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Who is exporting from Russia? Who is the buyer? What is the product, its quantity & price? Find every answer of your Russian trade question right here.

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What is Russia Export Data?

Export data of Russia reveals customs-based trade facts, which are useful for decision makers to manage their business. It provides a huge list of data fields in which every shipment detail is covered.

Our export customs data of Russia is collected from our powerful sources that guarantee the accuracy of all records. In short, we provide information of every shipment, which departs from Russian air, road and sea ports.

  • Date
  • HS Code
  • Description and Characteristics of Goods
  • Product Description on the Back of GTD
  • Russian Exporter Name with Address
  • Exporter ID
  • Exporter Region
  • Foreign Importer Name with Address
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Gross Weight in KG
  • Net Weight in KG
  • Invoice Value
  • Statistical Value of Goods in USD
  • Cost Index in USD/KG
  • Customs Payments in USD
  • Customs Payments in RUB
  • Departure Country
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Destination
  • Many More

Russia Export Data Sample

Russia shipment data covers more comprehensive fields than other CIS countries. Check out the sample below before making actual purchase of Russia export data.

What You Gain?


Evaluate potential suppliers in Russia based on their true shipping histories & current trading activities.


Access contact details of exporters in Russia and approach them directly.


Gain knowledge on bilateral trade of Russia with other countries & take business decisions accordingly.


Spread business in other potential industries by knowing major supplied products.


Search your business way from key market trends in Russia.


Maximize business profits with data-driven game changing opportunities.

Russia Export Statistics of 2016

If we see month-wise export data of Russia recorded in 2016, we found that Russia experienced fluctuations in export value of total commodities in all months. However, Russia’s exports increased and crossed USD 31 billion mark in December.

Month Value (USD Million)
January 17629
February 20292
March 23453
April 22021
May 22166
June 24294
July 22726
August 23330
September 25740
October 25293
November 27109
December 31434
Russia Export Statistics of 2016

10 Largest Export Products of Russia

Oil and gas industry is the major contributor to the Russia’s exports. Crude petroleum oil is the most exported product of Russia. Analyse chapter-wise Russia export statistics of commodities.

Product Description Value (USD Million) Value (%)
Mineral Fuels 134703 47.18%
Commodities Not Elsewhere Specified 45239 15.85%
Iron and Steel 14121 4.95%
Natural or Cultured Pearls, Precious Stones, etc. 8905 3.12%
Machinery 6800 2.38%
Fertilizers 6637 2.32%
Wood and Articles 6523 2.29%
Aluminium and Articles 5980 2.09%
Cereals 5606 1.96%
Electrical Machinery and Equipment 4049 1.42%
10 Largest Export Products of Russia

Top 10 Export Partners of Russia

Russia’s largest export partner is Netherlands. It shares the maximum export value among total countries. Here are ten largest countries to which Russia exports products the most.

Country Value (USD Million) Value (%)
Netherlands 29254 10.2%
China 28021 9.8%
Germany 21258 7.4%
Belarus 14050 4.9%
Turkey 13698 4.8%
Italy 11931 4.2%
Republic of Korea 10027 3.5%
Kazakhstan 9426 3.3%
United States of America 9425 3.3%
Japan 9384 3.2%
Top 10 Export Partners of Russia

Major Ports in Russia

  • Mezen
  • Yeysk
  • Onega
  • Vyborg
  • Dikson
  • Amderma
  • Murmansk
  • Ust-Luga
  • Kandalaksha
  • Naryan-Mar
  • Tiksi
  • Pevek
  • Igarka
  • Dudinka
  • Hatanga
  • Zarubino
  • Astrakhan
  • Providenija
  • Makhachkala
  • Beringovsky

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