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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 8209002000 "1.Plastyny ​​cutting, variables, cermet, carbide (carbide-tungsten) to alternating cutting tools: -art.4.0SIR0.2S-COPY-1VMX-5pcs. - art.4.0SIR0.8AD471 / 472-1.5VMX-10pc . - art.4.0SIR0.9AD471 / 472-1.6VMX-5pcs. - art.4.0SIR1.6MD472-1.1VMX-5pcs. - art.6.0SIR0.9LD472-1.5VMX-10pc. - art.6.0 SIR0.9SD472-1.5VMX-8 pieces. - art.M552BCR20L21RVBX-15sht. - art.MC432BCR15L16RVBX-.; -art.4.0SIR0.9AD471 4 pieces / 472-1.6VMX-3pc-.; -art.M552BCR20L21RVBX 20pcs .; -art.M552BCR20L16RVBX-20pcs-10pcs .; -art.M772GSW150L15RVBX .; -art.M772GSW200L35RVBX-7sht .; -art.M772GSW100L10RVBX-3pc-.; -art.MC422BCR10L09RVBX 25sht .; -art.MC432BCR15L16RVBX-30sht -art .; .MC422BCR10L06RVBX-30sht .; -art.MS442BCR15L21RVBX-10pcs .; -art.V08D472W070T100R VBX-8 pieces .; -art.6.0SIR1.6LD472-1.5VMX-5pcs .; -art.10.0SIR1.85M-D472-3.5VMX- 5pcs -art.4.0SIRF60VMX-20pcs .; .; -art.6.0SIRA60VMX-10pc-10pc .; -art.M552BCR20L16RVBX .; -art.M772GSW150L15RVBX-2 pcs .; -art.M772GSW200L35RVBX .; -art.M772GSW100L10RVBX-1pc-4pcs .; -art.MC432BCR15L16RVBX-16sht. ; -art.MC410BCR10L06RVBX-5pcs .; -ar t.MC422BCR10L06RVBX-15sht .; -art.MS442BCR15L21RVBX-15sht .; -art.V08D472W070T100R VBX-2 pcs .; -art.3ER3.0TRVM7-18sht .; -art.3IR3.0TRVKX-4pcs .; -art.3EL3.0TRVM7-10sht .; -art.4WGM3.00C-CIRC-3.50VTX-10pcs .; -art.2IR14WVM7-10sht .; -art.5ERQ60VTX-10pcs .; -art.10.0SIR1.85M-D472-3.5VMX-5pcs .; -art.3.0SIR0.9MD472-0.5VMX-2 pcs .; -art.3.0SIRF60VMX-5pcs .; -art.6.0SIRA60VMX-10pcs .; -art.M552GRR050L20RVBX-15sht .; -art.M552PPW100L15RVBX-2 pcs .; -art.M772GSW200L10RVBX-30sht .; -art.MC410BCR10L06RVBX-11sht .; -art.MC427BCR15L10RVBX-40sht .; -art.V08GSW200T100R VBX-3pc .; -art.6.0SIR1.6LD472-1.5VMX-5pcs .; -art.3IR2.0ISOVK2-20sht .; -art.3IR11WVK2-11sht .; -art.3IR1.5ISOVKX-20pcs .; -art.3IR1.5ISOVTX-20pcs .; -art.3ER1.5ISOVKX-60sht .; -art.4XIRP60VKX-5pcs .; -art.M772GSW200L35RVBX-5pcs .; -art.6.0SIR1.6LD472-1.5VMX-3pc .; -art.3IR1.5ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.2IRA60VTX-10pcs .; -art.3IR3.0ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.3IR2.5ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.3IR1.75ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.3IRG60VTX-10pcs .; -art.2IR2.5ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.2IR2.0ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.2IR1.75ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.2IR1.25ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.3IR1.25ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.3ER0.75ISOVTX-10pcs .; -art.M772GSW100L10RVBX-4pcs .; -art.M662CLR20L16RVBX-3pc .; -art.M659THA60L16RVBX-3pc .; -art.M659THA60L16RVBX-1pc .; -art.2IR14WVM7-10sht .; -art.2IR1.5ISOVM7-10sht .; -art.3IR1.5ISOVM7-10sht .; -art.3IR1.5ISOVTX-10pc. Producer: "" Vargus Ltd "", country of production-IL. Trade mark - "" Vardex "". " ISRAEL ***** 10.19 11415.20993 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8209002000 "1. Cutting replaceable carbide cermet (carbide-tungsten), production of brand" "CDBP" "for mechanically fastening to sostavnohozminnoho cutting tool for metal (alloy brand: BPC132; BU810; BPS251): -art.SNMA190616BPC132 ; -art.SCGT120408-LHC BU810; -art.SNMG120412-MDBPS251; -art.DCGT11T308-LHC BU810.. " CHINA ***** 8.9 1313.960106 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8474909090 1.Kamera grinding tungsten carbide, 100ml (112841) - 1sht.Vyhotovlena tungsten carbide. There are major robochymorhanom vibromlyna TS 1000. Set in korpusvibromlyna. As a result, vibration in the camera vidbuvayetsyapodribnennya minerals, organic and keramichnyhmaterialiv different metal alloys brittle doneobhidnoyi krupnosti.Vyrobnyk: Siebtechnik GmbH, Nimechchyna.Torhovelna mark: Siebtechnik. . GERMANY ***** 12 6528.600149 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8474200000 "1.Vibromlyn disk TS 1000 (181370) - 2sht.Kozhnyy comes with: - grinding chamber, 100ml, tungsten carbide (112841) - 1pc - steel ring adapter (33,175) - 1sht.Vykorystovuyetsya for grinding minerals, organic ikeramichnyh materials, various metal brittle splavivdo necessary krupnosti.Osnovnyy working body - kamera.Rozmir grinding material loaded, depending vidobranoho preconceived milling blends volume chamber and type of material should not exceed 5-15mm. depending on the amount of preconceived milling blends in camera to process samples of up to 250ml. For use preconceived milling blends camera smaller capacity (100 ml) adaptera.Produkt steel ring used to be grinding, grinding fed into the chamber where the result mainly horizontal vibration test material using shock and friction, usually in the range of a few minutes, while crushed homohenizuyetsya.Maye management system with a timer and sound-proof enclosure, made of stali.Habarytni size: 600h1125h674mm.Dlya easy transport supplied disassembled disk vyhlyadi.Mlyn cast SBM 200 Steel (315225) - 1sht.Osnaschenyy with 2 wheels made from cast stali.Mlyn disk tungsten carbide SBM 200 (315 226) - 1sht.Osnaschenyy with 2 discs made of carbide volframu.Vykorystovuyetsya for grinding materials with hardness on the Mohs scale 8 (agglomerate ore) .Osnovnyy working body - rubbing dysky.Podribnennya made between two grinding discs with large teeth. One disc is stationary and the other rotates via gear motor, the material subjected to grinding action. The gap between the grinding discs determines the size of milled material. The size of the gap between grinding wheels can be adjusted using the regulator with built-in scale that changes the position of the real disk. The shredded material falls into a glass container below the grinding wheels. For convenience and safety of transport supplied unassembled - a glass container separate from mlyna.Habarytni size: 400h825h600mm.Diametr grinding discs - 200mm.Maksymalnyy amount of material that is loaded - 20mm.Vyrobnyk: Siebtechnik GmbH, Nimechchyna.Torhovelna mark: Siebtechnik. " GERMANY ***** 885 65872.48577 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8207130000 "1. Replacement tool for drilling rocks and soil with a working part of cermets: Drilling cutter PU-140 - 500 pcs., Drilling bits RSH183 D32 M16 - 600 units. The working part is made of an alloy of tungsten carbide and does not contain natural or artificial precious stones.. " CHINA ***** 228 15980.4874 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8209002000 "1.Plastyny ​​cutting, variables, cermet, carbide (carbide-tungsten) to alternating cutting tools: art.H00.600.200.062-10sht.Vyrobnyk:" "SWISS TOOL SYSTEMS AG" ", country of production, SN.Torhovelna marka- "" SWISS MULTI "".. " SWITZERLAND ***** 0.01 42.79571652 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8514108000 "1.Pechi industrial, electric, thermal processing of materials, resistance furnace, furnace ZnF500 -1sht. New. Unassembled for easy transportation. Civilian use. For its production potreb.Model: ZnF500. Series: DMF2016-029.Pryznachena AH destruction of tungsten carbide with molten tsynkom.Skladayetsya: -Korpus furnace (inner shell: 12mm, outer shell: 8 mm.) -1sht, the system of vacuum pump N-150-300CFM -1sht; -Basic vacuum pump ZJY-600-1200CFM -1sht , the system of vacuum solenoid valve -1sht DN150, DN150 solenoid valve -Basic -1sht, the system of vacuum valve pneumatically operated DN40 -1sht; -Pnevmatychno controlled vacuum valve -3sht DN16, DN16 ball valve -Vakumnyy -3sht; -Eoektromahnitnyy valve DN40 -2sht, the system of vacuum gauge Maxwell -1sht; -Hrafitovi heating elements and accessories -1komplekt, installation-chart -1 set, power-chart -1sht; -mechanism mounting -1sht; -Rozkydach -1sht; -Teploobminnyk cooling -3sht; -Korobka thermal insulation kit -1; -Syste ma rapid cooling kit -1, -1 set -Filtr ; -Podviyna thermocouple -2sht; -Transformator -2sht; -Pnevmatychno controlled regulator -1sht; -Kolona oholo TION -8 sets of water; -1komplekt system of vacuum gauge, pressure -Peretvoryuvach -2 kit, electric -1sht -Peremykach pressure, water flow -Permykach -4sht; -PLC -1komplekt communication module, control-panel -2sht; -Tyhli graphite ( -24sht graphite trays, connecting tubes -12sht, covers -4sht) -1 set, the shell part that comes oven: -1sht thermocouple, graphite heating elements -1 kit, sealing -1komplekt ceramic parts -1komplekt; Part that comes electrical components, fuse RS0-300A / 500V -2sht; trilateral module MTS500 / 1500V -1sht; switch DZ47-60C, 1P, 15A -1sht; -5sht fuse 2A; -2sht fuse 6A; Electric switches MY2NJ, DC24V -1sht; Trigger plate (three phase 4-20mA) -1sht.Produktyvnist: 500kg / batch of recovered powder. Min / Max operating temperature: 316 ° C / 1038 ° S.Typ heating oven oporu.Elektryka: 380V, 50Hz, 260kVA Trademark: DMFKrayina production: CN.Vyrobnyk: Zhuzhou Diyuan Powder Metallurgy Furnace Co., Ltd. " CHINA ***** 16623 206800.0001 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 8532240000 "1.Plastyny ​​cutting, variables, cermet, carbide (carbide-tungsten) to alternating cutting tools: art.H00.600.200.062-10sht.Vyrobnyk:" "SWISS TOOL SYSTEMS AG" ", country of production, SN.Torhovelna marka- "" SWISS MULTI "".. " GERMANY ***** 0.44 21.20253522 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 8209002000 "1. Plates variables cermet is not installed on the tool: - EJ1123-32RG GPF2450 carbides (cutting) 10.4 grams each - 150 pcs. - EJ-FL10 G52 carbide bearing (directing), each plate is 16 grams - 50 pcs .; - EJ1123-05RG GPF2450 carbides (cutting) 1.9 grams each - 40 sht.Vyhotovleni carbide (cermet) fastened with screws are replaceable. Tungsten carbide plates supporting rails mounted in the drill head directly next to the body in a special drill groove for directing drill in the process of harvesting, TV erdosplavni inserts are mounted at the end of drilling heads involved in the process of cutting at treatment. Packaging plates - plastic korobky.Torhovelna Brand: EJCOMPANY.Vyrobnyk: EJ COMPANY, production INC.Krayina: US.. " UNITED STATES ***** 2.436 2566.300427 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 6105100000 "1.Spare parts for the automated juice flood line: Mechanical sealMECHANICAL SEAL 20 x 20 x 5 cm, art.4-48262 / 8-1, (one seam seal with a tungsten carbide and two steel rings). Production line - ITTorgovaya Brand - TURMOND Producer - TURMOND SPA. " BANGLADESH 44 9.88 195.8000627 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 8209008000 "1.Zubky-metal in the form of tips, no diamond coating, which are set by the tools prypayuvannya solder carbide, carbide plates (TCPlate) unpolished, warehouse percent of the product: 85% of tungsten carbide, cobalt (15% + / - 0.2): art.71502172, 25x18,9x12 / 45 ° / 60 °, grade alloy B 40, -3000 pcs., Trademark: "" Element Six "". Country of origin: DE.Vyrobnyk: "" Element Six "", Germany. ". GERMANY ***** 143 8432.487687 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 8209002000 "1. Cutting replaceable carbide cermet (carbide-tungsten) production" "Pramet" ", dlyakriplennya mechanically to sostavnoho zminnohoinstrumentu, for metal (alloy brand: T8030; T9310; T5315; T8330; T9325): -art.TN 16ERAG60 : T8030; -art.DNMG 150608E-M: T9310; -art.DNMG 150612E-M: T9310; -art.SNMA 190616: T5315; -art.CNMG 120408E-NM: T8330; -art.CNMG 120412E-NM: T8330 ; -art.WNMM 100608E-DR: T9325.. " CZECH REPUBLIC ***** 9.79 2698.713901 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 8207506000 1.Zminnyy cutting tools for metal drilling, with a working part of steel shvydkoriznoyi: 122736 10 Tungsten carbide drill monolithic HA 6xD of 4IC - 1 sht.122736 3.3 Carbide drill monolithic HA 6xD of 4IC - 1 pc. . GERMANY ***** 0.113 74.51315526 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 8209008000 "1.Vyroby not of metal-seton tools: shtampuvalnitverdosplavni matrix, free of natural diamonds aboshtuchnyh: -Matrix 1.8 x 3.15mm-2 pcs; -Matrix 1.8 x 3.35mm-2 pcs; -Matrix 1.8 x 4.0mm-2 pcs; -Matrix 2.0 x 2 pcs 5.3mm-; -Matrix 2.8 x 6.7mm-2 pcs; -Matrix 2.0 x 4.0mm-2 pcs; -Matrix 2.8 x 7.5mm-2 pcs; -Matrix 2.8 x 7.1mm-2sht.Vykonani alloy with 92% WC (tungsten carbide ) and 8% Co (cobalt). Matrices are solid carbide products with optional attachments to them (depending on the process) in different ways: mechanical fasteners, welding, zapayka, depending on the destination. Producer : "" CORUN HOLDING "" DOO, country of production-RS., Trademark - "" CORUN "". " SERBIA ***** 7.6 2275.845126 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 6804229000 1.Pryladdya variable to Hand tools for cutting ceramic tile (not containing agglomerated diamond and diamond coating), the coating of carbide cutting edge tungsten): Ring crown with carbide coated, 33 mm art. 728469-100sht. Ring crown with carbide coated, 67 mm art. 728529 -50sht.Kiltseva crown with carbide coated, 83 mm art. 728569 -50sht.Torhovelna Brand: MTXKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH. CHINA ***** 27.21 207.8122004 View Importer

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