Ukraine Import Data

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Ukraine Import Data

Ukraine Import Data shipment information on trade between Ukraine and global countries. It also covers details of goods imported by Ukraine from nations in CIS region. Ukraine trade data is actually based on shipping bills, import bills, invoices and other import export documents. We provide Ukraine shipment data with full accuracy as we collect data from Custom Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Trade Associations and Government Bodies. We have Ukraine shipment data available from 2013 onwards.

Ukraine Import Data Sample

Data columns covered in Ukraine import data are Date, Importer Name, Exporter Name, HS Code, Product Description, Gross Weight KG, Net Weight KG, Customs Value USD and Customs Value UAH. Here is a sample of Ukraine imports for better understanding of data format.

Date 02-Dec-2019
Importer Name ****** Exporter Name ******
HS Code 8459290000    
Product Description International technical assistance. Equipment for the New Safe Confinement. Auxiliary equipment and devices for the main crane system. The vertical metal-cutting drilling machine 220B JDP17FM - 1 piece.
Gross Weight KG 97 Net Weight KG 85
Customs Value USD 1092.708927 Customs Value UAH 26178.41458

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Ukraine Import Statistics – Ukraine’s Top 10 Imports

As per Ukraine import data, Ukraine’s imports totalled USD 53.9 billion in 2020, decline from USD 60.6 billion recorded in 2019. Ukraine trade data shows Ukraine was 47th importer country in the world during 2020.

As per Ukraine import data, Ukraine’s top 10 import categories in 2020 were Mineral Fuels & Oils (14.3%), Machinery (11.2%), Vehicles (10.2%), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (9.9%), Pharmaceutical Products (4.6%), Plastics & Articles (4.6%), Miscellaneous Chemical Products (2.4%), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (2.3%), Iron & Steel (1.9%) and Rubber (1.7%). Ukraine import statistics show Ukraine’s top 10 imports accounted for 63.1% to overall value of containers which entered into the country in 2020.

Product Value USD Million
Mineral Fuels & Oils 7,753
Machinery 6,073
Vehicles 5,504
Electrical Machinery & Equipment 5,367
Pharmaceutical Products 2,522
Plastics & Articles 2,481
Miscellaneous Chemical Products 1,334
Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment 1,247
Iron & Steel 1,039
Rubber 927
Ukraine’s Top 10 Imports

Ukraine Import Statistics – Ukraine’s Top 10 Import Partners

As per Ukraine import data, Ukraine’s top 10 import partners in 2020 were China (USD 8,357 million), Germany (USD 5,311 million), Russia (USD 4,542 million), Poland (USD 4,073 million), United States (USD 2,914 million), Belarus (USD 2,874 million), Turkey (USD 2,411 million), Italy (USD 2,130 million), France (USD 1,474 million) and Hungary (USD 1,192 million). Ukraine customs data shows Ukraine’s top 10 import partners accounted for 65.2% to overall value of import shipments in 2020.

Country Value USD %
China 15.5
Germany 9.8
Russia 8.4
Poland 7.5
United States 5.4
Belarus 5.3
Turkey 4.5
Italy 3.9
France 2.7
Hungary 2.2
Ukraine Top 10 Import Partners