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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Apr/2017 8421290000 1.Obladnannya filtering tion or purified liquids: oil filter-dryer 60sht.Filtr-470sht. Filter dryer suction-80sht.Torhovelna Brand: HPEOKKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: HPEOK. CHINA ***** 352.9 2513.876359 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8414598090 1.Avtomatychna hot dip galvanizing line trub.Systema suction and discharge of white smoke emissions (poz.10) Dymossos galvanizing fumes suction kit, power mod.FQ711N1 20000m / min, speed obertannya2238 Equi / min with asynchronous three-phase electric motor 30kVt (400V / 50Hz ) .Dymossos fumes suction galvanizing is a fan driven asynchronous three-phase electric motor, in order to suction air at the outlet of the filter, creating a vacuum in the area of ​​cleaning. . ITALY 1 600 19991.43587 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 7304399390 "1.Avtomatychna hot dip galvanizing line trub.Systema suction and discharge of white smoke emissions (poz.10) Dymovidvidni truby- 2shtTruby steel tubes with a diameter of 8", "length of 5m, 20 steel grade filter is designed to connect with smoke exhausts.." ITALY ***** 200 1844.456874 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8705908090 "1.Motornyy first vehicle specifically use (specially designed to accommodate a variety of devices that provide the ability to perform vyznacheninetransportni function). Self-propelled agricultural sprayers, PANTERA4502 in configuration" "H" "art.ZUA00047, 1shtuka, Brand: AMAZONE; Model: PANTERA4502 appointment, for spraying agricultural fields spodarskyh, car number: PAP0000462, capacity: 2mistsya vklachayuchy driver, engine number: 11996176, engine type: diesel, new, calendar year, 2017, model year: 2017; devices that enable you konuvaty determined not transport functions: Irrigating machine equipment skladayet be with folding design, the tank dlyarobochoho solution tank clean water tank for washing ruk.Postavlyayetsya chastkovov unassembled. In completing one self-propelled sprayer Pantera 4502v configuration "" H "" (art. ZUA00047 number) includes: labels and instructions zekspluatatsiyi ma Ying (art.№947057), a standard cabin (art .№947243) standard nahidravlika (art.№ 941,820), automatic control system (art.№941824) pidviskaz height adjustment to gauge 1800-2400mm (art. №945010) koleso320 / 90R54 BKT LI155B di ametr ET 80-4sht 1948mm (art.№LE470 + 75), wing kolisshyryna 2,55m (art.№94181 4), comfort package 1 (art.№941815) Armat cheers upravlinnyaTG (art.№936535) AMAPAD control unit (art.№100250), stickers and instruktsiyiz using the device manufacture ruvannya (art.№945589) rod SUPER-L2 36m (art.№101186) ISOBUS wiring package for Pantera (art.№941937) UV Protective takozh (art.№947352), hydraulics package Profi 2 (art.№928148) headlight lighting on cabine niXenon (art.№941517), suction hose 3 "," 230 8m (art .№941957), filter and check valve, hose 3 "" 8m (art.№ 941,958) centralized lubricating system (art.№941 959) LED-backlight cable each sunky odds for bars Super-L (art.№945604) LED-lighting S + LEAN UX / PAN for SUPER-S (art.№948305), the system of external co ntrolyu (art.№ 941038), nozzles AirMix110-02 -72sht (art.№ZF1050) nozzle AirMix 110-03 -72sht (art.№ZF1052) forsunkyAir Mix 110-05 -72sht (art.№ZF1054) sticker "" 40 "" (art.№941534) systemaDistance-Cont rol plus ISOBUS for UX / Pantera with Super-L (art.№101413) servisnaknyzhka, instructions manual Exposure Pantera, cranes shorten ting the last section (art.№947226), with AMADRIVE array management, supply line 36m (art.№928419), remote control (art .№941934) Protective caps on the wheels (art.№104066) divider oslynnoyi weight (art.№104050) .Vyrobnyk: AMAZONEN-WERKE H.Dreyer GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production: DETorhovelna brand: AMAZONE " GERMANY 1 11200 238219.8221 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8414102500 1.Sistema vacuum load V30D50, used in the manufacture of plastics, vacuum zasmoktuvanyan polymer granules for supplying an automated processing line operates on the principle of vacuum pumps, unassembled, consisting of the following components: Suction unit with automatic cleaning VS30E50 A - 1 sht.Tsyklonnyy with automatic filter cleaning FC25CP - 1 sht.Resyver EXA / OW3 KASKO - 2 sht.Pult programming Master MSTK - 1 sht.Vuzol derivation - 1 sht.Hnuchka antistatic reinforcing pipe TFA50B - 2 sht.Odnozhylnyy extension cable (8m) - 2 sht.Rozhaluzhu Ah stainless steel D.50 + MG 50 (1 input, 2 outputs) - 1 sht.Homuty Pipe - 4 sht.Otsynkovani collars D.50 - 2 sht.Hnuchka tube probe TF53M - 2 sht.Torhovelna mark MorettoKrayina production ITVyrobnyk MORETTO SpA. ITALY 1 194.98 4810.54389 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 8421290000 1.Parents for agricultural machinery: equipment for filtering liquids without coal elements: art. GD397 Filter-1 pc. ArtZF199 Filter -2pcs. Art.ZF381 38X 89 filter (100 cells) -3 pcs. Art ZF898 Suction filter -20pc. Trademark: AMAZONE Production system: IT. ITALY ***** 10.336 633.3261565 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 7307991090 "1.Pumps with a flowmetering device for the dosing of fuel - civil automotive fueling stations for gas stations (partially disassembled for ease of transportation): QUANTIUM 510 4-8 - 1pc, serial # D1649007, suction system, two way, 40l / min output from both Sides, compatible with infra-red control panel, infra-red control panels - 4pcs., TQC - calculator, SD card for maintenance data calculation, electronic calibration, LCD display, LT hoses, standard nose plugs, 1.5 '' flexible threads with internal thread, Plastic filters, valves Cellulose, electromechanical summation counters, discontinuous couplers, software: Tokheim, version 12, sticker: RAL9003, colored pads for hoses and nozzle guns, reinforced packaging, for 4 types QUANTIUM 510 5-10 - 1pcs., Serial No. D1714023 , Pressure system, double sided, 40l / min performance on both sides, compatible with infrared remote control, TQC - calculator, SD card for technical maintenance dates, electronic calibration, LCD displays, LT hoses, standard spigots, safety valve OPW + NEFIT tube adapter, plastic filters, clampSubscribers, electromechanical summers, discontinuous couplings, software: Tokheim, version 12, sticker: STANDART RAL9003, colored lining for hoses and nozzle guns, reinforced packaging for 5 types of fuel. QUANTIUM 510 LPG Combo 5-10 - 4pcs., Sir. No. D1714013 + D1714005, D1714014 + D1714006, D1714060 + D1714056, D1714061 + D1714057, compatible with infrared remote control; LPG part: product description LPG: 2 LPG hoses: 2 x 5 - 50 l / min, LPG nozzle, standard emergency stop button, emergency stop button, LPG Manifold for frame, inlet filter, filter element with glass, connector for nitrogen cleaning ; Gasoline part: pressure system, TQC - calculator, SD card for maintenance dates, electronic calibration, LCD displays, LT hoses, standard spigots, nefit + rigid tube, plastic filters, substation valves, electromechanical summers, bursting couplings, software : Tokheim, version 12, sticker: STANDART RAL9003, colored pads for hoses and nozzle guns, reinforced packaging, for 5 types of fuel, incl. Frame under the hydraulic part with a gas return valve. QUANTIUM 510 LPG Combo 5-10 - 1pcs., Sir. No. D1714129 + D1714168, compatible with infrared remote control;LPG part: product description LPG: 2 LPG hoses: 2 x 5 - 50 l / min, LPG nozzle, standard emergency stop button, emergency stop button, LPG Manifold for frame, inlet filter, filter element with glass, connector for nitrogen cleaning ; Gasoline part: pressure system, TQC - calculator, SD card for maintenance dates, electronic calibration, LCD displays, LT hoses, standard spigots, nefit + rigid tube, plastic filters, substation valves, electromechanical summers, bursting couplings, software : " JAPAN ***** 0.5 311.7494701 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 3909100000 1.Filtry hydraulic loaders, moving at a speed not exceeding 25 km / h, the new, combined with a material (metal housing, filter paper, plastic), Hydraulic filters katal.№ 25597-60301G = 4 pieces, Hydraulic filters REVERSE 214a7-52081 katal.№ 214a7-52081 = 10pc, Hydraulic filters REVERSE FG15NT FD30NT katal.№ 91375-08100 / 9137503800 = 10pc, Hydraulic filters suction 216g7-52051 katal.№ 216g7-52051 = 5pcs, Hydraulic filters suction FG15NT FD30NT katal.№ 91375- 23600 = 5pcs, Hydraulic filters katal.№ 2559760301G = 10pc, Hydraulic filters katal.№ 2345752221 = 10pc, filters, hydraulic Tion katal.№ = 10pcs A371153, A371159 Hydraulic filters katal.№ = 10pc, filter TRANSMISSIYI FG15NT FD30NT katal.№ 91A2408200 / 50,443,383 = 2 pcs on pallet with plywood. RUSSIA ***** 54100 16321.08258 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 4016995290 1.Chastyny ​​for machines Agricultural tion: equipment for filtration of coal ridynbez elements: art. GD397 Filter -1sht. Art. ZF199 Filter -2sht. art.ZF381 filter 38X 89 (100 cells) -3sht. Art. ZF898 Filter suction -20sht.Torhovelna Brand: AMAZONEKrayina production: IT. TURKEY ***** 13.81 222.792766 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 8421290000 "1.Obladnannya for filtering or purifying liquids that are used in industrial refrigeration. Filter dryer, suction line filters, oil filters. The filter element is composed of 80% molecular sieve and 20% active alyuminiy.-art.36210502; CS85 CSV -2sht;. " AUSTRIA ***** 1.49 47.06291882 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 8414807500 "1. The screw compressor povtryanyy" "Jaguar" "/ Jaguar screw air compressor EAS25 / 25HP / 8BAR with a compressor unit / using airend J85. New. Capacity main-phase induction motor = 18,5KW (380V / 50Hz) frequency speed = 2940 / min., working pressure of = 0,8 Mpa, performance screw compressor Jaguar screw air compressor 2,8 m3 / min. Dimensions 1360h1090h1490 mm. The principle of operation is the process of screw compressor suction air through the suction valve and air filter, which comes in screw pair. screw pair is a work item helical screw pack group Ora, consisting of two vzayemozcheplenyh "" worm "" rotors, usually leading rotor designed as a screw chotyrohzahodnym carving and driven six. The amount of compression is formed between the turns of the screw and the housing group, full-cycle compression is performed by one turn driving screw. screw group driven by three-phase asynchronous electric motor, is make with yuyetsya via a belt drive. Gear ratio, and hence the speed of rotation of the screw block size set by pulleys. The role of oil in a screw compressor is several functions: creating and providing oil film clearance between the screw rotors group; transport air; as a lubricant for bearings working element; heat dissipation. To ensure temperature, oil circulating in the compressor, is pumped through the cooling radiator. Air-oil cooler is a two-piece, except oil cooling it cools the air. Cleaning oil pollution is carried out through the oil filter, air purification, using an air filter (installed on the inlet compressor) they prevent the ingress of foreign particles on the working surfaces of screws and bearings. Cooling air compressors, made by blowing by a fan at the top of the compressor. The compressor is designed to provide compressed air production equipment (stamping machines, presses, etc.) bag does not designed for use in the military field. Apply in their own work. Manufacturer Xiamen East Asia Machinery Co. Ltd. Production Country CN. " CHINA 2 1096 4668.443092 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 8421392000 1.Komplekty main part of which is the air filter, designed to ochyschennyastysnennoho air, for installation in industrial air compressors dlyatsyvilnoho use: MKN007442 service set for 4000 hours. including: oil filter air filter 1 pc 1 pc. air filter 1 pc. shayba1 copper pieces. air filter 1 pc. 1 piece separator separator seal 1sht.-4kompl., MKN007443 Service Maintenance Kit 8000 hours. including: maslyanyyfiltr 2 pcs. 2 air filter units. 2 air filter units. Copper washer 1 sht.separator 1 pc. pad 2 pcs. Clutch suction valve 1 sht.remkomplekt minimum pressure valve 1 pc. element thermostat 1 pc. Servisnyykomplekt TO 8000 hours. including: oil filter 2 pcs. 2sht.povitryanyy filter air filter 2 sht.midna washer 1 pc. sht.prokladka separator 1 2 1 sht.remkomplekt suction valve sht.remkomplekt minimum thermostat valve pressure1 sht.element 1 sht.-4eompl., MKN002787 separator 4pcs., Country of origin - DET orhovelna mark - EkomakVyrobnyk - Ekomak GERMANY ***** 364 8869.999353 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 8421210000 "1.Prystroyi for filtering or purifying water: small suction filter with shut-off valve - 100 pieces., Consists of a metal mesh plastic case used in agricultural sprayers. Manufacturer: ZPUH" "TOLMET" ", PL.Torhovelna Brand: Not available. ". POLAND ***** 93.9 503.4760853 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 8421210000 1.Equipment for filtering or purifying water, a single-time filtrationinstallation, a case made of polypropylene within which there is a membrane of nitratecellulose 0,45мкм, a mesh. Designed to facilitate and accelerate the microbial analysis of water, has a convenient construction with a removable suction and removable bottom for facilitating the collection of samples, for use in laboratory tubes, (not medical purpose): - Filtering plant M-Funnels 250ml sterile with a membrane filter, membrane cellulose nitrate, diameter 47mm, 0,45мм, 12 pieces in a package. DisposableM-Funnels, Cellulose Nirate (Grid Marked) Size 47mm, Pore Size 0.45micron, Packof 12, Cat No.FMCN0902XX01208-4u, -Filter installation M-Funnels 100ml sterile with membrane filter, membrane cellulose nitrate, diameter 47mm, 0.45 Microns, 24 pcs. Per package.DisposableM-Funnels, Cellulose Nirate (Grid Marked) Size 47mm, Pore Size 0.45micron, Packof 24 Cat No.FMCN0902XXXX212-2uP. Producer: ADVANCED MICRODEVICES PVT.LTD. Production Line: IN Brand: mdi Membrane (M-Funnels) INDIA ***** 0.75 248.7421891 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 9018902000 "1.Vyroby medical devices. System for endoscopic urology, gynecology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, orthopedics, hirurhiyi- 1 set. 85261,501 RIWO lens with a blocking mechanism and c-mount connector, soak and avtoklavuyetsya - 1. 8061.453 Fibrovolokonnyy fiber hnuchkyydiametr 4.5 mm, 2300 mm - 1 pc. 4171.121 Hygiene filter for aspiration - 5pcs. 8170.401 Vacuum tube from the pump to trap secretions for 2215 - 1 sht.8170,981 container harvesting 3 l avtoklavuyetsya - 1 pcs. 2233.001 Insuflyator, laparo CO2 pneu- 1 pc. 8170.101 for insufflation tube diameter of 5 mm, m dovzhyna2,5 - 1 sht.4171,111 Hygienic filters, sterile, 10 pieces in a package - 1 pkg. 74021,03Naporna tube CO2, 2.5 m 1 pc. 8,302.12 cannula Veresha, calibrated, with 120mmskladayetsya 886.00 - 1. 8934.432 The endoscope, Panoview Plus, telescope vilnevykryvlennya 30 hrad.- 1 pc. 8921,023 RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, RD diam5,5 mm 100 mm - 2 pcs. 8921,113Troakar with tapered tip diameter of 5.5 mm, 100 mm RD - 2 pc. 8923, 013RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, metallic - 1. 8923.113 Trocar with tapered, diameter 10 mm, 100 mm RD - 1. 8924,016 RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, RD 150 mm, diam12,5mm - 1. 8924.125 Trocar tip of the pyramid, dia. 12.5 mm RD214 mm - 1 pc. 89.02 spare sealing caps for telescopes, 10 pcs in packing for telescopes diameter of 4.0 mm - 2 pack. 89.08 Rubber seals (spare caps) - 10pc. in packing., red, diameter 10 mm - 2 pack. 8385.50 Instrumentalnatrubka and extractor - 1. 8923,802 VARIO-PORT gear for zmenshennyadiametru hole from 12.5 mm to 5.5 mm, aba diameter 10 mm to 5.5 mm or 7.0 mm to 5,5mm - 1 pkg. 8383.732 suction-irrihatsiyna, RD 290 mm, 5 mm - 1 pc. 8395,2042Rozbirnyy clip, 2/3 wave, diameter 10 mm - 1 pc. 8393.2922 Atravmatychnyyzatyskach -1 units. 8393.1814 atraumatic clip, perforated, unipolar, 5 mm, with horizontal cutting, RD 310 mm- 1 pc. 8393.2814 Dyssektor / clip "" Mary land dissector "", curved, horizontal cutting ztonkymy on the work surface, 5 mm unipolar, RD310 mm- 1 pc. 8393.487 Box clamp monopolyarna- 1 pc. 8393.0413 scissors, monopolar, folding, curved left, both lezadiyut, "" Metzenbaum "", 5 mm - 1 pc. 8383.423 Hachkopodibnyy electrode RD 340mm, 5mm, monopolar - 1. 8383.428 Shpatelepodibnyy electrode 5mm, 340mm RD, monopolar - 1. 8389.911 Clip applicator for open laparoskopiyiholetsystektomiyi, RD 340 mm, diameter 10 mm - 1 pc. 8389.915 Lihuyuchi klipsyEthicon, sterile - 1 pack. 8383.65 John yektsiyna cannula 5 mm diameter nakonechnyka1.8 mm, 345 mm RD - 1. 8393.512 Holkoutrymuvach, curved left - 1 sht.8393,501 Holkoutrymuvach direct, direct needle diameter. 5 mm - 1 pc. 8106.033 VChmonopolyarnyy of yednuvalnyy cable from Wolf-tools to aparativBovie / Valleylab / Erbe Int. - 1 sht.Torhovelna Brand: RichardKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Richard Wolf GmbH " GERMANY ***** 62.6 24385.22026 View Importer

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