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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
19/Apr/2017 8471800000 "1.Prystroyi computers (electronic components) port expanders that do not contain radiobladnannya: card reader Transcend USB Type-C - USBType-A / SD microSD art.-TS-RDC2K, -10sht. Card reader Transcend USB 3.0 White art. -TS-RDF8W, -20sht. card reader Transcend USB 3.1 RDF9K UHS-II Black R260 / W190MB / s art.-TS-RDF9K, -10sht. brand-Transcend Information. Inc.; Trademark-Transcend; vyrobnytstva- Country CN; ". CHINA 40 4.8 425.0000903 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 8471410000 "1.Mashyny for automatic processing of information - the system blocks to a PC with power supply units containing a body CPU and IO devices (keyboard, mouse) without monitors are not able to receive and process TV signals, does not contain composed of transmitters and receivers or transmitters supplied for use exclusively in-house production of electronics, new, supplied for domestic production is not for sale: specifications: -Operatsiyna system: Windows 7 Professional 64 (available through downgrade ri ghts from Windows 10 Pro 64; Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5-6500 with Intel HD Graphics 530 (3.2 GHz, up to 3.6 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost, 6 MB cache, 4 cores); RAM: -Chipset- Intel® Q150; -Memory content source HE; Memory 4 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB); Memory, standard 4 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB); Memory slots-4 DIM; Hard disk: content source HE Internal drive bays-Two 3.5 ""; One 2.5 ""; External drive bays One slim ODD; One SD 3 card reader (optional); Internal drive 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA; Hard drive description 500 GB 7200 rpm SAT; Ports: Front: 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0 (1 fast charging), 1 headphone, 1 microphone / headphone 1 3 SD card reader (optional); Rear: 4 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 1 serial; 1 serial (optional); 1 parallel (optional) 2 PS / 2 (keyboard and mouse); 1 VGA, 2 DisplayPort, 1 audio line in, 1 audio line out, 1 RJ-45 marking Z8Z60PC model HP 600G2PD SFF G4400T 500G 4.0G 54 -12sht. origin: Czech " CZECH REPUBLIC 12 84 4868.760132 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 8471800000 "1.Prystroyi computers (electronic components) port expanders that do not contain radiobladnannya: card reader SanDisk USB-CSDHS / UHS-I / UHS-II art.-SDDR-389-G46, -20sht. Brand-SanDisk Corporation; Trademark-SanDisk; vyrobnytstva- Country CN;. " CHINA 20 1.4 319.8001437 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 8471800000 "1.Prystroyi computers (electronic components) port expanders that do not contain radiobladnannya: card reader Transcend USB 3.0 HUB 4 ports art.-TS-HUB2K, -400sht. Card reader Transcend USB 3.0 CFast Black art.-TS-RDF2, -5sht. art.-TS-RDF2, -10sht. card reader Transcend USB 3.0 Black art.-TS-RDF8K, -30sht. brand-Transcend Information. Inc.; Trademark-Transcend; vyrobnytstva- Country CN;. " CHINA 445 21.16 4675.000109 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 9025192090 1.Prylady electronic measuring and controlling temperature. Monitor temperature control TempTale4 interface USB. Completeness of each instrument: waterproof casing, nonvolatile memory card 16K, 3.0V lithium battery, software, Adobe Reader, TempTale Manager Desktop, ColdStream Data Management, USB 2.0. It is used to measure, control and record tempratury during transport and storage of medicines. Stacked in boxes of honey. preparatamy.TT4 +15 + 25C USB - 40 pcs. TT4 +2 + 8C USB - 20 pcs. Not for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Not for military and dual vykorystannya.Torhovelna Brand: SensitechVyrobnyk: Sensitech NLKrayina production: NL. NETHERLANDS 60 4.9 1389.290487 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 8471500000 "1.Systemnyy unit PC (keyboard and pointing device such as" the "mouse" "does not contain inits bezprovodnoho consisting of transmitter and receiver without guard): HP Z240 Tower Workstation, art.L8T12AV -2sht. (Options: Stand dlyasystemnoho block # M6Q16AV, PC power supply # M0U75AV; Pre vstanovlenePZ (virtual) # L8S17AV; DIA-russian Cyrillic localization; OS # M8Z01AV; CPU radiator # N2L07AV; memory module (1 * 16384Mb) # M6Q61AV; video card # T7T29AV; Hard disk # M6U87AV; Keyboard USB # M6Q10AV; DIA-russian Cyrillic localization; Optical Mouse # M6Q12AV; Optical disc # L8S24AV units, Reader # M6Q48AV; Service Support (virtual) # L8S32AV; ABBanhliyska localization, documentation # L8T15AV; ASV- Russian lokalizatsiyakyrylytsya; factory setting (physically absent): # AY130AV; # AY128AV; # YT924AV; # YT926AV); trade mark - "" HP "" Country of origin - CZ.Vyrobnyk - "" Hewlett-Packard Company "".. " CZECH REPUBLIC 2 22.28 3173.999265 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 8528724000 "1.Televizory LCD screen with radio equipment (IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n) tainterfeys Bluetooth), complete control, stand and speakers: -Mi TV48 mod.L48M - 1. Tehn.harakterystyky: diagonal-48 inch dozvil3840x2160 (4K), 3D is not supported processor MStar 6A928 Quad-core 14GHzCortex-A17, graphics processor Mali-t760 MP4 / 4+ 2 nuclear 2GB RAM / Three-kanalnыy DDR3, Drive 8GB / eMMC 5.0, WiFi Dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz, 802.11a / b / g / n / ac / support beamforming, WiFi Antenna 2x2, Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE low эnerhopotr. Card reader microSD (up to 64GB), HDMI2.0 x 3, VGA 1, AV 1 .Analohovыe DTMB signals 1, USB USB 2.0x 1, USB 3.0 x 1 SDrozyem Ethernet card 1 Audyovyhid 1 / P dderzhka LineOut, SPDIF., Videoformatы Support RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4, and all major formatyH.265 / H.264 .Aparatne decoding H.265 4K / 60, H.264 4K / VP8 1080P 30 / 30 REAL7 / 8/9 1080P / 1080P 30 MJPEG / 30.Intelektualna pidsvitka.Akustychna system okremo.Krayina production: CNTorhovelna brand: XiaomiVyrob nickname: "" Xiaomi Technolodgy Co., LTD "" " CHINA 1 25 197.9998937 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 8471900000 1.Prystriy designed for reading electronic cards connect via USB, contains incorporates a wireless transmitter / receiver: MICARD PLUS FOR ULM card reader art.8418B001AA-10shtVyrobnyk - NT-ware Canon group.Torhovelna mark - Canon.Krayina production DE. . GERMANY 10 0.935 1680.725119 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 9106100000 "1.Aparatura registration time, time recorders: TF1700 terminal with electronic clockwork (device with integrated fingerprint readers and proximity cards EM, which carries out the construction of network access control. Preferences controller provides programming readers, putting people based access levels monitoring and generating reports. komp.interfeys device has USB, Ethernet to transfer logins, events in kompyutor. specifications: number of cards 10000.Kilkist records 2000.Kilkist pr ytkiv 8000. Number 30000. Event Interfaces TCP / IP, RS 485, RS 232. Sensor ZK Optical. Interfaces elektron.zamok access, reed switch, exit button, syrena.Wiegand input output. Operating temperature -10 to +45. 12V. Dimensions 212h159h45 mm) -5sht.; IN01 / ID terminal with electronic clockwork (a device which comprises a central processing unit information screen and keyboard in a single housing with recording function acts fingerprint, geo measuring face membrane of the eye. The device has computer interfaces Usb, Ethernet transmission to log events in the computer. Specifications: The number of codes stored-3000; Number of prints stored-3000; Number of records stored 100,000; Interfaces TCP / IP, USB- host / client; Fingerprint Sensor ZK optical sensor; Screen 3 inch TFT; Operating temperature 0-45; 5V DC; Dimensions 210h157h50 mm) -11sht., H628 TS / ID terminal of working hours fingerprint H628 TS / ID (H628 Biometric TS / ID - automatic device which comprises a central processing unit of the electronic information clockwork, fingerprint reader, and light and sound indication of a single korpusi.Pryntsyp: user pre-registers a device fingerprint. Once registered, a user puts a finger on the biometric sensor, a successful recognition is accompanied by light and sound display, and volatile and memory device recorded the event. The device has computer interfaces Usb, Ethernet transmission to log events on kompyuter.Tehnichni characteristics: number of prints stored-3000 Number of records stored-100000 Interface TCP / IP, USB- host sensor ZK optical sensor fingerprint Case Metal operating temperature - 0-45 5V DC Dimensions 190h142h35 mm) -11sht.; Do not contain radio equipment in its production skladi.Krayina CNTorhovelna mark ZKTECO INCVyrobnyk ZKTECO INC " CHINA 27 24.35 4141.15442 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 8471900000 "1.Zchytuvalni device identification: KR 600s Reader (Readers of contactless cards used for the construction of access control. Specifications: Range of reading 10 cm. Readout time 200msec or less. Thus, beeper. Operating temperature - 20 - + 65hr.S. Power DC 10-15 V.Rozmiry 116h75h17mm. The degree of protection IP 65) -51sht.; KR300 reader (a device which also works with standard rfid labels Em-Marine and Mifare. Suitable for building systems to restrict access to the premises, through the turnstiles. The interface connecting the reader to co Troller support most existing Wiegand market access panel. Specifications: reading distance - 10 cm; reading maps - less 300 ms, Interface, wiegand26, operating temperature, -20 - +65; indicator, led, Power DC 6-14V / Max.70mA, degree of protection I65; Dimensions 78h43h16 mm) -50sht., FR 1200 reader (fingerprint captures images and transmits comparison to kontroleru.Tehnichni characterized rystyky: Interfaces RS 485. degree of protection Housing Plastic I65. Operating temperature - 20-45hr.S 12V DC Dimensions 48h100h37mm) -20sht.; SLK20R4500 scanner (a device that scans the fingerprint image and transmits it to a computer "," computers via Usb interface. On the computer "" computers, the process of creating digital template definition image of the fingerprint key points and forming digital matrix finger. specifications: Scanner, optical, interface, usb 2.0, operating temperature, -20 +55, Display, led, Dimensions 49h44h20 mm) -3sht.; Do not contain radio skladi.Krayina in its production CNTorhov Flax mark ZKTECO INCVyrobnyk ZKTECO INC " CHINA 124 16.76 2611.937791 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 8471900000 "1. Input devices containing or not containing in the same housing storage devices do not contain the RECs and IP: proharmuvannya reader and card art. EC90USB Encoder 9000, USB connection - 1sht.Yavlyaye the internal device zchytuvayuchyy RFID cards (electronic key). Additionally, used to identify, unlock the door and display the status of hotel rooms. activated as RFID card (guest) or remotely by computer (operator) .Torhova mark: SALTO; Manufacturer: SALTO Systems, SL; Country of : ES.. " SPAIN 1 0.4 206.0275627 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 8536699090 "1. Electrical apparatus for pryyednannyado electrical circuits, for a voltage not bilshyak 1000V: -Perehidnyk APPLE LIGHTNING TO 30-PIN ADAPTER (0.2 M)., Art.MD824ZM / A-5pcs, -Perehidnyk APPLE Lightning to TO VGAadapter, art. MD825ZM / A-1 piece; -Perehidnyk USB-C DIGITAL AV MULTIPORTADAPTER, art. MJ1K2ZM / A-10 pieces; -Perehidnyk USB-C TO USB ADAPTER, art. MJ1M2ZM / A-50sht; -Perehidnyk Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, art. MJYT2ZM / A-2 pcs; Trademark: Apple; Producer: FUTAIHUA INDUSTRY (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD, CN.. " CHINA ***** 2.87 967.5498903 View Importer
04/Apr/2017 9106100000 "1.Aparatura registration time, time recorders: iClock 880-H / ID terminal of working hours fingerprint iClock 880-H / ID (Terminal - for the organization of restricting access to the premises fingerprint. On which are built independently or network access control to premises mikrokompyuternyy highly integrated device with real time clock to fix events using card contains the central processing unit of the electronic information clockwork, card reader, light and sound indication for a single rpusi. How it works: a user pre-registers on the device card. Once registered, a user puts on the built-in card, good recognition is accompanied by a light and sound display, and a nonvolatile memory device recorded the event. The device has computer interfaces Usb, Ethernet to transfer log events on a computer. specifications: The number of prints stored-8000 number of records stored-200000 Interface TCP / IP, USB- host, RS485 hardware platform ZK Finger v10.0 Plastic Case; o pa operation - 5V DC Power 0-45hr.S 2A; Dimensions 213h178h47,5 mm) -62sht., Country of CNTorhovelna mark ZKTECO INCVyrobnyk ZKTECO INC " CHINA 62 111.6 14994.99993 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 8473401100 "1. Parts suitable for use solely ATMs, e: - 1750105988 Card Reader V2XU USB Wincor Nixdorf ATMs to - 167sht. The device is designed for reading magnetic strips of plastic cards - 1750053977 CMD V4 Clamping transport mechanism - 105sht. COMPONENT Wincor ATMs Nixdorf.Prystriy designed to move in ways presenter notes - 1750105679 CMD Controller II USB assd with Cover - 159sht. COMPONENT dispenser ATMs Wincor Nixdorf.Pryznachenyy for signal analysis dispenser ATMs - 1750110039 Receipt printer TP07 - 118sht. Components for Wincor Nixdorf ATMs des .Prystriy tion to provide information to the user in printed form - 1750058042 CMD Stacker Module with Single Reject - 38sht. Device Seizure and issuing banknotes for ATMs Wincor Nixdorf - 1750053690 Shutter CMD V4 - 1am. A device to prevent unauthorized access of clients to device removal and issuing banknotes from the front panel Banco mat Wincor Nixdorf.Ne intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.Not belonging to poviynoho use goods that can be used for production of conventional weapons, military or special equipment.Trademark Wincor Nixdorf. Manufacturer: Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH, Nimechyna. Country of origin DE. " GERMANY ***** 1209.8 138832.954 View Importer

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