydroxide E524), natural flavoring cookies, rosehip grass E410 / guar gum E412, cinnamon 0 , 2%, caramel flavor, E150a, natural juice concentrate, sodium citrate E331, citric acid E330, dry matter 50 +/- 2, density 1,232 +/- 0,012g / cm3 (at 20 ° C), pH 4 +/- 0 , 2, production date 11.04.2017, lot number 2037, shelf life 6 months). Trademark: BEL-OSTKraina production: BYVir Bond: IOOO "BEL-OBST" ", RB" BELARUS ***** 2216 3891.206912 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 3305100000 "1.Zasoby for hair without aerosol packaging, shampoos: (Ukraine) Shampoo-cream goat milk 500ml - 1335sht .; (Ukraine) Shampoo yogurt cream (500ml new. Design) - 750sht .; (Ukraine) Shampun- 500ml cream mare - 375sht .; magic. Shampoo hair with clay Hassul and black cumin oil (370ml Morocco) - 552sht .; Hidrobalansuyuchyy shampoo d / all types of hair Absolut. moisture (hydro 345ml) - Shampoo living 300sht .; cones beer hops d / zmits. and shine. hair (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 150sht .; Shampoo Green chestnuts and ginkgo biloba d / volume and dense. hair (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 120sht .; creamy shampoo for colored hair (400ml Color Care) - 17sht .; special shampoo celandine and AUS. Tea. DER. Against greasy. Skin and hair (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 390sht .; Preventive tar shampoo for dandruff (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 165sht .; Traditional calendula Shampoo and CHEREHA d / improvi. hair and scalp (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 135sht .; Anti fragility d / stonch. and with child. hair (400ml Nettle Arhi nin) - 357sht .; Birch-tar shampoo 480ml - 225sht .; Nettle Shampoo 480ml conditioned - 150sht .; Shampoo recovery PLASMA MARINO 1000ml PL - 96sht .; Shampoo recovery PLASMA MARINO 3000ml PL - 2 pcs .; Shampoo shine and elastych. Perfect hair 400ml - 90sht .; Shampoo hair shine and strength (400 mL Belita Young) - 95sht .; Shampoo hair rescuers color (400ml) - 200sht .; Shampoo hair egg yolk (500 ml nov.dyzayn) - 180sht .; Shampoo MEN (nov.) 250 mL - 300sht .; Shampoo against dandruff MEN (nov.) 250 mL - 600sht .; Shampoo for normal hair 500ml olive - 1280sht .; Shampoo for professionals 1000ml PL - 80sht .; Shampoo for professionals 3000ml PL - 2 pcs .; Anti-hair loss 400ml Perfect - 90sht .; Anti-dandruff for all type. Perfect hair 400ml - 180sht .; Chamomile shampoo for all hair types 500ml - 182sht .; Shampoo with Q10 for all types of hair volume and 400ml ENERGY - 18sht .; Shampoo with D-panthenol zmits. to dry. and poshk. hair 500ml HS - 400sht .; Shampoo with castor oil against hair loss (400 mL force of nature) - 266sht .; Shampoo with avocado and sesame oils for all types of hair volume and shine (430ml OIL) - 36sht .; Shampoo balm Rosehip vitamin. for each type. hair 500ml HS - 448sht .; Shampoo recovery thyme and sage for all types of hair (480ml In broth) - 390sht .; Dyed flax oil recovery d / damage. antystatych of hair. effect (400ml force of nature) - 399sht .; Shampoo gel with cucumber juice and lime washing hair and body (500 ml Cucumber-Lime) - 15sht .; Shampoo-cream goat milk 1000ml PL - 96sht .; Shampoo Cream of natures. air conditioning goat milk d / weak and brittle hair (500ml nov.dyzayn) - 90sht .; Shampoo Cream of natures. conditioned mare d / all types of hair (500ml nov.dyzayn) - 300sht .; Laminating shampoo for all hair types (400 mL sleek and groomed) - 760sht .; Shampoo for cleaning Rye bran standards. and prone to oily. hair (480ml In broth) - 300sht .; Peeling shampoo 1000ml PL " BELARUS ***** 6969.76 9612.09179 View Importer
06/Apr/2017 3304990000 "1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): Tone cream Easy Series Color Trend, Light Medium, 30 ml art.F0194400-270sht. (1 Cor.) Tone cream ease series ColorTrend , MEDIUM, 30 ml art.F0201800-270sht. (1 Cor.), multi dennyykrem Full face SPF 20 series updates AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F0367700-800sht. (20kor.) anti-aging face cream Rozkishnezvolozhennya series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F0579500-120sht. (3kor.) Omolodzhuvalnyykrem luxurious moisturizing facial series AVON Anew, 15 ml art.F0677600-252sht. (2 Cor.) facial cream is the charge nerhiyi. Doskonalist.Mittyeve alignment. series AVON Anew, 30 ml art.F0832400-990sht. (10kor.) Toning and nourishing cream for face and body Rosehip series AVON Care, 400ml, art.F1036300-1012sht. (46kor .) Recovery night cream series AVON TrueNutra Effects, 50 ml art.F1670700-660sht. (11kor.) matting day cream SPF15 dlyaoblychchya Active moisture. Does not contain oils. series AVON True NutraEffects, 50 ml art.F2362000-300sht. (5kor.) Night cream Zaryadenerhiyi. Perfection. Series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F2362500-200sht. (5kor.) System Eye Updates SPF25, series Anew Reversalist, 15 ml art.F2522900-324sht. (3kor.) A set of tools skin care oblychchyaOnovlennya. Micellar water for face cleaning Secret 3-in-1 50 ml kremdlya Day Face 15ml, night cream 15 ml. The system for the skin around ocheykrem balm 15 ml art.F2647400-32sht. (1 Cor.) Night cream SyayvoSPF 20 series AVON True Nutra Effects, 50 ml art.F2699700-720sht. (12kor.) Recovery Night Cream Radiance series AVON True Nutra Effects, 50 ml art.F2762400-300sht. (5kor.) Recovery Cream Eye, seriyiAVON True Nutra Effects, 15 ml art.F2806700-126sht. (1 Cor.) Remedy 3-in-1 protychornyh points with white clay and 2 salicylic acid series AVON Clearskin, 75ml, art.F3054400-140sht. (2 Cor.) Night Moisturizing Gel Cream moisturizing oblychchyaAktyvne series AVON True Nutra Effects, 50 ml art.F3510300-600sht. (10kor.) Gommazh Mask Facial with Dead Sea minerals ideal cleaning series Planet Spa, 50 ml art.F3511800-120sht. (1 Cor.) Matuyuschyy tonal kremSpokiyne Lights AVON True Colour, CREAM, 30 ml art.F3540700-90sht. (1 Cor.) Matuyuschyy creams Quiet Lights AVON True Colour, IVORY, 30 ml art.F3590100-90sht. (1 Cor.) Facial creams Quiet Lights AVON TrueColour, Ivory, sample 1 ml art.F3803200-792sht. (1 Cor.) Tone cream dlyaoblychchya ease Series Color Trend, LIGHT, 30 ml art.F4185100-270sht. (1 Cor.) Pomyakshuvalnyy and refreshing body lotion with green tea extract zelenohochaya series AVON Care, 400 ml art.F5389100-200sht. (10kor.) Toning Cream dlyaoblychchya explosive energy. Perfection SPF 20 UVAUVB series AVON Anew, 30 ml art.F6105900-396sht. (4kor.) Ultra Facial Cream zhyvlennya.Nasychenyy Care, 50 ml art.F6373800-400sht. (10kor.) Moisturizing k " POLAND ***** 4803.69 17310.03256 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 3304990000 "1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): anti-aging face cream luxurious moisturizing series AVON Anew, 15 ml art.F0677600-378sht. (3kor.) Intensive moisturizer for body -sufle royal zbdzholynym milk and vitiminom E series AVON Care, 200 ml art.F0750000-33sht. (1 Cor.), facial cream energy. Doskonalist.Mittyeve alignment. series AVON Anew, 30 ml art.F0832400-986sht. (10kor .) Toning and nourishing cream for face and body Rosehip series AVON Care, 400ml, art.F1036300-2244sht. (102kor.) Night cream updates, seriyiAnew Reversalist, 15 ml art.F1384500-378sht. (3kor.) Day Cream SPF25 oblychchyaOnovlennya, series Anew Reversalist, 15 ml art.F1385000-323sht. (3kor.) Night Cream Anew Platinum, 15 ml art.F1602600-378sht . (3kor.) SPA face mask plivkadlya with effect shimmer with the scent of wood iSyayuche TS Gold Series AVONPlanet Spa, 50 ml art.F1785900-125sht. (2 Cor.) Coupling cooling tonic dlyaochyschennya pores with eriyi Clearskin, 100 ml , art.F2221600-1296sht. (18kor.) Matuyuchyydennyy cream SPF15 Active moisture. Does not contain oils. Series AVONTrue Nutra Effects, 50 ml art.F2362000-960sht. (16kor.) A set of tools with dohlyaduza skin update. Micellar water for face cleaning Secret 3-in-1 50ml, day cream 15ml Night cream 15 ml. The system dlyashkiry eye cream and balm 15 ml art.F2647400-32sht. (1 Cor.) Mitselyarnavoda iOchyschennyai for all skin types, series AVON True Nutra Effects, 200 ml art.F2696800-525sht. (15kor.) Professional daily scrub clean the face Clearskin series, 125 ml art.F2873300-68sht. (1 Cor.) Perfumed spray tilaseriyi Perceive, 100 ml art.F3215100-960sht. (16kor.) Night cream oblychchyaOmolodzhennya. Multi-Care series AVON Anew, 15 ml art.F3354000-504sht. (4kor.) Day Cream Facial Rejuvenation. Multi-Care SPF 25 series AVON Anew, 50ml, art.F3437300-120sht. (3kor.) Perfumed Body Spray, a series AVONCherish, 100 ml art.F5965900-900sht. (15kor.) Tonal means Zaryadsvizhosti Face SPF 15NUDE, 30ml, art.F6520700-112sht. (1 Cor.) Examination lotion dlyatila Myake zvolozhennyadlya whole family with oats and chamomile extract, series AVONCare, 400 ml art.F6645500-160sht. (8kor.) Examination cream and moisturizing tilaMyake with oats and chamomile extract, series AVON Care, 400 ml art.F6690500-3014sht. (137kor.) Lotion Spray Body iAromatna vanilla isandalove tree series AVON Naturals, 100 ml art.F8509700-900sht. (15kor.) Spray Body flicker effect Sparkling cherry blossoms series AVON Naturals, 100 ml art.F8583200-1260sht. (21kor.) Night Mask Protection andrestoration series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F8745300-40sht. (1 Cor.) Schodennyyochyschuvalnyy tonic for problem skin, Clearskin series, 100 ml art.F8775800-1890sht. (30kor.) Solntsezahysnyy moisturizing body lotion oblychchyata Gentle Protection SPF 50. The high degree of protection, 50 ml art.F9066300-350sht. (5kor.) Balm" POLAND ***** 4819.34 14447.23166 View Importer

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