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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 7324100090 1. Sink Stainless Steel Siphon - 3205 sht.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: HADI KITCHENWARE GROUP LIMITED. CHINA ***** 8116 13909.70016 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 7323930000 1. Dining and kitchenware made of stainless steel. Capacity (bowl), 1.9l - 5pcs, Capacity (bowl), 2.7l - 20pcs, Capacity (bowl), 8.7l - 5pcs, Capacity (bowl), 3.8l - 5pcs, Dough for pasta - 2 pcs., Wok Frying pan without cover - 2 pcs, Sotaikinyk, pcs. 24 * 17cm - 2 pcs., Pan with lid with valve, 9l - 1pc, Frying pan with handle, pc. 20 * 4cm - 1pc, Frying pan Frying pan with a handle, 24 cm * 5 cm - 1 pc, frying pan with a handle, pc .28 * 6 cm - 1 pc, frying pan with handle, pc. 32 * 6 cm - 1 pc, frying pan with handle, p. 36 * 6cm - 1 pc., Bowl cylindrical (bowl), p.40 * 25cm - 2 pcs., Cha A wide bowl (bowl) in the width of 50 * 20 cm - 1 pc, the bowl is a broad bowl (bowl) in pink 40 * 17 cm - 2 pcs, a bowl for mixing 30 * 17 cm - 4 pcs, a bowl for mixing 35 * 17 cm - 5 pcs, Gastronomy container 1 / 1-150 - 2pcs, Duschlag for macaroni s.50 * 12 - 1pc, Capacity container 1 / 1-150 - 3pcs, Capacity container 1 / 1-20 - 5pcs, Capacity container 1 / 9-65 - 5pcs , Capacities for salt and pepper on the stand GRV-34 - 60pcs. Trademark KAYALARProducer KAYALAR CELIK SAN. VE TIC .ASCRINE produced by TR TURKEY ***** 106 609.3033948 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 8205510000 "1.Instrumenty hand household of base metal, for otkuporivanii bottles, stainless steel hand in a spin: -" "Cavatappi Rabbit" ", art.AV701 -10sht.Vyrobnyk: Zhejiang Bairun Kitchenware Co., CN.; Equipped with knife for cutting the plastic wrapper from the neck of the bottle, complex: - "" Cavatappi Acciaio "", art.AV804 -18sht., - "" Cavatappi Soft Touch "", art.AV607, -24sht.Vyrobnyk: Sunlong Enterprises Ltd., CN. ; - "" Cavatappi Pappagallo Wood "", art.AV711a -6sht., - "" Cavatappi Pappagallo Grey "", art.AV711b -6sht., - "" Cavatappi Legno Black "", art.AV606b, -10sht - "" Cavatappi Legno Verde "", art.AV610, -12sht.Vyrobnyk: Zhuhai Quan Da Ind. and Commerce Co. Ltd .- "" Cavatappi Legno "", art.AV609 - 54sht.Vyrobnyk: WUYI ZHONGQI HARDWARE TOOLS CO . LTD., CN.Vs th: 140sht.Torhova mark: Renoir.. " CHINA ***** 25.63 902.2632626 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 8215201000 "1.Sets of kitchen and kitchenware from corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel, new," MAESTRO "" brand ", -art plotter, model: MR-1743-288. Producer:" "Apollo Corporation LTD" "ChinaCraina of production: CN. Trademark : "MAESTRO" "." CHINA ***** 46.08 180.1728091 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 7323930000 1. tableware, kitchenware, stainless steel, metal Mug / cup -1sht.Torhovelna Brand: GingerKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Ginger Stand for flowerpot 16,5h16,5h16 / VKA for pidsta for flowerpot flowerpot -1sht.Stand 16,5h16,5h25 / VKA for pidsta -1sht pot. Stand forflowerpot 24x24x55 / pot stand for -1sht.Torhovelna mark: Dillewijn ZwapakKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Dillewijn Zwapak. CHINA ***** 0.7 2.170173706 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 8481801100 "1.Krany for mixing bowls and umyvalnykivz corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel: art.8105H-96sht, trade mark: F.LUSSOart.8106-60sht; art.8105-1260sht; art.2862-238sht; art.2861-700sht; Trademarks: No, Manufacturer: "" HADI KITCHENWARE GROUP LIMITED ""; Country of origin: CN. " CHINA ***** 3434.41 6361.940129 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 7324100090 "1.Rakovyny and stainless sinks (kroziynostiykoyi) steel (complete with mount and drain trap). Sinks of metal. Art.5848-E-200sht, art.8060-BE-126sht, art.7749-BE-140sht, art .7749-BD-70sht; art.9550B-E-70sht, art.8060-RE-130sht, art.8060-LE-10pc, art.6745-D-120sht, art.7750-E-24sht, art.8050 -LE-60sht, art.8050-RE-50sht, art.6350-D-270sht, art.6350-E-200sht, art.5848-D-200sht, art.5060-E-75sht, art.4947-D -60sht; art.510-D-120sht, art.5050-E-105sht; art.8060R-E-160sht; art.8060L-E-80sht, art.4848-E-225sht, art.5050-E-100 pieces ; trade mark: FALANCO; Producer: "" HADI KITCHENWARE GROUP LIMITED ""; Country of origin: CN. " CHINA ***** 6473.96 11005.73013 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 8215991000 1.1.Prybory kitchen of corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel: LARA Cherpak, 31sm, steel, art. 24356 - 144sht.Torhovelna mark - FackelmannVyrobnyk - Fackelmann Inda Kitchenware Pvt. Ltd. . INDIA ***** 15.984 200.3888058 View Importer

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