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What is Kazakhstan Export Data?

Kazakhstan Export Data is an effective market research tool, which gives a clear view of the country’s exporting activities. It gives a wide coverage of every shipment, which departs from Kazakhstani road, air and sea ports. The customs data of Kazakhstan helps in knowing what is being exported the most from this CIS country and who is exporting & importing.

  • Date
  • HS Code
  • Product Description
  • Kazakhstan Exporter Name with Address
  • Importer Name with Address
  • Gross Weight in KG
  • Net Weight in KG
  • Customs Code of Goods Kazakhstani Tenge
  • Statistical Cost of Goods in USD
  • Delivery Terms
  • Exchange Rate
  • Registration Number
  • Direction
  • Customs Procedure
  • Trading Country
  • Country of Departure
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Destination
  • Mode of Transport at the Border
  • Mode of Transport within the Country
  • Many More

Kazakhstan Export Data Sample

Export samples are given below for the reference to know what kind of information we provide in Kazakhstan customs data of export.

How Export Data of Kazakhstan is Useful?


Easily find real suppliers in Kazakhstan for importing products.

Logistics Companies

Check price of your product in Kazakhstani market.


Get clear trade view of companies to win the competitive race.

Logistics Companies

Use historical market data to take smarter business decisions.

Logistics Companies

Reduce risk and work with trusted business partners only.


Spot market trends from our powerful reporting capabilities.

Kazakhstan Export Outlook of 2016

Kazakhstan total exports rose appreciably in all months of 2016, except March, May, August and October. Analyse month-wise export data of Kazakhstan from the chart and table given below.

Month Value (USD Million)
January 2756
February 2872
March 2689
April 2765
May 2728
June 3046
July 3179
August 3023
September 3259
October 2807
November 3661
December 3986
Kazakhstan Export Outlook of 2016

10 Largest Export Products of Kazakhstan

Oil and gas industry contributes maximum to the GDP of Kazakhstan. Here is a look on top-most exported products of this country with trade statistics of 2016.

Product Description Value (USD Million) Value (%)
Mineral Fuels 22334 60.73%
Iron and Steel 2750 7.48%
Inorganic Chemicals 2413 6.56%
Copper and Articles 1918 5.22%
Ores, Slag and Ash 1193 3.25%
Cereals 816 2.22%
Natural or Cultured Pearls, Precious Stones, etc. 649 1.77%
Zinc and Articles 553 1.51%
Products of the Milling Industry, malt, etc. 518 1.41%
Aluminium and Articles 382 1.04%
10 Largest Export Products of Kazakhstan

Top 10 Export Partners of Kazakhstan

As per Kazakhstan export statistics 2016, country exports commodities maximum to Italy, which is followed by China and Russia statistics. Let’s see ten largest export partners of Kazakhstan with trade figures recorded in 2016.

Country Value (USD Million) Value (%)
Italy 7474 20.30%
China 4214 11.50%
Russian Federation 3509 9.50%
Netherlands 3255 8.90%
Switzerland 2687 7.30%
France 1798 4.90%
Spain 992 2.70%
Uzbekistan 922 2.50%
Ukraine 911 2.50%
United Kingdom 890 2.40%
Top 10 Export Partners of Kazakhstan

Major Ports in Kazakhstan

  • Port of Aktau
  • Atyrau Airport
  • Port of Oskemen
  • Port of Pavlodar
  • Port of Semey
  • Aktau Airport
  • Aktobe Airport
  • Almaty International Airport
  • Boraldai Airport
  • Arkalyk Airport
  • Astana International Airport
  • Atbasar Airport

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