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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
30/Mar/2017 3204900000 DYE GREEN 131.2717 (in barrels of 12.5 KG, INTENDED FOR THE PRODUCTION OF GREEN PET preforms) KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 150 **** View Exporter
30/Mar/2017 3824999609 PART MIXTURE BASED ON AROMATIC COMPOUNDS INCLUDING INDUSTRIAL flavors for the production of beverages MARKS "PIKO" CHERRY, transparent yellow liquid with a fruity VKUSOMV Barrels CH / B-96.10 Part 3 16 ED.-4 ED. (1 UE). KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 1.77 **** View Exporter
29/Mar/2017 8481808199 DRAIN VALVE BARREL 3/4 "OUT PLASTIC (VATKRAAN) [P], NETHERLANDS ***** **** 0.8 13.56 View Exporter
29/Mar/2017 2009791908 FRAMEWORK APPLE JUICE CONCENTRATE FOR PREPARING SOFT DRINK INDUSTRIAL MARKS "FUSE" FLAVORED CAMOMILE TE / MN / A-19.00, light brown liquid with a fruity aroma and taste brix 70 in plastic BARREL SECTION 3B, 4 ED. ED-120 .(thirty KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 360 **** View Exporter
29/Mar/2017 2009905908 FRAMEWORK FOR BEVERAGES: juices PART FOR INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION OF SOFT DRINKS MARKS "PICO" SIDS in barrels, BE-177.00 PART 2, 3 ED. ED-54 (18 NC.). KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 4000.12 **** View Exporter
17/Mar/2017 3824999609 BASIS FOR THE BEVERAGE, ADDITIVES FOR INDUSTRIAL IZGOTOVLENIYABEZALKOGOLNYH BEVERAGE MARKS "FANTA" FLAVORED lemonade LE / PR-2.10 CH.2A, 3 units. (PART INCLUDING LIQUID CITRIC ACID AND DYE IV, light brown liquid with caramel odor, in barrels) -120 KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 756 **** View Exporter
17/Mar/2017 3824999609 BASIS FOR DRINKS: the liquid portion of KOLERIY contain a sugar, phosphoric acid and caffeine for the industrial preparation DRINK "COCA-COLA", DARK BROWN VISCOUS LIQUID sour taste odorless cubes Plastic barrels CC / DS Part 1, 450 ED.-3 KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 9900 **** View Exporter
17/Mar/2017 2008706900 KIT PE / N-92.021 PART 2C, U 1. (Concentrated purée PEACH FOR INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION OF BEVERAGE BRANDS "" PICO PEACH "BRICS 31.2 NON GMO, in metal drums of 235 KG) -52 units. (52 BARRELS) KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 12220 **** View Exporter
13/Mar/2017 7310291000 BARRELS GERMANY ***** **** 711.36 5585.32 View Exporter
13/Mar/2017 7310291000 BARRELS GERMANY ***** **** 2134 16755.54 View Exporter
13/Mar/2017 7310291000 BARRELS GERMANY ***** **** 1080 9273.44 View Exporter
13/Mar/2017 7310291000 BARRELS GERMANY ***** **** 177.84 1396.5 View Exporter
13/Mar/2017 7310291000 BARRELS GERMANY ***** **** 432 3709.16 View Exporter
13/Mar/2017 7310291000 BARRELS GERMANY ***** **** 355.68 2792.42 View Exporter
07/Mar/2017 3204190000 DYE BLUE 175-10-27612 (in barrels of 12.5 KG, INTENDED FOR BLUE PET preforms) KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 24.5 **** View Exporter

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